So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1565 - Encountering A Colleague

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Chapter 1565: Encountering A Colleague

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Yang Ming never expected Liu Yezi to be able to take out a second ident.i.ty. From his tone, could it be that he is working with the army? Besides, what is this special department he mentioned?

Yang Ming was interested, and took Liu Yezi’s ID. After giving it a glance, he was suddenly dumbstruck… That can’t be, right?

Eh? You’re… from the Supernatural Investigation Bureau?”

Yang Ming coughed twice. He then stared at Liu Yezi with a strange gaze, “Cough cough… That can’t be, right?”

Liu Yezi was relieved when he heard Yang Ming’s words. Since Yang Ming knows about the Supernatural Investigation Bureau, he is obligated to cooperate with me unconditionally. He has to hand over that person to me!

“That’s right! Since you know about this department, you should know how we do our jobs. Please give me that person!” Liu Yezi said while feeling a little displeased. He thought that Yang Ming would hand over the person after he took out his first ID. He never expected that he had to use his final ID.

“However… I still have to make him compensate me for my care…” Yang Ming said as he shook his head. He handed the ID back to Liu Yezi.

“What?” Liu Yezi was stunned after hearing Yang Ming’s words. Does he not know what the Supernatural Investigation Bureau does? He is someone from the army, and he isn’t cooperating with me during my job?

Liu Yezi was really a little angry, “Don’t you know that you should cooperate with us when we are doing our jobs?”

Oh, that’s for normal military, but not for me.” Yang Ming shook his head, “Actually, you and I are the same. Both of us are working with the military. But I’m also working in a special department.”

Huh?!” Liu Yezi was stunned, “Are you kidding?”

“This is my identification. Have a look,” said Yang Ming as he took out another ID and handed it over to Liu Yezi.

Liu Yezi’s facial expression changed when he saw the appearance of Yang Ming’s ID envelope. He took the ID with a disbelieving expression. After he opened it up and took a look, he confirmed his guess…

Liu Yezi already had such suspicions when Yang Ming took out his ID envelope as it was very similar to his. When he opened it and saw the contents inside, Liu Yezi could already confirm that this ID also belonged to the Supernatural Investigation Bureau.

“Colleague?” Liu Yezi pa.s.sed the ID back to Yang Ming with a bitter smile. Isn’t this too much of a coincidence?

En, colleague.” Yang Ming nodded, “Please give me some time. Allow me to claim my money first. After I finish claiming it, you can take him away.”

Ugh… Alright…” Liu Yezi could only nod his head and approve of Yang Ming’s actions. He couldn’t help it as the two of them were from the department. Neither of them were working under each other. It was already considered very good if Yang Ming handed the person over after he claimed his money. He couldn’t ask Yang Ming to do anything overboard.

Since they were both colleagues, Yang Ming didn’t need to hide his methods from Liu Yezi anymore.

In actuality, the most shocked one was Li Dianchi. He originally thought that Yang Ming was just someone strong. However, after Yang Ming showed his military ID, Li Dianchi felt that something wasn’t right.

While that was still bearable, Li Dianchi felt despair when Yang Ming took out the same Supernatural Investigation Bureau’s ID. Are you serious? How is my luck so bad? I just wanted to steal a car and capture someone hostage. How did I steal from someone of the Supernatural Investigation Bureau? Am I that unlucky?

Li Dianchi had already accepted his fate. No wonder this guy is so powerful. He also belongs to the Supernatural Investigation Bureau! Since I have fallen into their hands, I don’t have a hope of escaping anymore

Sigh-” Li Dianchi let out a sigh. He was dejected, and decided to give up resisting.

“So, are you going to pay or not?” Yang Ming asked as he pulled Li Dianchi up.

“I’m not paying! Do whatever you want! If you’re so capable, then kill me!” Li Dianchi decided to go all out. The money in his Swiss Bank’s account was enough for his wife and child to enjoy their life for a few generations.

Because of that, he decided to not take out even a penny. Since I’m going to die anyway, why should I pay?

“You sure that you won’t pay?” Yang Ming stared at Li Dianchi coldly.

“I have no money. Instead, I have my life here. Do whatever you want to!” Li Dianchi looked like he was ready to accept his death.

“Alright. You’re the one who asked me to do so. Don’t regret it later,” said Yang Ming plainly.

Uh… Mr. Yang… We still have uses for this guy. Please don’t kill him…” Liu Yezi quickly reminded Yang Ming when he saw that Yang Ming was prepared to take action against Li Dianchi.

“Relax, I know when to stop.” Yang Ming nodded. He then tapped on Li Dianchi’s acupuncture points lightly, and threw him onto the ground. He wasn’t afraid that Li Dianchi would run away.

Liu Yezi became anxious when he saw Yang Ming throwing Li Dianchi onto the ground. Don’t let him run away just like that!

Yang Ming smiled lightly when he saw Liu Yezi’s guarded expression, and waved his hand. Liu Yezi didn’t do anything when he saw Yang Ming’s confident face. After all, everyone from the Supernatural Investigation Bureau had their own special techniques. He also had them.

Li Dianchi never expected Yang Ming to let him go. When he fell onto the ground, he wanted to immediately get up and escape. However, before he could run, a numbing and unbearable pain spread across his body. It was as if a colony of ants was biting his skin and intestines…

Ah-!” Li Dianchi yelled frantically, and rolled on the ground. “Ah, this is unbearable… What did you do to me? Ah…”

While Li Dianchi was howling, he was rolling around on the ground with his hands scratching different parts of his body. However, it could not solve anything. He was twisting his body around and rubbing his body on the floor. His s.h.i.+rt had almost ripped apart, and some bloodstains had appeared on his skin. However, he was unaware of it.

Liu Yezi was also looking at Yang Ming in shock. What kind of method is this? Why does it resemble meridians acupuncture? Even my father doesn’t know how to do it, right? Meridians acupuncture is a very advanced technique!

“Kill me, please! I can’t take it anymore! I’m going to die!” Li Dianchi was crying, and wanted to commit suicide. However, he couldn’t exert any force. Other than rolling around on the ground, he couldn’t do anything else.

“Who would compensate for my car if you die?” Yang Ming didn’t do anything. He just stared coldly at Li Dianchi.

Ah– I’ll give you the money! I’ll compensate you for the car. I’ll pay…” Li Dianchi wasn’t dense. He understood Yang Ming’s words immediately. Yang Ming was still waiting for the car’s compensation. Unless Lid Dianchi gave him the money, he would definitely not allow Li Dianchi to die.

“I thought you didn’t want to give it,” Yang Ming said plainly as he looked at Li Dianchi. “That can’t be, right? You can’t take anymore just like that? I still have many methods that I am yet to execute. Such a pity…”

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 1565 - Encountering A Colleague

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