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Chapter 159: Wait…

Note: This chapter contains some detailed descriptions of a s.e.xual activity. If you do not want to read it or are under 15 years of age, skip the section between the double lines.

In fact, Sun Jie was quite pitiful. Until now, beside Yang Ming, she didn't have any other person who could evoke her s.e.xual fantasies. Initially, she was focusing on overcoming it biologically. However, the simple method right now didn't seem to be effective!

“Fanatic Caryatid[1]” had a unique point. It caused a certain degree of delusion to the drug user. With that, Guo Jianchao wouldn't be afraid if Sun Jie decided to file a police report. After all, she would still be conscious. In the end, Sun Jie would be seducing Guo Jianchao proactively, and therefore, she wouldn't be able to clear things up!

But, Guo Jianchao was quite worried. After all, this was his first time doing something like this. As he spiked the drink with the drug, he thought this matter could be the answer for the next half of his life!

“Brother Hua, do you think Sun Jie would sue me?” Guo Jianchao said in a worried manner. He was the standard of “gra.s.sroots.” His parents were employees. His status right now was the fruit of his thick-skinned brown-nosing. Certainly, as a high-grade graduate of economics, he had some capability, or else, he wouldn't be a.s.signed an important role.

Also, it was because of his despicable but loyal att.i.tude toward his boss. His rewards came from w.a.n.g Zhitao's father, w.a.n.g Xifan. He was w.a.n.g Xifan's right-hand man!

If Sun Jie sued him, he would be imprisoned and lose everything. It was a state beyond redemption! Yes, there wouldn't be any enterprises that would want to hire him after he left prison.

At this moment, even though he couldn't enjoy life at the peak of society, he was still in high cla.s.s after all. Did he truly need to take the risk?

“Old brother Jianchao, don't you get it?” President Hua laughed, “The House of Sun is considered an established family. If there was a scandal, would they choose to file a police report? The media nowadays are all pervasive!”

“But… Even if Sun Jie didn't file a police report, what if she decided to take revenge on me later on?” Gun Jianchao was worried.

“You are stupid!” President Hua pointed at the restroom and said, “I have installed pinhole cameras. At that time, would you need to be scared of her with the video in your hands?”

“That's true, hahaha. I think she doesn't want to be the focus of a nude picture scandal!” Guo Jianchao burst into laughter, “Brother Hua, you surely thought it through!”

“Of course, we are close to each other. Why would I not help you?” President Hua nodded generously. He thought to himself, however, With that, I can get my hands on Sun Jie's weakness and your weakness. Hmph, Hmph, in the future, I won't need to fear that you won't follow my orders!

“President Hua, I, Guo Jianchao, am fortunate for getting to know you! You are the guiding light of my life!” Guo Jianchao said it from the bottom of his heart.

He got to know President Hua at a c.o.c.ktail party. They clicked well and became best friends. Later, President Hua not only introduced a lot of big shots to him but gave him guidance in his career. It helped him a lot. Certainly, it was a rare opportunity for a graduate who recently joined the workplace!

Hence, the two of them held their own agenda and fantasized about good things to come.

But, they couldn't imagine that there was another man in the bathroom. This man was the hated little punk, Yang Ming.

Probably because Yang Ming only met Sun Jie recently. She also didn't dislike him. Hence, the only one who had no conflict of interest with her quickly occupied her heart full of desires!

Yes, in these years, there wasn't a shortage of outstanding men next to Sun Jie. But, these people only had their eyes on her wealth! Even if it wasn't so, Sun Jie would subconsciously think that way. But, she felt something different today when she met Yang Ming. His plain expression and his couldn't care less att.i.tude attracted Sun Jie to start evaluating men again. Most probably the reason behind it was Yang Ming's ident.i.ty as Yang Li's maternal cousin who was younger than her. She subconsciously regarded him as a little brother. Hence, for their first encounter, she didn't hold any dislike for him. Facing her own family members, Sun Jie didn't have any hostility toward them. It was due to her psychology. Sun Jie broke out of the norm and flirted with Yang Ming a little, just like an elder sister fooling around her little brother. So much so that even when Yang Ming caressed her thigh, Sun Jie only regarded it as a little brat's rebellious act because he had not come into contact with females before!

If it was another man chasing after Sun Jie, he wouldn't dare to directly caress her thigh! Since she didn't have this psychological barrier, Sun Jie thought of Yang Ming at this moment.

“Yang Ming...”

Suddenly, the phone rang. It startled Yang Ming! Why didn't I change it to silent mode before?

Sun Jie was astonished. Then, she took out her phone from her pocket. The moment she decided to reject the phone call, she realized it wasn't her phone's ringtone! She was using Motorola, how could it be Nokia's exclusive ringtone, “Nokia turn!"

Sun Jie was surprised. She quickly looked in Yang Ming's direction. As soon as she noticed Yang Ming, her face was full of surprise. Her eyes and mouth were wide open. When she wanted to open her mouth and ask why Yang Ming was here, her insatiable carnal desire a.s.saulted her body. Just now as she tried to grab her phone, she had to stop her hand movement.

Hence, Sun Jie's body became rebellious. She couldn't help but to close her eyes and continue her hand...

Did she lose her sight? Did she notice me? Yang Ming broke into a cold sweat as he witnessed Sun Jie's continued masturbation in front of him.

“Yang Ming...”Sun Jie was conscious that Yang Ming appeared in front of her. But, she couldn't control herself as Yang Ming's name blurted out from her mouth... Oh ya, isn't Yang Ming in front of me? An abrupt and bold idea came into Sun Jie's mind.

No, how could it be like that? Sun Jie's carnal desire once again flooded her remaining consciousness. Sun Jie stumbled and threw herself at Yang Ming. She hugged Yang Ming tightly, “Kiss me...”

=========================== BEGINNING ================================

Yang Ming wasn't a gentleman after all. Even though he wouldn't force a girl to spend time with him in bed, it was illogical to reject juicy prey that surrendered herself to him. After all, Yang Ming held onto the thought that it was she who initiated the fun. How can it be my fault? What? You say that you were drugged? Okay, I had already warned you about the drink. You didn't listen to me, so you have no one else to blame.

Even though Sun Jie asked Yang Ming to kiss her, she was the one who made out with Yang Ming. Certainly, Yang Ming wouldn't let himself fall behind. Immediately, he responded pa.s.sionately. Sun Jie's hand quickly tugged at Yang Ming's pants. Coincidentally, Yang Ming was wearing elastic waist shorts without a belt. Hence, Sun Jie easily took care of it. If it were trousers, Sun Jie would have more of a struggle with it.  

The bottom half of Yang Ming's body was easily stripped. Sun Jie held onto Little Yang Ming and mounted it...

============================== END ===================================

“Wait!” Yang Ming pushed away Sun Jie...

Chapter Notes:

[1] The layman's term for the drug.

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