So Pure, So Flirtatious So Pure So Flirtatious Chapter 160: Same To You

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Chapter 160: Same To You

Note: This chapter contains some detailed descriptions of a s.e.xual activity. If you do not want to read it or are under 15 years of age, skip the section between the double lines.

=========================== BEGINNING ================================

“Don't...” Sun Jie held tightly onto Yang Ming's d*ck.

Even though Yang Ming didn't resist having one night stands, but he was concerned about safety. In an era where AIDS was prominent, Yang Ming didn't want to have the regret of his life with an impulsive action.

Moreover, Yang Ming was chauvinistic. In his mind, a woman's past was not important. He won't look down on a non-virgin. But once she had a relations.h.i.+p with him, he wanted to be her last man. He couldn't take it if this girl were to put on a green hat for him [1]. To avoid this kind of situation, he had to be prepared.

For example, Sun Jie. Yang Ming couldn't wrap his head around this girl. A strong man with superpowers like Yang Ming couldn't guarantee that he would conquer Sun Jie.

This woman is too mysterious and sinister!

What Yang Ming could think about was to wear a condom. This way, Yang Ming reasoned that he was doing it with the condom. Can't the condom be putting on a green hat for me?

But following this type of thinking was just fooling himself. However, as an extreme chauvinist, Yang Ming thought it was just another perspective!

High-cla.s.s KTV was just fine. Or else Yang Ming didn't know how to step down! When he entered the bathroom, Yang Ming saw the shelf beside the basin contained two condoms and a few toiletries.

Yang Ming extended his hand to get a condom, and he tore open the packaging.

When Sun Jie saw that Yang Ming wanted to use a condom, she frowned. She said lightly, “Don't use that... I am clean...” Sun Jie thought she was smart and understood Yang Ming's concern. Sun Jie felt difficult as she looked very promiscuous just now. This brat probably thought that I am a wh.o.r.e who takes everything!

Yang Ming was stunned. Clean? He dropped a bead of sweat. Which woman would say she's infected? Yang Ming didn't listen to her. From his experience with Lan Ling, he put on the condom easily.

“Ai... ” Sun Jie faintly sighed...

Yang Ming was a head taller than Sun Jie when they stood face to face. To maintain this posture was very challenging. Yang Ming knelt down and lifted Sun Jie up with his hands.

Even though Yang Ming had a strong body, he couldn't hold that position for long. After a.s.sessing the situation, he lifted Sun Jie up to the flat surface on the basin.

The sound of moaning and body contact spread from the small bathroom...

============================== END ===================================

After half an hour, Yang Ming felt exhausted. Doing it in the bathroom, even though it brought a new sense of excitement and freshness, was very tiring! No wonder those who have tried it once would hesitate for a second round.

Sun Jie who had just released her urge felt refreshed. She wanted to take a nap but she knew she couldn't. There were still people waiting outside.

Sun Jie restored her calmness and quietly looked at the man embracing her who was panting heavily. He was a handsome man with quite a good personality. However, he seemed a bit young, or else, he could be a candidate to be her boyfriend.

Women were like this. They had complicated feelings for any man who had a relations.h.i.+p with them other than a rape of course. Sun Jie shook her head. She was still very realistic. She didn't regret how things happened this way. She was not the type who stressed a lot on chast.i.ty, otherwise, she wouldn't have spoiled her hymen very early on.

Although Sun Jie wouldn't purposely keep her chast.i.ty for her illusory husband, she was the type who would keep her chast.i.ty for someone she loved.

It sounded very contradictory, but it wasn't. It also meant that as long as Sun Jie truly fell in love with someone, then she would be loyal to that person forever.

Therefore, regarding what happened just now, Sun Jie was still pretty receptive toward it. She felt that if she were to fall in love with someone in the future, she wouldn't hide any secrets from him. Moreover, today's events were all arranged by fate. If that person wouldn't be able to understand even this, then this person wouldn't be worthwhile for Sun Jie to love.

Right now, Sun Jie could investigate the whole case. She wasn't stupid either. She knew that if she were to have this kind of situation, it couldn't be a typical physiological response. She never had this kind of feeling before. Therefore, the only possibility was that someone had drugged her.

Thinking about the series of events that happened today, Sun Jie calmly a.n.a.lyzed the situation.

Firstly, she had a relations.h.i.+p with Yang Ming. From a common sense perspective, he would be the most suspicious, yet he was the first that Sun Jie dismissed.

Why? There were plenty of reasons. Firstly, Yang Ming only met her today which meant that what had happened here was spontaneous rather than pre-planned. Yang Ming couldn't have an aphrodisiac with him for the entire time, right?

Secondly, Yang Ming didn't even know that she would be going to the bathroom. If he was waiting for her in the bathroom, it didn't seem very logical, right? There were two bathrooms here. How would he know which bathroom she would go?

Most importantly, Sun Jie recalled what Yang Ming said at the dining table, which was “If you don't want to die, don't drink it!” Yang Ming must have noticed something and alerted her about it!

However, this guy, really. Couldn't you just be a little clearer? Now you caused me to... Ai! But this also led to a very key person, Guo Jianchao.

Not only had Guo Jianchao served her the wine, he also poured it into the goblet! Thinking about how Guo Jianchao had treated her in the past, Sun Jie was even more certain on this point. Right, it's you, little brat, who did this thing. How dare you drug me? Are you courting death?

With a clear mind, Sun Jie let out a sigh of relief. However, it was because of this that Yang Ming's position in her heart had progressed by another step. This man seems to have sharp observation skills. Sun Jie looked at Yang Ming in contemplation, then she shook her head.

Right now, she should take care of the matters in front of her. Sun Jie lightly broke free from Yang Ming's embrace and said, “Let's clean up quickly. There are still people outside.”

Yang Ming was still enjoying Sun Jie's enormous b.r.e.a.s.t.s at that moment. Of course, he was unwilling to be pushed away. When you need me you hug me tight, now that you have finished using me you just push me away? Yang Ming was displeased.

But Sun Jie was telling the truth. Yang Li was still outside. If she discovered something and ranted to his parents, then she would surely get him into trouble!

Yang Ming felt that this time was his most pleasurable encounter even though it was tiring. Yang Ming couldn't understand why. It could be the excitement from having an affair, or because of Sun Jie's voluptuous body, or because they were doing it in the bathroom, or that there were people outside... Ultimately, that excitement was hard to forget.

The two people quickly cleaned up their war zone and dressed properly. They also flushed away the condom and the tissue papers stained with their body liquids. It was slightly more troublesome for Sun Jie as she was a woman. She still had to apply makeup in front of the mirror, while all Yang Ming had to do was wash his face.

When they were certain that they cleaned up the evidence, they prepared to go out.

“Sun Jie... I...” Yang Ming felt that he should say something.

“No need to say anything...” Sun Jie said plainly, “Don't we both have these needs? After we go out just pretend nothing has happened.”

It was also hard for her to forget that feeling of pleasure that had slid deeply into her soul and bones. But Sun Jie was a logical person. As long as she was no longer controlled by the medicine, she had restored her calmness. She knew that Yang Ming and she would not have much of a possibility. Let's not first talk about the age gap, even their status was of a distance between heaven and earth! Yang Ming was still a student!

“I know.” Yang Ming frowned after listening to it. He felt somewhat uncomfortable in his heart. Are you acting superior now?

It wasn't surprising that Yang Ming would be mad. These kinds of words coming out from a woman were rather painful. Yang Ming felt that he was a failure. F***, am I just a tool for you to vent?

How would Sun Jie not understand what Yang Ming's tone meant? Therefore she gave him a smile and said, “It's not your first time, right? It seemed like I have looked down on you.”

“Same to you.” Yang Ming mocked.

“I--” Once Sun Jie heard Yang Ming's words, her face turned gloomy. She wanted to say something but she hesitated and didn't say it. She sighed, and just opened the door of the bathroom and walked out.

Yang Ming felt baffled. You have already done it yet you are still bothered when others say it!

In the meanwhile, Guo Jianchao and President Hua were at first happy when they saw the bathroom door open. But in their heart they were thinking, This Sun Jie was very resistant too, but now I guess you can no longer withstand it anymore?

However, when they saw Yang Ming follow behind Sun Jie, they were dumbfounded. Guo Jianchao's jaw dropped to the point where an egg could fit inside!

Why was that little punk in the bathroom?!

Chapter Notes:

[1] Helping a man to wear a green hat: A Chinese idiom for cheating on the man.

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