So Pure, So Flirtatious So Pure So Flirtatious Chapter 163: Taste Your Own Medicine

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Chapter 163: Taste Your Own Medicine

“Then... then what do you think...” Guo Jianchao was smarter this time. He didn't dare to come up with an idea himself. He surrendered to Bao Sanli and let him speak.

“What do I think? Little brat, let me tell you. My girlfriend had never been touched by a man other than me. Today you are the first person to open the river [1]. You surely are the #1 strong man in the Nightless Club!” Bao Sanli mocked, “Bring this little brat into my office. There are many people here. Let me settle him there instead! Anyone who dares to touch our servers are looking to die!”

How would Bao Sanli be afraid of having too many people there? If he was, he would have brought Guo Jianchao back much earlier since there were already a lot of clients who observed the entire scene. Not bad. Bao Sanli was able to use this whole situation as a deterrent to others. He did it on purpose to show those customers what the consequences were. Eventually, they would go back and spread the story around. Everyone would then obey Nightless' rules!

A few of the underlings who came along had heard what their boss said. Right away, they lifted Guo Jianchao and pulled him toward the security office...

At a corner among the crowd, Yang Ming was smirking. He didn't empathize with Guo Jianchao at all. This type of person who had bad integrity was not worthy of any sympathy. We could say that Guo Jianchao was purely getting a taste of his own medicine. If he hadn't drugged Sun Jie, Yang Ming wouldn't have doubted his personality. Yang Ming would possibly even help him when Bao Sanli threatened him. However, in this instant, Yang Ming intended not to help but to pour oil onto the fire.

They pushed Guo Jianchao into the security office. Hua hua la la [2] and a group of people surrounded him. The first item on the agenda was kicking and beating Guo Jianchao violently. These underlings had followed Bao Sanli for a while, and they knew how to adjust according to the situation. The moment they saw this situation they knew what to do. Guo Jianchao was a company's vice president. He had never seen this kind of situation before. Initially, he thought gangsters only existed on television. But now, they were standing right beside him!

Guo Jianchao was beaten to the point where he was begging from his grandfather and calling someone his grandmother, and shrieking like a pig that was about to be slaughtered. But sadly the security office was soundproof so nothing could be heard outside.

After beating him, two of the underlings grabbed a bunch of Guo Jianchao's hair and pulled him up side by side as they kicked the back of his knees and shouted, “Kneel down!”

Guo Jianchao already had no courage to resist, so all he could do was kneel down obediently, Together with the excruciating pain on his body, he could not p.r.o.nounce a single word other than mutter “hm hm.”

At this moment, the security door opened. A tall and skinny guy who looked like a bamboo pole walked into the room. The moment he saw Guo Jianchao kneeling down on the floor he asked, “F***, who is this?”

“Brother Rui, this guy was flirting with Brother Bao's girlfriend!” answered an underling.

Bao Sanli's girlfriend? Qi Wenrui was stunned for a moment. Bao Sanli and he were already like sworn brothers. How would he not know that he had a girlfriend? However, since it was said this way, then there must be some special meaning behind it. Qi Wenrui didn't expose the lie, but cooperatively launched a kick onto Guo Jianchao's b.u.t.t and he said, “F*** you don't really want to live, do you? You have some guts!”

“Brother, I was wrong. I didn't know that he was Brother Bao's girlfriend. I am sorry, I am sorry…” Guo Jianchao said immediately without pause.

“Idiot, then what did you do earlier?” Qi Wenrui gave Guo Jianchao a slap on the back of his head. “There's no use begging me in this matter. You must speak to Brother Bao!”

“Brother Bao, I was wrong. You are a broad-minded person, please forgive me. Just… take me as a f*rt, and release me!” Guo Jianchao heard this phrase before and felt it was pretty humorous, but now he truly understood the feeling of the person who said it.

“Release you? Then wouldn't I have suffered a loss unnecessarily?” Bao Sanli was infuriated. “You slap yourself ten times first!”

“Ah?” Guo Jianchao was stunned. He stared at Bao Sanli in confusion.

“F***ing idiot, Brother Bao was asking you to slap yourself. Were you deaf?” One of Bao Sanli's underlings jumped out, lifted Guo Jianchao and gave him two big slaps. The sound was crisper than a clap.

“I... I will slap myself...” Guo Jianchao understood the situation. If he was to slap himself he would suffer slightly less, and not have to be slapped by others!

“Hmph! Faster!” The underling was too lazy to do it himself. Looking at how well Guo Jianchao behaved, he'd sooner free himself up.

How would Guo Jianchao dare to rebel against it? He clenched his teeth and started attacking himself on both sides, slapping himself violently...

“Alright, stop slapping. The sound troubles me. Brother Bao, let's settle this kid quickly. Di Lei was still waiting for us to play mahjong!” Qi Wenrui felt a bit impatient. These types of little things should be merely handed to his rookies.

“Alright then, since brother, you have spoken, then we could temporarily stop this beating. Write a guarantee letter for me. If you have written it well, I will stop beating you. If you don't write it well, then tonight there would be one more dead body by the seaside!” Bao Sanli smirked.

“Okay, okay, write, I'll write it now!” Guo Jianchao no longer doubted what Bao Sanli said during this instant. They surely were black mafias. What things could a mafia not do? According to the media coverage, the person in front of him was a devilish killer.

“Ah Shui, go and find some paper and a pen. I speak; you write!” Bao Sanli instructed one of his rookies.

The rookie named Ah Shui quickly came back with some paper and handed it to Guo Jianchao. Guo Jianchao picked up the pen with his shaky hand, and only after a long time did he feel a sensation.

Bao Sanli coughed twice, took out a cell phone from his pocket and read from the phone's screen. “Letter of Guarantee, today I drank too much, and I attempted to rape the female waitress from Nightless, w.a.n.g Xiaojiao...”

“I didn't rape!” Guo Jianchao defended himself immediately. It should be understood that flirting and intention to rape were two completely different concepts. If Bao Sanli were to report to the police or use this to threaten him in the future, then the consequences would be incredibly severe!

“Do you want to die?” Qi Wenrui had already lost his patience. He went over and gave Guo Jianchao a punch, “He asked you to write, you write. Why are you bulls***ing so much? Brother Bao, I say why don't we dump this kid into the sea and feed the sharks? Why waste so much time talking to him?”

Bao Sanli waved his hand and continued, “You said you weren't attempting to rape? The CCTV captured everything rather clearly. What was your hand doing there?”

Guo Jianchao froze. He didn't think there would be CCTV! His earlier behavior was very much like an attempt to rape! These types of things don't need to be said plainly. Moreover, as he heard how Qi Wenrui talked about killing him, he was dripping cold sweat from fear, and continued saying, “I'll write, I'll write! I don't want to die!”

“Then write quickly! Today I drank too much, and I attempted to rape the female server from Nightless, w.a.n.g Xiaojiao. However, I was captured by the security from Nightless… witness, Guo Jianchao!” Bao Sanli finished reading the SMS that Yang Ming sent over, and let out a sigh. Brother Yang was indeed cultured. He was able to write a long guarantee letter in a short amount of time! How did Yang Ming write it? He called Zhang Bing and asked him to search for a letter of guarantee template and send it to his cell phone with Fetion [3]. Then Yang Ming had edited a few areas before sending it to Bao Sanli.

“I am done writing...” Guo Jianchao signed and said.

“Put in another fingerprint. Prepare a stamp pad for him!” Bao Sanli said.

Therefore, Guo Jianchao stamped a thumbprint and handed the letter of guarantee to Bao Sanli. Bao Sanli took a glance at it and noticed nothing wrong. He folded it well and left it in his pocket. He nodded his head and said, “It seemed like you were pretty obedient. We shall delay your punishment first!”

Delay “first”? Guo Jianchao was stunned. Then do you mean in the future you would be able to look me up at any time to beat me until I puke again? But Guo Jianchao didn't dare to speak much. Let's pa.s.s this stage first. “Brother Bao, can I leave now...”

“Leave? Are you crazy? Do you want to leave just like that?” Bao Sanli opened his eyes as if he had heard one of the funniest jokes ever.

“Ah? Haven't I written a letter of guarantee?” Guo Jianchao asked.

“A letter of guarantee is just a letter of guarantee. You raped my woman. We would need to look into this in detail.” As he finished, Bao Sanli gave Qi Wenrui a look, signaling him not to be in a hurry.

“I... I didn't rape... ah!” As Guo Jianchao finished his sentence, his b.u.t.t got kicked, and it shocked him enough to quiet himself.

“Logically, we have a saying from our ancestors. It was called an eye for an eye. Don't you think I should find someone to rape you too?” Bao Sanli shook his head as he said.

“Ah?” Guo Jianchao was stunned. Find someone else to rape me? Is there such a good thing? If a man rapes a woman, it's a rape. But if a woman rapes a man... Well, no matter what it was wouldn't Guo Jianchao enjoy some of it? Therefore, he nodded his head and said, “Okay, whatever Brother Bao said!”

“Hehe, don't be too happy. You are a man. You wanted to rape my woman. What do you think I should do?” Bao Sanli questioned him instead.

“Of course, find another woman to rape me!” Guo Jianchao hurriedly replied.

Chapter Notes:

[1] Came from an idiom: 开创先河 - discovering a new river, which meant starting something new.

[2] Sound effect of a crowd swarming in together.

[3] A popular IM client in China

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