So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 419 - Su Ya Is Still In My Heart

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Chapter 419: Su Ya Is Still In My Heart

Translator: VinceStar Editor: PrisMiko

“So, that was the case, but Sister Ying is rather kind to you!” Chen Mengyan now also addressed Zhao Ying as Sister Ying.

“Yes, if it weren’t for you and Sister Ying, I might not even be able to go to university.” Yang Ming naturally couldn’t say that it was because of his own special power. For Chen Mengyan, although Yang Ming wouldn’t say that he didn’t trust her, she wasn’t on the same level as Xiao Qing with whom Yang Ming had no reservations.

“I thought you were taking the opportunity to chase after me!” Chen Mengyan smiled.

“In fact, it was like this…” Yang Ming nodded in a serious way.

When they came to Yang Ming’s door, Chen Mengyan became timid. “Yang Ming, I’m a little nervous.”

“It’s fine. Haven’t you chatted with them full of laughter? Also, my mother has a good impression of you. She won’t eat you!” Yang Ming comforted her.

“But I’m still afraid…” Chen Mengyan retreated two steps back.

“It’s fine. You’re chickening out!” Yang Ming smiled.

“But…” Chen Mengyan hadn’t finished talking when she heard a ” click .” The security door of Yang Ming’s house opened.

“Mengyan, you came. Why didn’t you knock on the door?” Mother Yang smiled and greeted them.

“I… Greetings, auntie…” Chen Mengyan couldn’t hide anymore. She could only face it head-on. “This is the cashmere sweater I bought for you and uncle…” Chen Mengyan was like the big girl who went up the bridal sedan chair [1] for the first time. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t have a similar experience, and she didn’t know what to say, so she had to use her gifts as a s.h.i.+eld.

Haha .” Mother Yang took the cashmere sweaters with a smile. “Alright, I accept it. Come inside the house.”

Chen Mengyan was shy as she walked into Yang Ming’s house while lowering her head. Yang Dahai also stood up from the sofa. “Welcome, Chen Mengyan. Please have a seat.”

“Thank you, uncle.” Chen Mengyan nodded but didn’t sit down.

“Old Yang, these are the cashmere sweaters that Chen Mengyan bought for the two of us.” Mother Yang put the gifts brought by Chen Mengyan on the coffee table.

“Great! Coincidentally, I needed a cashmere sweater.” Yang Dahai accepted the items with laughter.

When Chen Mengyan saw that Yang Ming’s parents were very happy about her arrival, she finally felt relieved.

“Big Ming, wash and prepare the fruits for Mengyan!” Mother Yang saw Yang Ming standing on the side in a silly manner, and she quickly instructed him.

“Okay.” Yang Ming nodded.

“Auntie, there’s no need to trouble…” Chen Mengyan said quickly.

“There’s no trouble for it. Let him go and let’s talk.” Mother Chen warmly pulled Chen Mengyan’s hand.

Yang Ming went to the kitchen to wash the fruit. Mother Yang chatted with Chen Mengyan. “Mengyan, you and Big Ming already got along quite well since high school, right?”

En …” Chen Mengyan nodded shyly. “It’s still alright.”

“Then you both are considered to be childhood sweethearts.” Mother Yang said with a smile, “Do your parents know about you two?”

“They know…” Chen Mengyan replied.

“What do they say? About the things between the both of you?” asked Mother Yang.

“They think it’s good. Yang Ming and I will go to see my parents tomorrow…” Chen Mengyan said.

Oh ? You both are going tomorrow?” Mother Yang said with a smile, ” Hehe , that’s great! Maybe someday, Big Ming’s dad and I can meet up with your parents on another day and settle down both of your affairs.”

Ah …” Chen Mengyan was surprised. Isn’t this too fast? Will it be settled just like that?

“Mom, what are you saying? We both are only freshmen…” Yang Ming noticed Chen Mengyan’s surprise and he quickly came to the rescue. Although he washed the fruit in the kitchen, his eyes kept looking at the movements in the room and “saw” what his mother said.

“What’s wrong if you guys are just freshmen? I just said that the parents of both sides should meet each other once, and there is no other intention.” Mother Yang said.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this first.” Yang Dahai also saw the embarra.s.sment on the two children, so he waved his hand. “Go, let’s go to the kitchen and prepare the food. Leave some s.p.a.ce for the two children.”

“That’s right. It’s already ten o’clock. I have to prepare our meals.” Mother Yang also stood up.

“Auntie, let me help you.” Chen Mengyan also quickly stood up since she felt that being a qualified daughter-in-law required her to be able to cook in the kitchen at least! Isn’t it usually written that way in the novel?

“It’s fine. You’re so beautiful. Don’t get the fumes on you.” Mother Yang waved her hand and smiled. “You and Big Ming should play around in the house.”

“Let me help you. I can a.s.sist!” Chen Mengyan insisted.

“Alright then. You come to help me wash the vegetables and that’s all.” Mother Yang noticed Chen Mengyan insisted on coming to help, so she had to nod and agree with her. However, she was happy deep down in her heart. Although Mother Yang was very satisfied with this daughter-in-law now, she was beautiful and had good academic performance. However, she was even better since she could do housework!

When Yang Ming was a little bored, he went back to his room and prepared to simply tidy up the room. When he got up this morning, he was quite rushed and didn’t have time to fold up his quilt.

Yang Ming folded the quilt and opened the window to refresh the air. Then, he saw Chen Mengyan walk in.

“What happened? Weren’t you going to help out?” Yang Ming asked, confused.

“I wished to but the kitchen is too small. It can only fit two people. It’s a little crowded with three people. Auntie let me come back…” Chen Mengyan said helplessly.

Yang Ming nodded, his house was the old-fas.h.i.+oned pattern and the kitchen was relatively small, unlike the big houses which were constructed with oversized kitchens. Yang Ming had planned to buy a house for his parents after the end of New Year, but his parents didn’t agree. It was because Yang Dahai was working nearby. If he moved far away, it would be inconvenient to go to work. There weren’t any newly developed properties in the vicinity, so Yang Ming had to give up.

“Can I just simply take a look?” Chen Mengyan approached Yang Ming’s room and asked. It was because she saw on TV or movies that there were always some unpresentable things in a boy’s room, such as p.o.r.nography, CDs, etc.

“Of course.” Yang Ming smiled and said, “You can just simply take a look.” Anyway, his room had no unsightly things.

“Alright.” Girls always liked to flip through their boyfriends’ things, trying to find out something, and Chen Mengyan was not an exception.

Eh ? Who is this?” Chen Mengyan suddenly pointed to a photo frame on the bookshelf.

Oh ?” Yang Ming raised his head and glanced at the photo frame that Chen Mengyan pointed. “It’s Su Ya…”

“Su Ya… So, she is Su Ya…” Chen Mengyan murmured as she looked at the photo with a cute little girl like the suns.h.i.+ne. Chen Mengyan was very beautiful since she was a child, but when she saw the photos of Su Ya, she had to admit that the girl was as good as herself, even cuter than herself…

“She is very beautiful.” Chen Mengyan sighed.

“Aren’t you asking me who was more beautiful between you and her? You should compare on your own.” Yang Ming smiled.

“How can I compare? This photo is obviously a little girl. It can’t be compared! Wait for me to go back and find some photos from my junior high school to show you.” Chen Mengyan said with a tone of not admitting defeat.

“Alright.” Yang Ming nodded.

“Then you… have to put my photos on the bookshelf… No, you have to put them by the bedside!” Chen Mengyan knew that it wouldn’t be realistic to have Yang Ming remove the photos of Su Ya, so she could only fight for the equal treatment with Su Ya, even surpa.s.sing Su Ya…

“Yes, no problem. If you are willing, I can set it as my cell phone wallpaper!” Yang Ming said as he found it amusing.

“That’s a promise!” Chen Mengyan said seriously.

“Yang Ming, can you tell me about Su Ya?” Chen Mengyan picked up Su Ya’s photo. She asked after hesitating a little while.

“Won’t you be jealous if I talked about it?” Yang Ming glanced at Chen Mengyan and teased.

“I’m not as mean as you say… I just want to know more about you…” Chen Mengyan rolled her eyes and glared at Yang Ming.

“Su Ya… In fact, in a strict sense, she and I weren’t considered to be a couple. We had some good feelings for each other, but we didn’t express it bluntly…” Yang Ming shared the stories of him and Su Ya. Chen Mengyan couldn’t help but burst into tears when she heard it…

Chen Mengyan herself couldn’t believe that she would actually cry for her own love rival. However, the story was really touching… Yang Ming and Su Ya in the story were really sympathetic! That Wu Chiren, he was the Evil Tyrant Huang s.h.i.+ren [2]!

“The Wu Chiren was too bad. Why did he take away the letter that Su Ya gave you?” Chen Mengyan said indignantly.

“Alright, since you know everything, you should tell me about your story.” Yang Ming asked.

“Me? I have nothing to say. You’re my first boyfriend!” Chen Meng glanced at Yang Ming. “You still asked while knowing the answer!”

Hehe …” Yang Ming smiled.

“Yang Ming, is Su Ya still in your heart now?” Chen Mengyan suddenly asked.

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