So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 436 - Key Similarities

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Chapter 436: Key Similarities

Translator: VinceStar Editor: PrisMiko

“What are you saying? You are the one who’s sick!” Yang Li was stunned by Yang Ming’s words and immediately went back into her usual self. “I’m sincerely apologizing to you. If you don’t accept it, forget it. Why are you scolding me?”

“Alright, I don’t need your apology. You just need to cause less trouble in the future so I can relax. Isn’t this good? Now your dad knows that I am pretty bada**. Don’t look for me every time you get into trouble!” Yang Ming shook his hand and dismissed what she said.

Yang Li pouted her mouth and said nothing. However, there were some changes in her opinion about Yang Ming in her heart. Originally, she always thought that Yang Ming was a poor relative who would take advantage of her family so she would ridicule Yang Ming. But now, it seemed that Yang Ming didn’t seem to have any interest in taking advantage of her family at all. In this case, Yang Li was still very moved that Yang Ming could come forward to rescue her.

If I was in his shoes, I certainly couldn’t do it! Therefore, Yang Li’s feeling was very complicated at this moment. Finally, I could say some words of grat.i.tude, and yet Yang Ming didn’t care at all. Yang Li was slightly sad.

Since Yang Ming didn’t say anything, Yang Li didn’t say anything more either. However, Yang Li also secretly decided that she wouldn’t scrutinize Yang Ming in the future.

Twenty minutes later, Yang Ming received a phone call from Yang Dashan. Yang Ming looked up and looked outside. Yang Dashan’s car had already arrived at the door of the Good Luck Bar. However, he still symbolically picked up the phone, “Uncle, have you arrived?”

“I have. I’m right at the door. Lili [1] and you can come out now!” said Yang Dashan.

“Okay, we’re coming out now. Do you want to speak to Yang Li?” Yang Ming asked.

“It’s alright. We would be meeting up soon!” Yang Dashan replied.

After hanging up the phone, Yang Ming said to Yang Li, “Let’s go. Your dad is waiting for us at the door.”

Oh , okay.” Yang Li nodded and obediently followed Yang Ming.

Yang Ming also felt Yang Li’s change, and he was very happy in his heart. If Yang Li can become more sensible and less egoistic after this incident, it will be a good thing!

Once they had gone upstairs together, they saw Uncle Yang Dashan anxiously waiting for them. Once Yang Ming and Yang Li came out, Yang Dashan rushed over and said, “Yang Ming, Lili, are you all alright?”

“Dad!” Yang Li couldn’t resist the fear and depression in her heart at the moment. She cried in Yang Dashan’s arms.

“Okay. Hey, Lili, it’s alright now!” Yang Dashan looked at his daughter kindly and advised, “Everything was gone. You have to thank Yang Ming. If it wasn’t for him, your father, I, really didn’t know what to do!”

“I…” Yang Li thought in her heart, I thanked him, but Yang Ming didn’t appreciate it! Thinking of this, Yang Li couldn’t help but felt aggrieved. She started crying even more!

“Okay, stop crying!” Yang Ming was a little troubled. He couldn’t help but start scolding, “As long as you don’t act superior towards others at every moment, you will be fine! Then nothing would happen!”

“I have already said that I won’t do this anymore in the future. You didn’t listen!” Yang Li refuted loudly to Yang Ming’s words.

Yang Ming smiled, Maybe Yang Li would have some changes after this!

When Yang Ming went back home, it was already past twelve o’clock. Most importantly, if there wasn’t so much delay in Xiangshan Park, he would have arrived home much sooner.

Yang Ming, who was originally a little tired became less sleepy after he was sent here and there. So, he simply started a.n.a.lyzing his own abilities.

My abilities came entirely from a pair of high-tech contact lenses. In theory, the power of this ability should only be limited to my vision! However, to be able to look through the thoughts of others, Yang Ming was still not sure whether this ability was the effect of the contact lenses!

Because in many cases, the voice of a person was spoken directly in Yang Ming’s mind. Therefore, Yang Ming didn’t know if this was actually something he looked through! It could also be something he had heard.

But something for sure was that this ability definitely came from his pair of lenses! Before getting the contact lenses, Yang Ming had already lived for more than ten years and no similar situation had occurred.

Yang Ming found a blank sheet of paper and began to a.n.a.lyze the pattern of his abilities. He felt that it was necessary to figure out how to use this power.

Otherwise, if it could only be used pa.s.sively under a specific occasion or condition, it seemed to have little use.

Yang Ming first recalled the time and the scenes of each time the power was activated. Then, he listed them down on paper.

The first time happened when I was in senior high school’s Grade 12. I went home in the afternoon and heard the voices of the thieves who wanted to steal my father’s lottery ticket. Then, at the thieves’ home, I heard their voices again. Only then was I able to take back their spare keys.

The second time was on the bus. I met a thief with a knife when I was with Chen Mengyan. The voice of this guy was inadvertently heard by Yang Ming.

The third time was in Tengchong. I heard the voice of the prost.i.tute, Li Moli. It was only then that Yang Ming was able to judge that the person who stole the jade from him wasn’t her.

The fourth time was when Hou Zhenhan robbed Lin Zhiyun. It was also because Yang Ming was able to hear Hou Zhenhan’s voice that he was willing to give Hou Zhenhan a sum of money. This was also the time he gained Hou Zhenhan’s loyalty!

The fifth time was when Yang Dashan was kidnapped. Yang Ming heard the voice of the cricket cap man and learned about Brother Xiong’s matter, as well as their reasons for kidnapping Yang Dashan.

The sixth time was today. Chen Liu’s opinions were clearly felt!

Looking at the appearance of these six abilities in general, it seemed that there was no correlation between any of them. However, in most of the situations, the ability was only activated when I encountered a crisis!

However, after a close inspection, except for the first, fourth and fifth times where the ability was crucial, the other few times the ability was really just dispensable. The situation wasn’t urgent and even if this ability didn’t appear, it wouldn’t cause any major influence on the whole situation!

Therefore, Yang Ming also denied the criteria that the power would only appear in the times of crisis! There were a few moments that were more critical than those situations, for example, when I was fighting with the two That situation was more dangerous than the situation just now, and I had not heard any voices.

Since this wasn’t the case, then what was it? Yang Ming frowned and wanted to find the similarities of all the incidents.

Yang Ming experimented with a variety of methods. He also simulated many of the actions that he was doing when he heard the voices of others. There was no result either. Could it be that the decision to activate this ability wasn’t in the power of his own hands? Or it was about the subject whom he was using it on? Or the point of decision was decided by the subject whom the ability was being applied to?

This was very possible! However, what Yang Ming couldn’t understand was the reason why the result of the experiment was different even with the same subject! For example, Yang Ming hadn’t heard of any of Chen Liu’s thoughts after the initial activation!

There was also Hou Zhenhan. Yang Ming had also tried to access his thoughts again. However, there were no results from it! Yet, Yang Ming had clearly seen through their thoughts before for these two people!

Yang Ming couldn’t help but hold his breath. He thought through it carefully.What was the difference between Hou Zhenhan then and Hou Zhenhan now? What about Chen Liu then and Chen Liu now?

Yes! Brainwaves! It was like a lightbulb had gone off in Yang Ming’s head! I had thought about this problem when I was at the Good Luck Bar! What if, at those moments, these people’s brain waves were more active? Was it possible then I can peek into their mind?

Then why were they active at the time? Yang Ming slapped his thigh! Yes, it was fear! Yang Ming’s eyes glowed and he looked at the six events on the white paper!

These six people, they were feeling pretty fearful at that time! Perhaps, it was only when people were scared that the brainwaves would be in a special state that could be received by me!

Thinking of this, Yang Ming was particularly excited! Moreover, it seemed that I have found out why I can’t find out about Chen Liu’s thoughts afterward! It was very simple. When I got Chen Liu to play a game with me, I continued to comfort him and got him to relax! In order to let him better cooperate with me, I had actively eliminated his fear!

It must be like this! After thinking through the matter, Yang Ming really wanted to find someone to experiment with it right now. But it’s already late at night. Obviously, it’s impossible to have any more people. I can’t be waking up my own parents to experiment with me, right?

Moreover, let’s look at it. Even if I called up my parents to cooperate with me, would they be fearful of me? Isn’t this bullsh*t?

With no choice, Yang Ming had to fall asleep in a state of excitement.Tomorrow… Let’s look for Chen Liu to experiment with it again! I may have to threaten him a little more! Yang Ming thought evilly.

Poor Chen Liu, he still didn’t know that he had been treated as a test subject. At this moment, he was studying into the night with Yu Wu on what bike to buy for Yang Ming!

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 436 - Key Similarities

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