So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 484

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Chapter 484: Bonus: Valentine’s Day Special (1) (Spoiler Alert – Ending Revealed)

Translator: VinceStar Editor: PrisMiko

Oh , time pa.s.sed by really fast… New Year’s was over. In the blink of an eye, Valentine’s Day was approaching again. The temperature that was originally warm suddenly became cold, and the sky was covered with snow.

This was the second Valentine’s Day experienced by Yang Ming. Of course, it was the second Valentine’s Day with lovers. Thinking of the mess that happened on the first Valentine’s Day last year, Yang Ming couldn’t help but smile.

One year pa.s.sed by in the blink of an eye. He recalled his embarra.s.sing scene and felt as though it was still yesterday. Fortunately, everything was over. Wasn’t it?

In the early morning, Yang Ming got up very early. He had developed a fine biological clock. Never mind that he started practicing at the first c.o.c.k’s crow [1], he would wake up at least by six o’clock every morning.

Yang Ming opened the curtains and watched the snow flutter in the sky. As he was looking attentively, the cell phone on the bedside table suddenly rang. Yang Ming stretched out and picked up the phone to take a look at the caller ID.

Oh, it’s actually Zhang Bing.

“Hey, Yang Ming, are you up?” Zhang Bing’s voice was always so loud. This kid never knew what privacy was and he always talked openly.

“I’m up gazing at the sky.” Yang Ming smiled faintly. “Where are you?”

“Where am I? Nonsense! Of course, I’m at the company! You’re rubbish. I despise you. Last night, me, Zhao Sisi and your sister Lin stayed at the company for the whole night. Today is Valentine’s Day. Our company’s Valentine’s commemorative design is definitely out of stock. I’m exhausted!” Zhang Bing complained loudly.

“You stop talking c.r.a.p. Yun Er seemed to be with Mengyan yesterday. Who are you trying to cheat?” Yang Ming said sarcastically.

Hehe , you found out. It’s true that the work is done by the people below us. But, I still need to monitor it a bit. Unlike you, the boss who does nothing…” Zhang Bing laughed hollowly.

“Hey… wait. Let me say this. Zhang Bing. You’re now the CEO of Liu Weishan Jewelry Company and Lin Zhiyun is the general manager. All these had nothing to do with me?” Yang Ming retorted.

Ugh … you kid. You’re so bad. You actually transferred the shares to the name of your sister Lin!” Zhang Bing said helplessly, “Forget it. Consider it as if I didn’t say it. You’re my only spoiled friend!”

Haha , if you don’t want to do it, you can resign then. It isn’t bad to be a major shareholder.” Yang Ming said deliberately.

“Forget it. My dad likes me to do business. If I stop doing it, will he not murder me?” Zhang Bing smiled bitterly.

“That’s your own family matter, and it has nothing to do with me…” Yang Ming’s face expressed an att.i.tude as though it was n.o.body’s business.

“Forget it. Don’t talk about this anymore. It’s not easy to take a day off. Didn’t we promise each other to go out and play with Tian Donghua and Tian Dongguang, the two brothers?” Zhang Bing said, “They have already come… Ai, what a headache… How come Tian Dongguang seems like a kid with ADHD? After seeing the security people of our company at the door, he wanted to duel with them… He didn’t even listen to his brother’s words…”

“Really? Did you tell him that if he does it again, then he will be done for…” Yang Ming thought of Tian Dongguang and said nothing.

Hehe , why didn’t I say that? I said it exactly like that just now. As a result, the kid heard that you were coming and he was scared. He didn’t dare to move and stood near the door! He was repenting there! It’s still your t.i.tle of master that resolved it effectively! “Zhang Bing smiled.

By the way, Tian Donghua’s younger brother had also enrolled in his dream school this year, Song Jiang Industry University. In Donghai, there was naturally a better school than Song Jiang Industry University, but Tian Dongguang insisted on coming to Song Jiang Industry University. The reason wasn’t that of his brother, Tian Donghua, but because of his brother’s roommate, Yang Ming!

He came here to get a master!

Of course, when Tian Dongguang asked to be Yang Ming’s apprentice, Yang Ming wouldn’t easily agree. But a random person gave him an incomparably idiotic but very effective challenge. Well, the idea came about from Sun Zhiwei, Yang Ming’s wife’s younger brother.

As a result, Yang Ming was helpless at the end and had to accept Tian Dongguang as an apprentice. This was another story.

“Right. Just now Tian Donghua’s wife, w.a.n.g Xue, said since it was snowing today, let’s go for a s...o...b..ll fight together.” Zhang Bing continued.

“s...o...b..ll fight?” Yang Ming was stunned and he recalled some memories. “Well, I haven’t gotten into a s...o...b..ll fight in many years. This idea is great.”

“Great for what? Of course, it’s great for you. Am I not the person who endures the beating at the end?” Zhang Bing complained.

“Why are you beaten?” Yang Ming was somewhat inexplicable. “s...o...b..ll fights are not martial arts duels, right?”

“d.a.m.n! Isn’t this obvious? Tian Dongguang, this kid, must be with his brother, Tian Donghua. Would Tian Dongguang dare to hit you? He would just hit me! And you, motherf*cker, your side is made of an army of girls. I would be suffering with Zhao Sisi, having two people to challenge the entire group of your people…” Zhang Bing said with some sadness.

Ha ha ha ha !” Yang Ming listened to Zhang Bing’s words and suddenly laughed. “So, you’re talking about this. What’s the big deal? Let’s just re-arrange our team.”

“That’s still not fair. Would your wife be willing to hit you?” Zhang Bing suddenly hesitated. ” Oh , right, our team wanted Xia Xue! Hey, Yang Ming, this time you’ll be dead…”

“Fine. Let’s not talk about this anymore…” Yang Ming smiled and shook his head. This Xia Xue, whenever she is mentioned, I have a headache. She and I both lived through a life and death situation together… and also married… It’s just that when the violent girl returns to Song Jiang, she doesn’t recognize it… Even if she didn’t recognize it, it’s fine. Yet, every time Yang Ming was dating another girlfriend, she came to disturb them…

This was nothing. Xia Xue was a polite and harmonious woman as Yang Ming’s woman. But only to him, Yang Ming, she was different. Every time she looked at him, he wasn’t pleasing to her eye. She always wanted to take the opportunity to pick out of bone [1], and then give Yang Ming some physical attack…

Although Yang Ming’s ability to fight was relatively strong, wasn’t it a bit too much to be the sandbag for his own wife?

Hehe , then come to the company. I’ll be waiting for you here.” Zhang Bing said.

“Okay…” Yang Ming’s words had not finished yet and there was a knock on the door. So, he said to Zhang Bing, “Let’s stop here. I need to hang up the phone.”

“Big Ming, have you gotten up yet? Your phone call!” It was the voice of Yang Ming’s mother.

“Ok, Mom. I’m coming.” Yang Ming got up, opened the door and came to the living room. Although Yang Ming built a villa in the West Star Mountain, his parents still liked to live in the old house. Yang Ming often came back to accompany them.

Speaking of the villa in the West Star Mountain, this was the first project invested by the Ming Yang Real Estate Company after its establishment. At that time, the West Star Mountain was often haunted, so the minimum price was very cheap. Ming Yang Investment only bought a piece of valuable land with a good geomantic omen for the price of a few ten million. Later on, the haunted case perpetrator, Chen Afu, was sent to prison. The land of West Star Mountain skyrocketed. At this moment, it had surpa.s.sed the development zone of Yang Li’s family and it became the first luxury residential area in Song Jiang.

Yang Ming went to the living room and picked up the phone. ” Hey ?”

“Yang Ming, why can’t I get through your cell phone? We are all already downstairs at your home. How can you let the girls wait for you?” It was the sweet voice of Su Ya.

Oh … I’m coming down right away…” Yang Ming said quickly, “Zhang Bing just called and he wanted us to go to the company.”

“Alright, we’re waiting for you downstairs! You have to hurry up. If I was photographed by a reporter, it wouldn’t be fun…” said Su Ya.

Hehe , even if they had photographed it, they won’t be able to recognize the you now.” Yang Ming smirked.

“But, they recognize my car!” Su Ya said impatiently, “Although they can’t capture the person, it’s shocking enough to take a picture of the car parked downstairs.”

“If I’m not afraid, why are you still afraid?” Yang Ming laughed.

“Okay, this is what you said. Wasn’t I just being considerate of you? Then I will hold a press conference tomorrow, saying that you’re my boyfriend…” said Su Ya.

Ugh … let’s forget about that. I just only managed to take a break for a few days… Fortunately, the domestic media wasn’t very sensitive to the media gossip on the European side.” Yang Ming smiled bitterly. “Otherwise, I dare not to go on the street.”

“You deserve it. Who let you go and provoke the Miss of the b.u.t.terfly Family…” Su Ya said helplessly.

“Can you blame me for that? I can’t break the order from my master!” Yang Ming sighed.

“Don’t you think that I don’t know what you think in your heart. What hard to break? Before Grandpa gave you an engagement, you and the b.u.t.terfly sister got together. Do you think that just because I’m in Hong Kong every day, I don’t know about you? Hmph , there are spies around you…” Su Ya said proudly.

Ai !” Yang Ming made a bitter cry. “How can I be so unlucky…”

“You can still be considered as unlucky? Come down quickly. If you don’t come, I will go for Valentine’s Day with the other sisters. You will be alone at home!” Su Ya threatened.

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 484

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