So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 509 - Problem with Lan Ling

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Chapter 509: Problem with Lan Ling

Translator: VinceStar Editor: PrisMiko

“So it turned out to be a problem with children. Hehe , my son also worries me all day! Which family has nothing to worry about?” w.a.n.g Xifan said.

“Yes, let’s not talk about this. President w.a.n.g, do you have time during the evening?” asked President Hua.

“Even if I don’t have time, I will have it when President Hua comes! Of course, I have! Hehe , let me treat you to a meal, Tavern Heaven On Earth!” w.a.n.g Xifan said, “How about six o’clock in the evening?”

“Great, then I shall trouble President w.a.n.g.” President Hua replied.

w.a.n.g Xifan hung up the phone and he couldn’t help but sigh. What’s the purpose of us living in this world? w.a.n.g Xifan was already a middle-aged man. In his career, he already had success, and he had no other things to pursue.

What was he working for now? Wasn’t it that he just wanted to give his son, w.a.n.g Zhitao, a huge family property? Can his son live a life of ease? It was so pitiful for all the parents in the world!

Therefore, w.a.n.g Xifan didn’t expect himself to be acquitted. From the moment he embarked on the road of smuggling, w.a.n.g Xifan knew that one day his matter would be exposed.

Most of his funds had been transferred to his anonymous accounts in a Swiss bank. w.a.n.g Xifan wouldn’t lose much even if he was caught. As long as w.a.n.g Zhitao could live well, it would suffice.

Hehe, I am like this. What I heard from President Hua just now, isn’t she the same?When they reached this age, the most common thing they thought about was the children.

w.a.n.g Xifan rubbed his temple. Then, he leaned on the chair seemingly in thoughts that no one knew.

The bus arrived at their destination, Chun County, which is a part of Song Jiang City. It was a tourist attraction with a natural ski resort. There were a lot of tourists during the winter.

After the driver parked the bus, they took a rest at a nearby hotel. It took more than two hours to travel long distance. After a startling journey, it was really tiring.

However, the students didn’t gossip so much. At this moment, they had recovered their spirits as they were discussing the scenery here. Yang Ming and Chen Mengyan took their luggage while holding their hands together. Most of them who came here were also couples. Therefore, Chen Mengyan also let go as she was laughing in Yang Ming’s embrace.

At this time, Chen Mengyan felt the sweetness of love… It was an unfamiliar environment with a group of couples who were unfamiliar to each other, but they all set foot on this strange land with the same purpose.

Chen Mengyan suddenly had a carefree and relaxed sense of belonging. She had an impulse to stay with Yang Ming forever… Looking at the snow-capped mountains in the distance, there was a village house close to them. I really want to live here, away from the secular city…

Lan Ling’s hometown… should be like this, right? All of sudden, she thought of Lan Ling. Chen Mengyan’s heart suddenly became down-spirited. In the future, is it necessary to share a man with other women? It sounded inexplicable, but Chen Mengyan knew it was a fact, a fact that could never be changed!

It’s not something that can be achieved through my own efforts! To put it more seriously, Yang Ming wouldn’t abandon Chen Mengyan but he wouldn’t abandon Lan Ling as well! It wasn’t just a relations.h.i.+p problem between two people, but it also involved the matter of Yang Ming’s life!

In any case, Chen Mengyan had to accept this reality. To be together with Yang Ming, she had to accept the girl named Lan Ling…

Chen Mengyan sighed faintly, and the mountains in the distance made her a little dazzled…

“Mengyan, what’s wrong with you?” Yang Ming glanced at Chen Mengyan next to him and asked out of curiosity. Just now there was a smile on her face. How did she become so melancholic in a flash?

“Yang Ming… let me ask you… If Lan Ling is back, you won’t be able to accompany me every day, right?” Chen Mengyan looked up at Yang Ming and felt a sense of helplessness for the first time.

She wasn’t an unreasonable person. Hence, the current situation in front of her couldn’t be changed, so she could only try to accept it.

“Mengyan, how come you suddenly asked this?” Yang Ming’s heart trembled and looked at Chen Mengyan. I wonder how I stirred up this little vinegar jar [2].“Why do you talk about this when we were just fine?”

“No, Yang Ming. I don’t want to argue with you this time, but I’m very serious in asking you this question.” Chen Mengyan bit her lip and looked at Yang Ming with a serious look.

Ah ?” Seeing Chen Mengyan acting like this now, Yang Ming was somewhat uncomfortable. It was great just before. How come she suddenly became so serious? In the past, Chen Mengyan mentioned Lan Ling, but it was with jealous resentment. However, today isn’t the case. Hence, Yang Ming found it odd. “Mengyan, if you are really serious about asking this question, then I can only answer it very seriously.”

“I… I understand…” Chen Mengyan nodded with a little gloominess. “Don’t tell me. I know the answer…”

Hehe , what do you know?” Yang Ming saw Chen Mengyan’s sad look, and he couldn’t help but find it a little amusing.

“After Lan Ling’s return, you must be with her…” Chen Mengyan sighed and shook her head. “During that time, the time you can spend with me is naturally much less.”

“Mengyan, why do you think so? Hehe , when I am with Lan Ling, I can accompany you as well…” Yang Ming exercised his brain and smiled.

“How is that possible? Can you run back and forth?” Chen Mengyan found it unbelievable.

“I don’t have to run back and forth. Wouldn’t it be great if you and Lan Ling accompanied me together?” Yang Ming looked at Chen Mengyan.

“Me and Lan Ling? Together?” Chen Mengyan exclaimed. “How can that be?”

“Why not?” Yang Ming said with a smile, “Lan Ling’s character is quite good. She isn’t that kind of girl who becomes jealous easily…”

“Then what you mean is, my character isn’t good?” Chen Mengyan pouted her mouth, but she also knew it in her heart that she really had a bad temper.

“I didn’t say that…” Yang Ming looked at Chen Mengyan as though he was smiling.

Hmph !” Chen Mengyan turned her head away. She didn’t want to bother with Yang Ming. But, it didn’t take long before she turned her head and asked, “Lan Ling… is she easy to get along with?”

“Very easy… you can consider her as… en , a little sister…” Yang Ming hesitated and said. Although I had a relations.h.i.+p with Lan Ling first, at least, Chen Mengyan is older than Lan Ling. She is also my genuine girlfriend, so I shall say so.

“I’m afraid that she won’t accept it…” Chen Mengyan heard Yang Ming letting Lan Ling call her elder sister. Although she was still not very comfortable with it, she also felt that Yang Ming attached great importance to her. In the past, in those big families, didn’t those little sisters called the primary wife as an elder sister… In this way, my ident.i.ty is settled… Well, it sounds acceptable… as long as Lan Ling doesn’t deliberately mess up…

No, Chen Mengyan! What are you thinking about? Chen Mengyan suddenly quivered in spirit then shook her head. How can I surrender? It’s such an unreasonable request and yet I actually agreed? No, even if I accept Lan Ling, it’s impossible to serve Yang Ming with her.

Although I accepted Lan Ling, at least, I have to avoid it a little. I’ll try not to meet her as much as possible. How can I be her sister?

However, Chen Mengyan wasn’t willing to lose the time to spend with Yang Ming… If Lan Ling and I pretended not to know each other, then Yang Ming will definitely need to have his bread b.u.t.tered on both sides [3] and separate two timings out. With that, the time I could spend together with Yang Ming would inevitably be reduced… With this thought in mind, Chen Mengyan thought that it wasn’t a big deal to accompany Yang Ming together with Lan Ling. Three people it is then. At least, I’m with Yang Ming. If I disagreed, I can’t even see Yang Ming…

However, Chen Mengyan switched her perspective to think about it again. She came up with a small idea. “Then, would you accompany me alone first and then only accompany Lan Ling?”

“If you think it is good, then it would work…” Yang Ming said in his heart, Isn’t that how it is right now?

“Fine. You have to be alone with me. Then, when you accompany Lan Ling, can you bring me along?” Chen Mengyan said after blinking her eyes.

Ah ?” Yang Ming listened to Chen Mengyan’s words. He replied while being dumbfounded, “You really know how to plan well for yourself.”

“Do you disagree?” Chen Meng said while pretending to be angry, “If you can’t, then we have nothing to talk about…”

“Well… I will just agree. Is that alright…” Yang Ming smiled bitterly on his face, but he was happy deep down in his heart. Chen Mengyan finally took another step, and it is a very important step…

As long as she really accepts Lan Ling and gets along with Lan Ling, it’s better than anything else. Since there was never twice without thrice [1], with Lan Ling as a forerunner, Chen Mengyan would most probably slowly accept Lin Zhiyun…

Hmph , since you agree, I don’t want to agree. Let’s talk about it next time…” Chen Mengyan said this while pretending to be angry.

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 509 - Problem with Lan Ling

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