So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 553 - Family Conversation

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Chapter 553: Family Conversation

Translator: VinceStar Editor: PrisMiko

Li Dadong once again drank alone for a while, then stood up and staggered. He went to the door and said to Auntie Hong, “Auntie Hong, the bill, how much?”

“Yang Ming had already paid the money. There’s no need…” Auntie Hong shook her head and said, “You haven’t been able to drink alcohol since you were a child. Why did you drink so much?”

“I’m… not happy…” Li Dadong waved his hand and said, “Auntie Hong… Do you know Yang Ming?”

“How can I not know…” Auntie Hong sighed. “Isn’t he Zhiyun’s boyfriend?!”

“Of course, he is… Auntie Hong, even you know… only I didn’t know…” Li Dadong stumbled out of the small restaurant. After the cold wind blew, his mind was sober. He remembered what Yang Ming had just said to him. Although he was depressed, he also knew that was the case. Even if I kept pursuing Lin Zhiyun, there would be no result. When Li Dadong thought of this, he could only sigh. I think I have to give up.

Thinking of Lin Zhiyun being intimate on the sofa today with Yang Ming, Li Dadong also knew that Lin Zhiyun was really moved. Moreover, Li Dadong was still very clear on Lin Zhiyun’s personality. If she wasn’t particularly fond of a person, she wouldn’t take that step before getting married…

Now that Li Dadong also knew that his chances were slim, he could only bless Lin Zhiyun in his heart. However, Li Dadong also vowed in his heart that if Yang Ming dared to do something sorry to Lin Zhiyun, he would definitely risk his life to fight with Yang Ming.


w.a.n.g Xifan and Huang Youcai stumbled back to the company with the car. Up until they sat on the sofa in the office, they were still worried.

“Youcai, do you think we saw it wrongly?” When w.a.n.g Xifan thought of the situation just now, he had a heartache.

“I’m not sure either. Who knows… This is really too mysterious!” Huang Youcai wiped the cold sweat on his head as he replied.

“It’s f*cking evil!” w.a.n.g Xifan cursed. “The first time I commit a murder, I meet a corpse rising from the dead. I’m so unlucky!”

“Why don’t… we go and check tomorrow?” Huang Youcai suggested.

“You dare to go again?” w.a.n.g Xifan frowned.

“Let’s go there and take a look during the daytime. I don’t feel at ease.” Huang Youcai said, “How did we meet a corpse rising from the dead so coincidentally? If I don’t make it clear, we wouldn’t live a better life in the future!”

“That’s right. Tomorrow, let’s go over during the day.” w.a.n.g Xifan nodded and agreed.

The two people were scared sh*tless. They planned in the office the whole night and then they prepared to continue to explore the West Star Mountain tomorrow.


Red Flag High School, in the guard room.

Uncle Ma suddenly opened his eyes and climbed out of his bed. He went out of his hut then looked in the direction of West Star Mountain. He frowned and said something that was unknown…

However, this scene was missed by Yang Ming.

Yang Ming was still not home at the moment. Although monitoring Uncle Ma every day was his necessary homework, he only could monitor once in the morning and evening. At other times, Yang Ming had his own business to do. It was impossible to stare at Uncle Ma for 24 hours a day.

Yang Ming was delayed because of Li Dadong’s things. It was already past 10 p.m. when he got home, but his parents weren’t asleep yet. They were watching TV on the sofa.

When Yang Ming came back, Yang Dahai looked up and asked, “How did it go with Chen Mengyan’s family today? How did it go? Did you trouble them?”

“Dad, you’re saying it like I don’t know how to behave myself.” Yang Ming smiled. “It was good. Uncle Chen and auntie were good to me.”

“That’s good. I was afraid that Chen Mengyan’s parents didn’t like you.” Mother Yang nodded after listening and said, “Your dad and I were so nervous waiting for you to come back to ask how it was.”

“Mom, Uncle Chen has known me for a long time. If he had opinions on me, he would have stopped me from being together with Chen Mengyan!” Yang Ming said with a smile.

“That’s right, too!” Yang mother nodded, she also knew that Chen Fei handled Yang Ming’s case before.

“Right, Dad, Mom.” Yang Ming sat on the sofa next to Yang Dahai. “I have something to discuss with you.”

“What’s the matter?” Yang Dahai looked at Yang Ming, a bit puzzled. “If you have something then say, there’s no need to be so mysterious to your parents.”

“This is the case.” Yang Ming smiled. “Chen Mengyan’s parents have a different opinion about Chen Mengyan’s staying at our house during Chinese New Year.”

“Never mind then…” Mother Yang said immediately, “You and Mengyan are not married yet. She’s also their child. I told you that this isn’t easy. If Chen Mengyan came to our house, isn’t she leaving her parents at home?!”

“Mom, you should listen to me first.” Yang Ming quickly waved his hand. “Uncle Chen didn’t mean this. Uncle Chen meant that the two families can spend the Chinese New Year together on that day.”

“Spend the Chinese New Year together? You mean, your father and I, and Chen Mengyan’s parents,” Mother Yang said with surprise.

En , Uncle Chen meant this. He thought that my and Mengyan’s parents should meet each other to settle down our affairs.” Yang Ming explained, “Besides, it’s livelier to spend the Chinese New Year with more people!”

“This idea is good!” Yang Dahai nodded. “I agree. But our house is small. It seems there’s any enough s.p.a.ce.”

Hehe , I have already said this to Uncle Chen beforehand. Uncle Chen said that we can go to his house. His house is bigger,” said Yang Ming.

“Isn’t that troubling them?” Mother Yang asked with some concern.

“Gosh, Mom, Uncle Chen is inviting us to be a guest. How can that be giving trouble…” Yang Ming was helpless after listening.

“That’s good. I agree. This idea is good!” Mother Yang said.

“So, it’s settled then? I will talk to Mengyan later,” asked Yang Ming.

“Yes, it’s settled!” Yang Dahai said, “However, you should ask your mother to call them beforehand to discuss it in detail. Then we can prepare in advance.”

“No problem. Wait for me to talk to Mengyan tomorrow. We will discuss the other things in detail. We are still a few days away from Chinese New Year anyway.” Yang Ming nodded.

Yang Ming accompanied his parents to watch the evening program on the local channel for a while. When Yang Ming wanted to go back to his room, Yang Dahai suddenly stopped Yang Ming. “Big Ming, you wait for a while.”

“What’s wrong? Dad?” Yang Ming turned and asked.

“Your uncle is opening a hotel. Did you know?” asked Yang Dahai.

En , I heard from my big sister. What’s wrong?” Yang Ming naturally couldn’t say anything about what he had talked to with Yang Dashan, so he replied casually.

“It’s opening tomorrow. Your uncle called today and asked us to go tomorrow.” Yang Dahai said, “Do you have anything else going on tomorrow?”

Uncle Yang Dashan’s hotel is opening tomorrow? Yang Ming was stunned. I didn’t expect my uncle’s movement to be so fast. He only got the contract a few days ago, and he opened it in a few days? However, why didn’t he call me when he was opening the business?

Yang Ming hesitated and understood his uncle’s meaning. The relations.h.i.+p between him and Yang Ming couldn’t be known to Yang Dahai. So, if he wanted to invite Yang Ming, he could simply call Yang Dahai to bring him along.

This versus letting Yang Ming notify Yang Dahai had two very different effects.

“Tomorrow, it should be fine. What time?” Yang Ming asked, “Are Xiaobo and the others going?”

“You should also go to the third uncle’s home. Tomorrow at 8 a.m. If it’s possible, let’s go together,” said Yang Dahai.

“Well, I will go.” Yang Ming responded and went back to the room. For his uncle’s business, Yang Ming still had some worries. Although Yang Ming joked that he wanted Yang Dashan to fail his business so that he could prove his father was right in the beginning, however, since Yang Ming knew about the grudges between the uncle and his father, he also understood the feelings of his uncle.

His uncle liked to take the risks to do business. There was nothing wrong with it. His father’s thoughts were just too conservative and because of that, the few brothers only argued with each other.

Therefore, Yang Ming felt it was necessary to remind Yang Dashan. Back in his room, Yang Ming called Yang Dashan.

“Uncle, this is Big Ming.” Yang Ming said after the call was connected.

Oh ? Big Ming, I knew you would call your uncle!” There was a bright and clear laugh from the phone. “Your uncle’s entertainment city will open tomorrow. What do you think? Are you coming to support me?”

“I’m definitely going.” Yang Ming smiled. “But uncle, I have to ask you something. You must tell me truthfully.”

Hehe , you’re still acting like this with uncle… being so mysterious. What is it?” His uncle didn’t take it seriously. He thought Yang Ming was joking.

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 553 - Family Conversation

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