So Pure, So Flirtatious So Pure So Flirtatious Chapter 66: The Extremely Unlucky Thief

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Chapter 66: The Extremely Unlucky Thief

The young woman whose bag was being cut woke up when the thief shouted. She never expected that the person who gave a lesson to the thief was the little brat from the bookstore! Just a little while ago, she was scolding him as a punk, but now Yang Ming was helping her. She felt embarra.s.sed! She lowered her head and hoped that Yang Ming didn’t see her face. 

“Sister, please check if you lost anything.” Chen Mengyan noticed that Xiao Qing was awake and immediately asked her.

“No… I didn’t lose anything!” Xiao Qing had just checked her bag. It was just a small cut, but the cell phone and wallet weren’t taken!

“Look after your own stuff! Next time, you may not be so lucky to have us here helping you, Big Mama!” said Yang Ming indifferently but he emphasized the words, “big mama”.

When Xiao Qing heard “big mama”, she knew that Yang Ming had recognized her. She didn’t hide anymore and looked at Yang Ming with a smile, “Thank you for helping me!”

Initially, Yang Ming wanted to pick on her but since she thanked him already, he felt sorry for being mean. So he shook his head and said, “It’s ok, as long as you don’t think I’m trying to approach you intentionally!”

Xiao Qing blushed after she heard Yang Ming.

“Yang Ming, you both knew each other?” Chen Mengyan was confused when she heard Yang Ming’s sarcastic words.

Xiao Qing was older than Yang Ming, therefore, she was a lot more adept with her social skills. After Chen Mengyan asked, she answered, “Hehe, just now we had some misunderstanding in the bookstore. It's nothing. You're his girlfriend, right? Not bad, you look really pretty!”

“We aren't... that sort of relations.h.i.+p!” Chen Mengyan blushed and shook her head. When she said this, she glanced at Yang Ming and was relieved to see that he didn't express anything unpleasant. “Sister, you're very pretty as well!”

“Me? I'm not that young. I have become a big mama already!” Xiao Qing said it purposely in response to what Yang Ming called her.

“Oh yeah, Yang Ming, how could you address her as ‘big mama’! That was so impolite!” Chen Mengyan questioned him immediately.

“That... hehe, I was just casually saying that.” Yang Ming was embarra.s.sed.

When the bus reached the next station, two police officers boarded. The driver probably reported it to the police after the thief was taken down but things were better this way. Yang Ming was worried about how he was going to deal with this guy.

Since Yang Ming, Chen Mengyan and Xiao Qing were witnesses, they were invited to the police station for their statements in the police report.

After they got into the police car, Chen Mengyan looked at Yang Ming's hand worriedly. She said to one of the police officers, “Can you send him to the hospital first?”

Yang Ming responded without waiting for police officer’s answer, “There is no need for that. The cut isn't deep and the bleeding has already stopped!”

“Let me see!” The policeman held Yang Ming's hand and inspected it carefully. “The wound is quite deep. You should get treated in the hospital and get a teta.n.u.s shot!”

Yang Ming didn't have a choice after the policeman said that. He couldn't really mention to the police that he once had a more serious wound and he still recovered fine.

As for the thief, even though Yang Ming punched him, he didn't have any obvious wounds on him. Therefore, the thief was handcuffed inside the car.

The hospital was part of the police department's unit - Song Jiang Armed Police Platinum Hospital so they didn't have to queue and take a number. With the help of the two police officers, his wound was treated quickly. The doctor said there was no need for a teta.n.u.s shot because the wound was very shallow.

They gave simple statements after they reached the police station, then they were free to go. The case was simple, the perpetrator was captured and the evidence was there. Although the thief didn't steal anything, he was brought to the detention center anyway.

Originally, the thief could get out of detention center after fifteen days. However, he felt dissatisfied, he had committed crimes many times without anyone troubling him. Why did he meet someone who was so insensible this time?

The thief got angry when he thought about it. Luckily, he heard Chen Mengyan call Yang Ming's name on the bus. Therefore, he remembered Yang Ming as his nemesis and waited for an opportunity to get revenge.

The situation could have ended now, but he met another thief who came in for the same reason in the detention center. Both of them were thieves, so the thief had some empathy for him! He was emotional, so he talked about the reason why he came in, including his plan for vengeance on Yang Ming.

Coincidentally, the guy he talked to was Li Da. He was the one who told Bao Sanli about Yang Ming before. Li Da perked his ears when he heard about Yang Ming. He promptly asked the thief about Yang Ming’s description. The thief thought Li Da was Yang Ming’s victim so he was happy and he described Yang Ming's appearance to him. Li Da was surprised that the description matched the Yang Ming he knew.

Li Da was amused. You're digging your own grave if you're trying to fight with Yang Ming! He immediately reported this to Bao Sanli! Thus, the thief was beaten up even before he knew what was going on.

At first, the thief thought this was the treatment for a newbie. He kept on praising “Brother Bao” and “Brother Da” after being pummeled. However, it didn't work and he was clobbered again at night.

 After getting battered for three consecutive days, the thief couldn't take it anymore. He knelt down and asked what actually happened. Bao Sanli rolled his eyes, “F***, you're such a clown. You can't even defeat me, yet you want to trouble Brother Yang! I should kill you so Brother Yang doesn’t have to do it himself!”

 “Brother Yang? Which Brother Yang?” The thief didn't understand which “Brother Yang” he had offended.

 “He was the one who sent you in here!” Bao Sanli sneered.

 “Aiya, Brother, I was wrong!” The thief regretted it. He never thought that Yang Ming was such a ruthless person that he even had his minions in the detention center! “If I knew Brother Yang was such a merciless person, I wouldn't have troubled him even if I borrowed some guts!”

 However, the thief still couldn't escape from it. Bao Sanli punished him every day in order to stop this thinking completely. Therefore, ever since he went into his cell, the extremely unfortunate thief was getting beat up or just lying in bed.

 This specific bed in the cell had some moaning sound coming from it day and night. People would feel disgusted whenever they pa.s.sed by the cell. Could this be the legendary gay fiction story?

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So Pure, So Flirtatious So Pure So Flirtatious Chapter 66: The Extremely Unlucky Thief

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