So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 774 - Ma Xiaoyao's Identity

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Chapter 774: Ma Xiaoyao’s Ident.i.ty

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

After sending Yang Ming away, Ma Xiaoyao sighed and said, “The danger here isn’t easy for ordinary people to interfere with. I didn’t tell you anything for your own safety…”

Ma Xiaoyao cleaned up the garbage on the wine table and then threw it in the trash can. He picked up the key and was going to lock the door. As he just walked to the door, he couldn’t help but be stunned! Not far from the gate, there were actually two people lying down. One of them was Yang Ming who just had a drink with him!

Could he have drunk too much and pa.s.sed out here? Ma Xiaoyao didn’t take it seriously. He walked quickly to Yang Ming’s body and tried to lift him, but suddenly he saw a familiar object quietly lying on the ground!

Ma Xiaoyao frowned and took the voodoo vessel on the ground. He looked at it carefully, smelled it, and then quickly turned Yang Ming’s body over. When he saw Yang Ming’s pale face, he was shocked abruptly. He promptly carried Yang Ming and ran back hastily to his hut used for duty.

Ma Xiaoyao felt along the wall. The wardrobe by the bed made a slight “clicking” sound. The wardrobe slowly slid to the side, and behind it was a small door!

Inside the small door was a staircase that led underground. Ma Xiaoyao carried Yang Ming down and went to a long and narrow room. Then he placed Yang Ming on the bed in the middle of the room.

After checking Yang Ming’s breathing, Ma Xiaoyao sighed in relief. He pulled out a small box under the bed and hurriedly opened it. He took a bottle of medicine from it and sprayed some of it under Yang Ming’s nose.

After doing all this, Ma Xiaoyao returned to the school gate. His instinct told him that the voodoo vessel had been brought by the other young man lying on the ground.

Ma Xiaoyao lifted up Liu Xiaosheng off the ground and carried him to the house. Then Ma Xiaoyao tied him up with a rope and threw him in the corner.

Just now, the medicine that Ma Xiaoyao sprayed at Yang Ming could only provide some relief. It couldn’t really cure the voodoo venom. It still took a lot of effort to get rid of the voodoo venom.

Ma Xiaoyao carefully examined the remaining things in the vessel and poured several unknown potions into it. Then he carefully examined Yang Ming’s body. He couldn’t help but sigh. “It is so malicious! Luckily, he had another voodoo before, so the two voodoos countered each other. If not, even G.o.d couldn’t save him!”

Since Ma Xiaoyao knew the type of voodoo, it was easy to solve. After all, he was the master of voodoo. Although it was difficult, after more than an hour of healing, Yang Ming finally made a ” wa ” sound and spat out some stinky black substance.

Ma Xiaoyao breathed a sigh of relief. After he knew that Yang Ming was saved, he found a pill, put it into Yang Ming’s mouth, and then placed Yang Ming on the bed.

After a long time, Yang Ming woke up slowly. He opened his eyes and looked at the situation in front of him in a flabbergasted manner! This was an unfamiliar place! Yang Ming suddenly remembered the previous incident where he was attacked from behind. He didn’t know what the person had done to him!

Although Yang Ming gave a fierce critical strike to him, Yang Ming also couldn’t help but faint.

Where am I? Was I caught by them? Thinking of this, Yang Ming struggled to get out of bed.

“You are awake?” Ma Xiaoyao came in from outside the room. He just went to check the condition of Liu Xiaosheng. He was afraid that Liu Xiaosheng would wake up, so he gave Liu Xiaosheng some knockout drug. Probably he wouldn’t be waking up for another eight to ten hours.

When Yang Ming heard the familiar voice, he couldn’t help but be baffled. He looked up and saw Uncle Ma smiling at him. Yang Ming couldn’t help but be shocked! Could it be that Ma Xiaoyao discovered that I’m monitoring him and took action on me?

When he thought about what Lan Ling’s grandmother had said, he couldn’t help but be shocked! If Ma Xiaoyao is really a bad person, am I not in danger now?Yang Ming secretly began to be vigilant.

Seeing Yang Ming’s nervous expression, Ma Xiaoyao couldn’t help but smile. “You have been afflicted with voodoo. Although I have cured it, you’d better take a break at the moment.”

“Voodoo?” Yang Ming was stunned. He immediately recalled the situation just now. It seems that it is really possible! However, did Ma Xiaoyao save me? Yang Ming wondered, “You saved me?”

Now, since the matter couldn’t be concealed, Ma Xiaoyao simply no longer hid it. “Yes, I saved you.”

“You saved me? You know how to cure voodoo?” Yang Ming looked at Ma Xiaoyao in bafflement.

Ma Xiaoyao nodded affirmatively and said, “I know how to cure voodoo, but it was also one side. The voodoo you got today was destructive. If it were not for the other voodoo in your body resisting it, you would have probably been killed on the spot tonight.”

Ah !” Yang Ming’s heart trembled. Only Lan Ling, Lan Ling’s grandmother and a few people around me know that I have voodoo in me. It was impossible for Ma Xiaoyao to know it!

So now there is only one possibility. That is, Ma Xiaoyao really understands voodoo. I was afflicted with voodoo just now, and he isn’t cheating me.

“You have been monitoring me for a long time, right?” Ma Xiaoyao said with laughter.

“How did you know?” Now Yang Ming wasn’t sure whether Ma Xiaoyao was an enemy or a friend. Although he had cured the voodoo for Yang Ming, who knew if he had other intentions?

“I can notice it naturally.” Ma Xiaoyao smiled. “But you don’t have to worry. I’m not malicious to you.”

“Who are you?” Yang Ming was still very vigilant.

Hehe , it is fine to tell you now. It seems that you have been involved in the dispute of the different forces!” Ma Xiaoyao sighed, “I didn’t want you and Ling Ling to partic.i.p.ate in the resentment of our older generation, but it is already impossible!”

“Ling Ling? Are you talking about Lan Ling?” Yang Ming looked at Uncle Ma incredulously, “Who are you really? How do you know Lan Ling?”

“My real name is Lan Hai. Then can you tell me who am I?” Ma Xiaoyao changed his appearance from his drowsy eyes into a competent look, and his gaze was bright. He was totally different from the person before!

“Lan Hai!” Yang Ming was very surprised. He opened his eyes widely and stared at Uncle Ma in front of him. This person is actually Lan Hai? Isn’t that Lan Ling’s grandfather?

Ma Xiaoyao nodded and said, “It’s me.”

“You are Lan Ling’s grandfather. Then… No, why did Lan Ling’s grandmother still tell me to monitor you?” Yang Ming still didn’t quite believe in Uncle Ma’s words.

“The Miao tribe are proficient in voodoo, but our branch is also proficient in changing appearances. Now my appearance doesn’t look like my original appearance. It is just the image after putting on some flour.” Ma Xiaoyao said.

Yang Ming frowned and looked at Ma Xiaoyao’s face with special abilities. Indeed, there was another face before he changed his face! It was the same face that Yang Ming saw in Grandma Lan Ling’s photo!

Yang Ming only believed in Ma Xiaoyao’s words now. He decided that the person in front of him was Lan Hai! If it were someone else, he really wouldn’t necessarily believe it. Ma Xiaoyao’s disguise was just too realistic. There weren’t any flaws in it! If he didn’t have special abilities, he wouldn’t be able to notice it so quickly.

After confirming Ma Xiaoyao’s true ident.i.ty, Yang Ming didn’t dare to neglect and said respectfully, “Grandpa Lan…”

Lan Hai smiled, “I would have told you sooner or later, but I didn’t expect it to be so soon. I was afraid that the other forces would harm you and Ling Ling. I have been concealing it. It seems that it is time!”

“Then why don’t you tell Lan Ling’s grandmother that you’re here? I thought you…” As Yang Ming said up to here, he became silent.

“It is not that I don’t want to tell, but the people there have never stopped pursuing me. I’m afraid to drag Lan Ling’s grandmother and Lan Ling in. I’m hiding here secretly to wait for a chance to give a fatal blow to the enemy! Lan Hai sighed, “Although the preparation isn’t complete yet, it is about to finish. Besides, I’m fairly certain who the people who caused an internal conflict in our tribes are!”

“Is there anything that I can help with?” asked Yang Ming.

“The people I want to deal with are not ordinary people. They are proficient in voodoo. I’m afraid you won’t be able to cope with it!” Lan Hai shook his head. “As long as you have the intention, it is fine. Protecting yourself is the most important! Today, you were lucky, or else, if you died on my doorstep, my precious granddaughter wouldn’t forgive me for the rest of my life!”

When Yang Ming listened to Lan Hai’s words, he could only nod helplessly. Indeed, no matter how strong he was, he couldn’t deal with voodoo that he didn’t know. He suddenly remembered the person who had attacked him before. Yang Ming quickly asked, “Grandpa Lan, the person who a.s.saulted me, is he still there?”

“I brought him back. He is in the room next to us.” Lan Hai said, “I suspect that this person is from the other forces. The voodoo method he uses is originally from our tribe. I’m very sure about this.”

En ?” Yang Ming was stunned instead. Because he had seen the face of the a.s.saulting person before! He was an acquaintance. He was Yun Guangdou’s driver, Liu Xiaosheng. How did he become a person from the other forces?

“Do you know that person?” Lan Hai was moved. Maybe he could follow this clue and find out all the forces in Song Jiang.

“This person is the driver of Yun Guangdou, the owner of Yun Family Jewelry Company. He has some hatred with me before,” said Yang Ming truthfully.

“Yun Jewelry Company? Driver?” Lan Hai was astounded as well. He initially thought that the people of the other forces discovered the relations.h.i.+p between Yang Ming and him, so they wanted to start with Yang Ming. But it seemed like it wasn’t the case. There were other reasons.

“Yeah, previously I beat up that Liu Xiaosheng who was the man who cursed me with the voodoo. He probably wanted to get revenge on me this time!” Yang Ming said, “Not to mention, my company is also in the jewelry business. There are some conflicts in the business.”

“So, he is against you, and not because of your relations.h.i.+p with Ling Ling?” Lan Hai was also immersed in contemplation.

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 774 - Ma Xiaoyao's Identity

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