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There were always people in the city who subconsciously liked to violate the traffic rules. They often secretly rejoiced in not being photographed by the cameras and often were content for not getting caught by the traffic police.

This road section was not the main road, so there were no traffic police on duty. However, the traffic at this intersection was quite heavy. The driver of the Pa.s.sat occupied the right-turn lane to be the first to pa.s.s after the signal light turned green.

"Beep Beep--" Bao Sanli pressed the honk a few times, but the Pa.s.sat was deaf to the ear, and it did not even have the intention to move even a little. It was no wonder that there were no traffic police on this section. He stopped there, but no one could do anything about him. But if he pushed his car out and gave way to other drivers, he would cross the red light so the driver of Pa.s.sat would not do such a stupid thing.

Bao Sanli looked at the timer on the signal light, there were still more than three hundred seconds. This section had no overpa.s.s, so the traffic was very slow, and the signal light was also long.

It couldn't be helped. Bao Sanli had to drive his car as far as possible to the side of the road and move forward. He intended to drive through the gap between Pa.s.sat and the roadside.

Although the driving speed was extremely slow, Bao Sanli still drove his van through carefully. When he was about to breathe a sigh of relief, he heard a scratching sound. Bao Sanli quickly looked back. It turned out that the tail of his vehicle sc.r.a.ped the head of the Pa.s.sat.

Originally, if he went straight, the two cars would not touch each other, but the key issue was that Bao Sanli needed to turn right, and there were still cars driving on the right pa.s.sage, so Bao Sanli couldn't make a big turn. Also, the Jinbei van was long. If he did that, then it would block others in the middle of the road!

Therefore, the tail of the Jinbei van inevitably sc.r.a.ped the front of the Pa.s.sat when it turned.

After the accident, Bao Sanli had to stop the car and apologized to Yang Ming. "Brother Yang, I am sorry. I was thinking about saving some time, but I didn't expect the more I rushed, the more trouble I caused."

"No problem." What could Yang Ming say now? After all, Bao Sanli was doing it also out of kindness, so he smiled slightly. "Let's handle the accident first."

At this time, the driver in the Pa.s.sat had already gotten out of his car. He was squatting at the place where their cars b.u.mped and checked the problem.

"Then, I will go out and see." Bao Sanli nodded with an apology.

"Ai? Wait. The Pa.s.sat driver seems to be my junior high school cla.s.smate!" Zhang Bing saw that the Pa.s.sat's driver was familiar, so he said, "I will go too. If it is really true, then it is easy to discuss."

As Zhang Bing said that, he got off with Bao Sanli.

"Do you know how to drive? Do you think you can f*cking drive through?" Seeing people getting out from the Jinbei van, the driver of the Pa.s.sat went up to criticize them. Because he saw that their car was not any nice car, he spoke arrogantly. If the other party were driving a Mercedes-Benz, probably he would not have this att.i.tude.

"Yuan Gangyi? Is that you?" Zhang Bing walked over and shouted at the Pa.s.sat's driver.

The Pa.s.sat's driver heard someone calling his name, so he looked up. He initially had some doubts, but he immediately said, "Oh, you are Zhang Bing!"

"Hah, it's really you!" Zhang Bing greeted delightedly and said, "You did not attend the previous cla.s.s reunion. I thought you were not in Song Jiang!"

"Ai, I'm too busy!" Yuan Gangyi tossed his hair, and he looked like a busy man.

"Hehe, this is good. I didn't expect to meet an acquaintance. Since everyone knows each other, should we just forget it?" Zhang Bing knew how to drive, so naturally, he understood the traffic rules. "And, no matter what, you were against the law, too. If the traffic police came, you would be fined too."

"Zhang Bing, you are not right. We are friends, but that is a different matter. You were not driving this car, right? If you were driving, then I would forget it. But now the driver was not you, so you'd better not bother with this matter!" Yuan Gangyi's face suddenly became sullen and then waved his hand to Zhang Bing.

Zhang Bing was suddenly stunned there. He was in a dilemma and did not know what to do. Zhang Bing thought since they were junior high school cla.s.smates, this matter would be over. However, he didn't expect Yuan Gangyi not to give him face at all.

"Yuan Gangyi, what do you mean by this? Do you think that since you stopped your car here, you have no responsibility?" Zhang Bing was also annoyed.

"Of course, my car can stop here!" Yuan Gangyi pointed out a pa.s.s to the lower left corner of his window and said, "See for yourself. Mine is a privileged car!"

Zhang Bing glanced at the pa.s.s that was placed inside Yuan Gangyi's window. It only said, "News interview, stop at any time."

Zhang Bing frowned. He did not know what kind of inst.i.tution authorized this privilege. Now there were too many doc.u.ments in this category. Many non-privileged cars became privileged cars by showing a pa.s.s in its window and could enjoy some traffic privileges.

Regardless of the authenticity of his doc.u.ment, even if it were true, it may not be for him to use at this time. Probably this was a media interview card, which was used for reporters to park their car when there was an incident, but its privilege was extended by Yuan Gangyi to be unlimited.

If Yang Ming was not watching, Bao Sanli really wanted to kick this dumb*ss under the bottom of the car. He could get a bunch of these if he wanted to.

"Tell me. How much is it?" Bao Sanli was not willing to waste time with such people. He wanted to solve this problem as soon as possible.

"Heh, you are quite forthright, but since you are a friend of Zhang Bing, I won't scam you. Just three thousand yuan will do it." Yuan Gangyi said.

Three thousand yuan? Bao Sanli was outraged. Even if your car is a Mercedes-Benz, it wouldn't cost this much for off a little paint. A few hundred yuan would be enough to get it painted in the repair factory. You are demanding an exorbitant price!

Zhang Bing's face also changed. "Yuan Gangyi, a few hundred yuan would do. Don't kid."

"I will give you five hundred yuan." Bao Sanli looked at the size of the scratches and estimated it in his heart. The five hundred yuan should be more than the repair cost.

"Are you donating to a beggar?" Yuan Gangyi flipped his, and scolded Bao Sanli, "I'll tell you. I'm asking for three thousand yuan because I'm giving face to Zhang Bing. Otherwise, you probably can't leave today. Do you believe it or not?"

Even if Bao Sanli had a good temper, he couldn't stand it at the moment. What's more, he was originally bad-tempered. At this moment, he could barely speak nicely with this guy. One reason was that this guy was Zhang Bing's junior high school cla.s.smate, and the other was because Yang Ming was in a hurry. He did not want to delay the time here.

But you can't be too much on some matters, right? Giving him five hundred yuan was already giving face to him.

"What if I don't believe it?" Bao Sanli sneered and asked, "I give you five hundred yuan, but you don't want it. Okay, then I won't give you a penny today. I'll see how you can treat me?"

"This is what you said! You wait for me!" As Yuan Gangyi said this, he took out his phone and dialed a number. He said a few words over the phone, and then hung up. "If you dare, then wait for ten minutes!"

After that, Yuan Gangyi jumped into his car. To prevent the Jinbei van from running away, he directly stopped his car in front of the Jinbei van and completely blocked the driver's door. In this way, if Bao Sanli wanted to drive, he would need to make a lot of effort. After doing all this, Yuan Gangyi sat in his car leisurely, turned on the radio, and listened to the music.

"Brother Zhang, let's get back to the van." Bao Sanli looked at Yuan Gangyi coldly and then said to Zhang Bing.

"Brother Yang... just now..." After getting in the van, Bao Sanli immediately tried to explain to Yang Ming.

Yang Ming smiled and waved, "You don't have to say anything. I can see it clearly from the car. Just do what we can. Sometimes if we don't teach this kind of person a lesson, he will not know how to control himself."

Yang Ming actually wanted to take this opportunity to show his strength in Song Jiang in front of Zhang Bing. These things couldn't always be hidden from Zhang Bing. Since he decided to tell Zhang Bing, he had to hint it to Zhang Bing in advance.

Bao Sanli immediately understood Yang Ming's meaning. That was, Yang Ming was also very displeased with that Yuan Gangyi, so he wanted to teach him a lesson. Bao Sanli nodded, took out his phone, and made a call.

"Bro, Yuan Gangyi seems to be calling people. We..." Zhang Bing didn't know the ident.i.ty of Bao Sanli, so he was worried.

"It's okay. If he knew how to call people, then don't we know how to?" Yang Ming smiled. "You just need to watch the show later, but don't say that I'm not giving face to your junior high school cla.s.smate."

It was okay if Yang Ming did not mention it. Zhang Bing was furious when he mentioned it. "Give him face? D*mn, what the f*ck? He still did this even when I'm his old cla.s.smate. I'm really mad!"

Probably because Yuan Gangyi called first, but not long after, around four to five tall and st.u.r.dy small punks arrived. When Yuan Gangyi saw them coming, he quickly got out and greeted one of the guys who seemed to be the leader. "Brother Frog, someone sc.r.a.ped my car here, and he wanted to be rude with me. Can you help?"

"Oh? Which vehicle?" The man who was called Brother Frog looked up and pointed at the Jinbei van next to him. "Is it this Jinbei van?"

"Yes, this is the vehicle!" Yuan Gangyi nodded.

Brother Frog waved his hand and went to the Jinbei van with a few other small punks, then reached out and vigorously knocked on the van's window."The people inside, hurry up, and get out!"

Bao Sanli looked at Yang Ming, and Yang Ming nodded to him. Bao Sanli frowned and opened the door. "Where are you guys from?"

Bao Sanli was not sure that these little punks knew him or not, but most of Song Jiang's punks were managed by his own people, so Bao Sanli directly asked them where were they from.

Bao Sanli did not know them, but how would they not know Bao Sanli?! When Brother Frog saw that the car door opened, he wanted to catch them, but he saw the boss of his boss' boss poke his head out from inside. He was terrified. He was stunned beside the car and didn't know what to do.

So Pure, So Flirtatious 888 Traffic Acciden

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