So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 915 - Defraud You to Death (A)

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Chapter 915: Defraud You to Death (A)

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

There will be compet.i.tion if there are people. This is not wrong at all.

Zhou Xiaoming and Madman Ma were Wei Dekang’s confidants. One of them was excellent in literacy; another one was excellent in martial arts. They were trusted by Wei Dekang. However, their relations.h.i.+p was not good.

In fact, the current shopping malls also had similarities to ancient government. For example, the emperor had two favored officials by him, but the two favored officials could not stand on the same line, and the emperor would not let them stand on the same line.

Wei Dekang was also the same. He did not allow Zhou Xiaoming and Madman Ma to become too close. He trusted both of them. In the company, it could be said that all of the employees were under them. If these two people conspired to do something that jeopardized the interests of the company, Wei Dekang could not prevent it! So the only way was to alienate the relations.h.i.+p between them. He made them look friendly on the surface, but they were actually against each other.

Therefore, Wei Dekang often delegated one of them to do some work that rewarded a lot of money, so that there were comparison and compet.i.tion between them. This time, for the relocation of Shanty Town, Wei Dekang felt that it was enough for Madman Ma to handle it alone, and it could also serve as a deterrent to those hold-outs. He did not expect that Madman Ma would screw up such a simple thing before it was demolished!

The most annoying thing was that it would have been fine if he had a conflict with the hold-outs. However, why did he act arrogantly to the irrelevant people who were having their breakfast? Wasn’t he looking for trouble?

Wei Dekang was not very angry. This Madman Ma was actually so stupid. Now he had to send Zhou Xiaoming to clean up the mess.

Zhou Xiaoming complacently drove a modern van that was temporarily allocated to him for the relocation. He took two men and three mistresses and rushed to the Baoshun Spicy Hot Pot Restaurant.

“Brother Zhou, congratulations. You finally hold the financial power of the relocation project!” Zheng Luzi, one of Zhou Xiaoming’s underlings, smiled and congratulated him. “So, you can probably earn a few hundred thousand yuan, right?”

“Few hundred thousand?” Zhou Xiaoming smiled complacently. “That is too little. I can at least earn a few million yuan this time! Hehe, for those relocated households, we just have to compensate a little bit to them! The remaining money will be ours. You two will not get any less. You guys can at least get fifty thousand yuan each!”

“D*mn, Brother Zhou! It is so much! It is so cool!” Zheng Luzi touched the b.u.t.tocks of a mistress and said excitedly.

“Brother Zhou, why don’t we not compensate the money? What can they do to us? We can beat up whoever who goes against us.” Zhou Xiaoming’s other underling, Niu Xiaobo, said.

“Stupid! Do you think this is simple?!” Zhou Xiaoming glared at him and said, “Don’t compensate? Do you think they won’t sue you? The compensation must be paid. However, we can pay less. We’ll pay according to the minimum standard, but we can’t just not pay them. So, we are right in our own way. I do not think they dare to do anything! If you do not compensate, aren’t you a dumb*ss like Madman Ma?!”

“Yeah! Brother Zhou is really thoughtful; you are so different from that Madman Ma!” Zheng Luzi pulled Niu Xiaobo and spoke quickly. This Niu Xiaobo really talked without thinking. Why did he displease Brother Zhou now?

“That is true. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be named as Brother Zhou, Brother Zhou as the thoughtful brother [1]…” Niu Xiaobo nodded in agreement.

Zhou Xiaoming was dumbfounded listening to Niu Xiaobo’s flattery, but this guy was pretty interesting. He was a good hitman; his obedience was the most important thing.

Zhou Xiaoming parked the car in the parking lot of Baoshun Hot Pot, and then he entered the hot pot restaurant with his two underlings and three mistresses.

“Hi, welcome. May I ask if you have reservations?” The waiter saw Zhou Xiaoming and his group come in and asked with enthusiasm.

“Room 208. I had called before.” Zhou Xiaoming said.

“Okay, sir, please come with me.” The waiter nodded and took Zhou Xiaoming and his party upstairs to the big private room, which was the room Yang Ming and the others occupied.

“Sir, madam, please come in.” The waiter opened the door and said to Zhou Xiaoming.

Zhou Xiaoming entered the room and saw the folding screen in the middle immediately, but he did not know that there were people behind the folding screen, so he asked, puzzled, “What is the folding screen in the middle for? It is blocking so much light. Why don’t you close it up?”

The waiter had already got the instruction from the lobby manager, so he said, “I am sorry, sir. This is a big private room. It can serve two tables of people. There are customers on the other side…”

“What are you saying? There are others in this private room?” Zhou Xiaoming was stunned, and then his face became sullen. “What is wrong with your restaurant? How can a private room accommodate two tables of customers?”

“Sir, you only have six people. You can’t use two tables. Other guests also had no place to eat…” The waiter explained.

“Didn’t you say that the minimum spend for the big private room is five hundred yuan? We can afford this amount of money. Why? Are you looking down on us?” Niu Xiaobo was not happy!

“Of course, we don’t mean this…” The waiter was timid lowering his head when he noticed that that the three men were very bad-tempered.

“Hurry; call your manager to explain this!” Niu Xiaobo said arrogantly.

“Sir, our manager is not in the restaurant now…” said the waiter.

“F*ck! Do you believe that I will smash this shop?” Niu Xiaobo threatened with a glare.

“What happened?” Liu Ting also heard the quarrel from the guests who just came in and whispered to Liu Baoqiang.

“I have encountered a difficult customer…” Liu Baoqiang was in a dilemma too. He thought it would be fine if he could communicate with the customers to accommodate this, but he didn’t expect the other party to be so arrogant.

“Why don’t we eat in the downstairs hall? It doesn’t matter.” Yang Ming didn’t want Liu Baoqiang to have difficulty, so he suggested this. After all, the restaurant welcomed anyone to dine in, so customers were basically G.o.d to them.

“I am sorry then…” Liu Baoqiang prepared for the worst in his mind. It was just a little trouble to Yang Ming.

“There is nothing to be sorry about. We are all friends. Isn’t it the same to eat anywhere?” Yang Ming smiled and said, “Mengyan and I are fine; Liu Ting, what about you?”

Of course, Liu Ting did not care about it at all. When she heard Yang Ming say this, she was grateful in her mind and nodded, “Since you have said it, can I still argue over it?”

So, Liu Baoqiang stood up and wanted to tell the waiter that they would be eating downstairs. However, Yang Ming suddenly overheard the conversation on the other side before they moved. Yang Ming was moved. He immediately stopped Liu Baoqiang. “Baoqiang, wait.”

On the other side of the folding screen, Zhou Xiaoming suddenly remembered the conflict between Madman Ma and the customers! Suddenly, he was shocked. The complacency in his mind vanished without a trace.

Wasn’t Madman Ma sent to the hospital because of a conflict with stranger diners? Then, now… I cannot lose the project because of a small matter! When Zhou Xiaoming thought of this, he pulled Niu Xiaobo and wanted to stop him. “Kid, do not cause trouble. Did you forget how Madman Ma went into the hospital?”

Niu Xiaobo was stunned. He understood the meaning of Zhou Xiaoming even if he was a dumb*ss, and he quickly closed his mouth.

“Now is a critical period. Do not cause any trouble!” Zhou Xiaoming said to Niu Xiaobo and Zheng Luzi, “You two have to remember. This time, the opportunity of the Shanty Town demolition is hard to come by. If Madman Ma wasn’t sent into the hospital, how would we get our opportunity?”

Because of these few words from Zhou Xiaoming, Yang Ming had an idea.Madman Ma? Shanty Town demolition? Could this guy be the newly appointed demolition project leader of Dekang Real Estate after Madman Ma?

Yang Ming had a bad impression of this Dekang Real Estate. After listening to Zhou Xiaoming’s words, he was even more disgusted, but at the moment, he did not think about finding Zhou Xiaoming trouble because there was no need.

However, even if Yang Ming had the intention to let go of this Zhou Xiaoming, Zhou Xiaoming did not want Yang Ming to let him go!

Zhou Xiaoming continued to say, “Zheng Luzi, you go and talk to the guests over there. Tell them to eat downstairs in the hall. I will treat.”

“Brother Zhou, we will pay for them? That is such a loss…” Zheng Luzi mumbled unwillingly.

“D*mn, you are distressed over this little money? When you deduct the compensation from every demolition household, wouldn’t we get more than that? Stupid!” Zhou Xiaoming scolded.

“That is also true!” Zheng Luzi nodded quickly.

When he heard this, Yang Ming couldn’t help but become enraged! Yang Ming was not a hero, and he could not manage all the injustices in the world. However, the demolition households involved the interests of Lin Zhiyun’s family! Therefore, Yang Ming was particularly paying attention to the Shanty Town demolition.

Hearing Zhou Xiaoming say that he wanted to deduct the interests of the relocation households, Yang Ming was outraged. Liu Baoqiang did not have to say anything. Yang Ming wanted to teach this Zhou Xiaoming a lesson.

Zheng Luzi got Zhou Xiaoming’s command, so he walked over to the other side of the folding screen. When he came to Yang Ming’s table, he looked at Yang Ming and the others. He was jealous of them. Motherf*cker, why I don’t have such a perfect woman? After I get the money from the demolition, I will find a nicely figured woman and ditch my mistress!

“Our boss asks you guys to eat downstairs. My boss will pay for your meal!” Zheng Luzi’s words vaguely revealed a high-pitched tone. In his opinion, if it was not because they did not want to cause trouble, how did he have to treat these unfamiliar guys to a meal? The two pretty girls were fine by him, but he would not bother with the two men.

“Or, you can go down to eat, and I will pay you for you.” Liu Baoqiang had already lost his face as the young master of the restaurant. As a result, he could not treat his friend to a meal, and they were being troubled. Therefore, he was even angrier when he heard Zheng Luzi’s disdainful voice! His family opened his restaurant. Did he need someone else to pay for him?

“D*mn, what’s the matter? Trying to be a bad*ss?” Zheng Luzi was used to being arrogant. If Zhou Xiaoming did not instruct him, how would he treat them to a meal? However, now that he was triggered by Liu Baoqiang, he immediately lost his temper.

So Pure, So Flirtatious Chapter 915 - Defraud You to Death (A)

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