So Pure, So Flirtatious 971 A Violent Man

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Wei Dekang wasn't sure if Zheng Laoliu would finally contact him. Everything was merely his guess. This was also a kind of gambling. But what could he do if he didn't gamble on it? Everything had happened. There was no chance of going back.

The sound of a fire truck loomed in the distance. Wei Dekang's heart s.h.i.+vered a little. He stood by the window sill and looked into the city. However, Wei Dekang did not find any place that caught on fire except for the bright night.

Probably it is too far. I can't see it. Wei Dekang shook his head. Indeed, this place is far from the business street. It is more than ten kilometers. It's expected that I'm unable to see it. I hope Zheng Laoliu can succeed.

Because there was only one possibility if Zheng Laoliu did not succeed. That was if he were caught on the spot! Zheng Laoliu was a more determined guy. Under normal circ.u.mstances, he wouldn't give up until he reached his goal.

In the dark night, a gray-white Jinbei van hurried on the road. The gla.s.s was covered with a black reflective film, which did not allow people to see the inside.

Looking at Zheng Laoliu in the back seat, Bao Sanli showed a cruel smile. This guy actually dared to find Brother Yang trouble? Burning Brother Yang's company, and almost involving Brother Yang's girlfriend? Even if he were killed a hundred and eighty times, it would be a great deal for him already!

Bao Sanli gazed at Yang Ming from the corner of his eyes. Yang Ming, who wasn't startled at all, had no expression on the face. Although he didn't know how Yang Ming would handle the guy in the car, one thing for sure was that the person would be dead.

The vehicle came to the downstairs of the Dekang Building. Yang Ming glanced at the top of the building. Only one office was lit. As he looked at it with his special ability, it should be Chairman Wei Dekang's office. No doubt the person inside was Wei Dekang.

A middle-aged man in his forties with an average look - there was a shadow of Wei Jin on his face. This guy was now anxiously pacing around in the office.

Yang Ming and Bao Sanli got off. Bao Sanli was still dragging Zheng Luoliu, who was unconscious, in his hands.

What surprised Yang Ming was that the downstairs of the Dekang Building was locked. There wasn't even a security guard on duty! Yang Ming couldn't help but be baffled. What trick is Wei Dekang playing in the end? There is no else except him in this big building?

In fact, it was no wonder that Yang Ming would be surprised. There was indeed a security guard on duty in the Dekang Building in the evening. But today, since Wei Dekang was waiting for news from Zheng Laoliu, he felt insecure in his heart. He sent all the people in the company home. Even if Zheng Laoliu came, it would be convenient for him to make a move. He wouldn't be seen by others.

This guy wouldn't play an "Empty City Strategy [1]" trick on me, right? As Yang Ming thought about it, he used his special ability to start exploring the situation inside the building. However, unfortunately, except for Wei Dekang, there was really no one else!

However, it didn't matter. It was better that there was no one around! Yang Ming sneered. Then, he took out his master key and opened the door in the building. In a matter of seconds, the building's door opened.

Bao Sanli was full of admiration in his heart. Brother Yang is really bad*ss. If it were me, I'd have to force my way to pry open the door!

The two quickly dashed into the Dekang Building. Initially, Yang Ming wanted to destroy the surveillance video in the building after he entered, but for some reason, Yang Ming was surprised to find that the monitoring in the building did not start at all. He felt somewhat inexplicable.

Wei Dekang shut down the surveillance video to facilitate his own matter. Otherwise, if the scene of his murder were recorded, then it would be troublesome.

Therefore, he facilitated his own matter and made it more convenient for Yang Ming. This was what Wei Dekang never antic.i.p.ated. However, this wasn't a big deal. This was because these surveillance videos were utterly ineffective on Yang Ming. Even if they weren't shut down, Yang Ming could destroy them all.

"You wait for me here. I'm heading up to get Wei Dekang, this fellow." When they entered the company, they went to a hiding place. Yang Ming informed Bao Sanli to put Zheng Laoliu here.

"Okay, Brother Yang." Bao Sanli nodded and said nothing. He knew that Yang Ming's skills in dealing with Wei Dekang were more than enough. It was even a little overkill, so he didn't need to make a move.

Yang Ming went upstairs and went to the floor where Wei Dekang's office was. He went to the office door where it was the only light that was on. Yang Ming's expression became cold as he reached out and knocked on the door.

Wei Dekang was really worried about Zheng Laoliu. At this time, he heard the sound of knocking on the door. He subconsciously thought that Zheng Laoliu was back and said immediately, "Please come in! Old Liu, is it you?"

Yang Ming unlocked the door with a "ka" and pushed the door open. Wei Dekang immediately felt something was wrong! It wasn't that he saw Yang Ming's appearance clearly, but because Wei Dekang suddenly remembered that the company's downstairs door should be locked! Because Zheng Laoliu had no key, it was impossible for him to come in!

Then, with that, the person who came in would be... Wei Dekang was shocked and looked up. However, he saw an unsmiling tall young man with a square face and slightly darker facial tone push open the door and walk into his office!

He knew this person! It was Yang Ming who he saw on the report before! There were photos of Yang Ming in the information. Although there were some gaps between the pictures and the real person, Wei Dekang recognized him at a glance.

"You… you are Yang Ming?" Wei Dekang, although he had confirmed the ident.i.ty of the person coming in, he couldn't help but ask him subconsciously.

"Yes, it's me." Yang Ming nodded. "Your eyesight is not bad."

"You… how did you come in!?" When Wei Dekang saw Yang Ming had admitted it, he was somewhat secretly scared. It is impossible for this guy to come in. I have personally locked the door downstairs in the building!

"Of course, I walked in. I wanted to fly in, but I don't have wings." Yang Ming replied plainly. Such an indifferent tone made Wei Dekang very uncomfortable.

"You're looking for me?" Wei Dekang regained his calmness. He didn't think that Yang Ming knew that he had sent Zheng Laoliu so quickly at this moment, so the expression on his face became natural and condescending.

"Of course. You are speaking nonsense. If I appear in your office and I'm not looking for you, am I here to find your wife or your mother?" Yang Ming shamelessly and sarcastically said, "Unfortunately, I have no interest in them."

"Motherf*cker..." Even if Wei Dekang had self-restraint, at this moment, his wife and mother were cursed at. It was impossible to pretend that nothing happened. Moreover, Wei Dekang was a grumpy person, so he immediately became angry. "Fine, Yang Ming. I'll tell you, don't push your limits too much. Although I know your background, I, Wei Dekang, am not someone who can be offended easily. If you push me to my limit, I will end this with mutual destruction!

"Mutual destruction? It sounds quite intimidating." Yang Ming shook his head and said, "Unfortunately, you have no chance."

"What do you mean!?" said Wei Dekang as his hand began to go into his pocket. For a madman like Yang Ming, he didn't dare to be neglectful. He could give Wei Jin a slap in the face in front of so many people. Wei Dekang was very convinced that Yang Ming would dare to beat him here!

However, Wei Dekang was insidious. If you dare to touch me, I will stab you to death with a knife. At that time, I will say that you came in for burglary. I only accidentally killed you.

Wei Dekang's wishful thinking was seen through by Yang Ming well. He smiled coldly and said, "You want to take out your knife?"

"Ah?" Wei Dekang was shocked. He didn't put Yang Ming in his eyes. However, when Yang Ming suddenly revealed his purpose, Wei Dekang was surprised and began to be alerted secretly. "What knife? What are saying you? Why are you looking for me?"

"Oh, why am I looking for you? I am looking for you to kill you." Yang Ming said it in an understated way as if this were a very common thing.

Wei Dekang frowned. He stared at Yang Ming, and he could not help but be a little amused. "Aren't you too arrogant? Kid! Kill me? Never mind if you have that ability or not. Do you dare?"

Yang Ming snorted and twitched his lips. He refused to talk nonsense with Wei Dekang, so he dashed over and came close to Wei Dekang. He reached out to grab Wei Dekang's neck. "I can crush you now. Would you believe it?" As Yang Ming spoke, he increased the strength of his hands.

*Cough!* Wei Dekang coughed loudly. He antic.i.p.ated that Yang Ming would make a move just like that, but Yang Ming came so fast. He subconsciously pulled his hand out of his trouser pocket. A glinting dagger appeared in his hand.

Yang Ming was amused instantly. The underling is just like his boss? This Wei Dekang and Zheng Laoliu reacted precisely the same way. They all took their knives from their pockets.

Yang Ming used his left hand to hold Wei Dekang's hand that was equipped with a knife. He broke it with a firm grip. With a pig-like squeal, Wei Dekang's hand was deformed by Yang Ming. His wrist was rotated counterclockwise. His hand fell softly.

"Same trick as Zheng Laoliu. Nothing creative at all." Yang Ming didn't even look at Wei Dekang's already deformed hand. He just left Wei Dekang there to squeal in agony.

Yang Ming impatiently threw Wei Dekang on the ground and said coldly, "Shut up! Otherwise, your other hand will become like this!"

"Ah-!" Wei Dekang's squealing sound stopped. At this moment, he was sweating and shocked! It seems I had underestimated Yang Ming all along! This guy in front of me is simply a madman! No wonder my son was beaten until he had a concussion. Now it seems that it is still light!

This guy is simply a violent man! When he heard that Yang Ming mentioned Zheng Laoliu, Wei Dekang knew that he was done for. His matters were discovered!

So Pure, So Flirtatious 971 A Violent Man

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