So Pure, So Flirtatious 972 A Ruthless Killer

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"You instructed Zheng Laoliu to burn my company?" Yang Ming snorted and asked.

Wei Dekang sighed. He didn't think that Yang Ming knew everything so quickly. Did Zheng Laoliu tell him everything, or is it all his guess?

From what Wei Dekang knew of Zheng Laoliu, Zheng Laoliu was a person who would not betray others. Logically, he would not easily sell Wei Dekang out, and he would not expose everything in such a short time.

He did not believe that Zheng Laoliu would submit to others. Because when Zheng Laoliu was in prison, he did not submit when he was beaten up by the criminals for three days and three nights. In the end, he became a small leader of a cell due to his diehard spirit.

Therefore, Wei Dekang was more inclined to the fact that it was Yang Ming's guess! Therefore, Wei Dekang did not answer Yang Ming's question, but he resisted the pain in his hand and remained silent on the ground.

"I am talking to you. Did you hear me? Do you want the other hand to be crippled too?" Yang Ming saw that Wei Dekang remained silent, and he was furious. He glared at Wei Dekang and lifted his foot to step on Wei Dekang's left hand that was not injured yet.

"Don't... ah..." Wei Dekang was shocked. He would be a fool if he remained silent!

"Ao-" There was another pig-like squeal... Oh, this should be a donkey-like squeal! Yang Ming raised his foot, and Wei Dekang's left hand was deformed. Several fingers were flattened. Apparently, they were crushed.

"It's too late." Yang Ming said faintly. "I hate it when people keep silent in front of me. Whoever keeps silent will pay the price."

"..." Wei Dekang was speechless. You are a violent freak! However, he did not dare to refute again. If he did, his feet might be broken!

"In fact, I know exactly what happened even if you do not tell me. You instructed Zheng Laoliu to retaliate against me. Not only did you want to burn my company, but you also wanted to blow up my warehouse. Isn't it?" Yang Ming said coldly, "Fortunately, I found out in time. Otherwise, my wife will be burned to death by you! You tell me. Should I punish you?"

Wei Dekang was astounded. When Zheng Laoliu set the fire, did he check whether anyone was in the jewelry company? He just wanted to burn Yang Ming's company to give Yang Ming a lesson, but he did not want to kill anyone. It would be a serious case if someone died.

"I just told him to burn the company. I didn't ask him to burn people..." When Wei Dekang saw Yang Ming's cold expression, he thought, Not good. Is this guy going to harm the other parts of my body?

"It is still the same. You instructed this, right?" Yang Ming sneered. "Zheng Laoliu must die; you do not deserve to die so easily!"

Wei Dekang was astounded. "Yang Ming, don't be insatiable. Stop this before it is too late. We are even on this matter. Otherwise, we will see how this go. I will fight until one of us loses even if it were to spend all my money!"

"Are you stupid? Did you understand my words?" Yang Ming looked at Wei Dekang and said, "Do you think you still have a chance to retaliate against me?"

Yang Ming stepped on Wei Dekang's arm, and Wei Dekang's arm was broken.

Wei Dekang understood that the wise man does not fight when the odds are against him. Whatever he said would only agitate Yang Ming to keep damaging his body. Therefore, Wei Dekang felt that it was better to remain silent now.

Seeing Wei Dekang remain silent, Yang Ming lost his interest. The reason why Yang Ming said so was that Yang Ming wanted Wei Dekang to know why Yang Ming was looking for him. Although Yang Ming could let him die for no reason, Yang Ming felt that it was better to let him know the reason.

Yang Ming lifted his foot up, aimed at Wei Dekang's other arm, and stepped on it. A crisp breaking sound was heard, and Wei Dekang's other arm was also crippled.

Wei Dekang was shocked. I even stopped talking. Why do you still break my arm? However, while he was shocked, he heard two more breaking sounds, and both of his legs were crippled!

This time, Wei Dekang felt no pain because he was already numb to the pain! The sweat was all over his body. Now, he finally understood that the guy in front of him was not a man. He was a devil!

My biggest mistake is that I should not retaliate against Yang Ming! From the moment I wanted to retaliate, I had provoked a ruthless killer!

"Don't step on me, please... I am wrong. I am really wrong!" Wei Dekang's heart collapsed instantly. In a moment, the revenge, humiliation, and resentment were all nothing to him anymore. Now, the most important thing was to save his life!

"I have already said that it is too late." Yang Ming said with an expressionless face.

"Please don't kill me. I am really wrong. I am begging you. I can give you everything you want. Isn't it just three million yuan? No problem. I will write a check for you..." Wei Dekang pleaded in distress.

"Three million yuan? Do you really think I need that three million yuan?" asked Yang Ming.

"This..." Wei Dekang was at a loss for words. Yeah, Yang Ming is right. He does not need that three million yuan! Never mind Yang Ming's father's, Yang Dahai's, Ming Yang Heavy Industry. Even if it were Yang Ming's jewelry company, it did not need this three million yuan! However, his survival instinct tried to keep him alive. "Yang Ming, Brother Yang, what do you want me to do to spare me?"

In Wei Dekang's eyes, Yang Ming had become a bloodthirsty devil. Reasoning with this kind of person was impossible. Therefore, he could only ask for mercy. He hoped that Yang Ming would be merciful and let him go.

"Oh, spare you..." Yang Ming's a.s.sessed the things in the office, pretending to see what was worth exchanging his life. In fact, Yang Ming already had a plan.

Seeing that Yang Ming was moved, Wei Dekang was overjoyed and quickly said, "Brother Yang, then you see if anything can be exchanged for my life. I will give it to you. As long as you don't kill me..."

"The only thing that I can put in my eye is your company. Then, you transfer your company's shares to me. I will spare your life," said Yang Ming.

"This..." Wei Dekang was shocked. Wasn't taking his company the same as ending his source of income? Moreover, this company was so big. It was Wei Dekang's lifetime effort. However, he had to give it away so easily?

"Forget it. I don't really need your company either." Yang Ming waved his hand and said, "You just wait for your death to come."

"Don't!" Wei Dekang exclaimed. "I'll give. I will give it now! I don't want the company. I will give it to you-"

When Wei Dekang heard Yang Ming asking him to wait for his death, he was terrified. He did not doubt the authenticity of Yang Ming's words because this person was simply a violent madman. He could do anything he wanted to!

According to Yang Ming's posture, if he steps on my head, wouldn't I die directly? Is my company worth my life? Wei Dekang was not a stubborn person. As long as I am still alive, there is still hope. If I am dead, what is the use of my company?

Although Wei Jin could carry on his legacy, Wei Dekang did not doubt the possibility that Yang Ming would look for Wei Jin. So after weighing the pros and cons, Wei Dekang decided to compromise!

Although the company was very important and valuable, Wei Dekang still had something after losing the company. He still had hundreds of millions of yuan of deposits in the bank. It was enough for him to live the rest of his life happily!

So when he thought of it, Wei Dekang's mood was at ease.

Yang Ming took out the equity transfer book that Bao Sanli had already prepared and threw it to Wei Dekang. "Okay, make a handprint."

Wei Dekang saw the equity transfer agreement handed over by Yang Ming and suddenly understood what was going on. It turned out that Yang Ming had been eyeing his company before, and everything he just did was just to pave the way for this agreement!

However, what could he do if he knew? Wasn't still the same that he had to make a handprint? Wei Dekang used his twisted hand and dipped the ink that Yang Ming threw to him, and pressed it on the agreement.

Yang Ming looked at the agreement and put it into his pocket with satisfaction.

(Author's note: A real equity transfer is much more complicated than this, but this book is an urban magical realism novel which happened in an unknown city, so some official procedures were simplified.)

"Now, can you let me go?" Wei Dekang resisted the pain in his body and pleaded with Yang Ming.

"Come with me." Yang Ming grabbed Wei Dekang and walked out of the office.

Wei Dekang didn't know where Yang Ming was going to take him, but he didn't dare to speak out. He was afraid that he would provoke the madman in front of him, and it would not be worth for him to be hurt!

Therefore, Wei Dekang did not dare to say anything more. Yang Ming took him to the elevator and slowly went downstairs.

As they reached downstairs, where Bao Sanli was at, Yang Ming threw Wei Dekang on the ground. Wei Dekang saw Zheng Laoliu's unconscious body. Then, he saw Bao Sanli respectfully stand next to Yang Ming, and he was baffled.

"Wei Dekang, ah, Wei Dekang!" Bao Sanli looked at Wei Dekang's current misery. He couldn't help but ridicule. "I had warned you already, but you did not listen to me. Now, this happened because of your own cause!"

"Brother Bao..." Wei Dekang could not expect Bao Sanli would appear here personally. He seemed to have a close relations.h.i.+p with Yang Ming.

"Don't call me brother. In front of Brother Yang, I am just an underling." Bao Sanli snorted.

Underling? Wei Dekang was shocked. Is that true? He looked at Yang Ming again, and he suddenly realized. Could Yang Ming be the real behind-the-scenes boss? It is very likely! If not, he would not be so violent before. It turns out that he is the underworld's boss!

I was really blind, but I still thought about revenge against Yang Ming. When he thought of this, he was depressed. However, it was useless to say anything now. The most important thing was to save his life.

"Bao Zi, seal his mouth!" Yang Ming pointed at Wei Dekang then he instructed Bao Sanli.

So Pure, So Flirtatious 972 A Ruthless Killer

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