So Pure, So Flirtatious 973 Too Talented

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"Okay! Brother Yang!" Bao Sanli nodded.

"What are you going to do..." Before Wei Dekang could finish asking the question, Bao Sanli found a roll of tape to seal Wei Dekang's mouth, so he could only make a squeaky "Oo Oo" sound.

After Yang Ming glanced at Wei Dekang, he ignored him, then he asked Bao Sanli, "Have you used this detonator before? How many detonators can kill a person?"

"One or two should be enough!" said Bao Sanli. "I used to kill some fish before. This stuff is quite powerful. Except for a few selected fishes who can't die, other small fishes and shrimps were killed immediately!"

"It won't blow up this place, right? Now that the building is mine, I don't want to repair it right after I move in." Yang Ming looked at the structure of the building and asked Bao Sanli.

"There should be no problem. The structure of this place is very solid. Wei Dekang is also involved in real estate. It was impossible for his company to be a tofu-dreg project [1]," said Bao Sanli. "The range of one or two detonators' damage will not be too large."

"Okay, then you get two detonators, and screw the fuses together to make the two fuses a little longer," commanded Yang Ming.

"Okay." Although he didn't know what Yang Ming wanted to do, Bao Sanli didn't ask much. He just did according to Yang Ming's command and quickly prepared everything. "What should I do now?"

"Place a detonator next to Zheng Laoliu, and place the lighter that ignites the fuse by the side too," commanded Yang Ming.

"The other one?" Bao Sanli nodded and asked.

"The other one we stuff inside Wei Dekang's pants," said Yang Ming as he glanced at Wei Dekang.

"Ha ha!" Bao Sanli suddenly laughed after he heard it. It is really sinister. So, he praised, "Brother Yang, you are really awesome!"

"En, I have always been very bright and upright. I did not say to shove it into his *sshole directly." Yang Ming nodded and said aloud.

"Ka Ka!" Bao Sanli was surprised, and he laughed in an instant. This idea is good. How could Bao Sanli not understand Yang Ming's intention? He took a detonator and stuffed it into Wei Dekang's *sshole.

"Oh- Oh-" Wei Dekang's face was terrified. He widened his eyes, but he couldn't speak. He could only make some meaningless sounds.

Yang Ming did not pay attention to him. He directly tapped on Zheng Laoliu and then stood up saying to Bao Sanli, "Let's go."

"Go? Brother Yang, don't you want to ignite the detonator before you go?" Bao Sanli was a bit puzzled.

"Hehe, there will be someone who will ignite it in a while." Yang Ming smiled insidiously.

Bao Sanli didn't know what Yang Ming was saying, but come to think of it, Brother Yang couldn't be wrong, so he nodded and walked to the door of the building with Yang Ming.

"Oh- Oh-" Wei Dekang shouted in horror at the back, and his voice was full of incomprehension and despair.

Yang Ming looked back and glanced at Wei Dekang with a smile on his lips. "Do you want to say that I had promised to let you go, so why do I still put a detonator on you now?"

Wei Dekang nodded desperately after listening.

"Did I ignite the detonator?" Yang Ming asked again.

Wei Dekang hesitated this time, but he still shook his head.

"Isn't that enough? I said that I will not kill you, and I have not ignited the detonator. What are you calling for?" Yang Ming shrugged. "I have always been a credible person."

"Oh- Oh-" Wei Dekang still wanted to say something.

Yang Ming waved his hand. "However, if your underling, Zheng Laoliu, wants to murder you, then I can't care about it. Bye bye, I wish you good luck. I hope that the detonator will not kill you."

After that, Yang Ming and Bao Sanli walked forward without looking back and left Wei Dekang's company.

Bao Sanli couldn't help but ask, "Brother Yang, you said that Zheng Laoliu will murder Wei Dekang. What is going on?"

"Hehe, it is very simple." Yang Ming smiled and said, "I applied some tricks to Zheng Laoliu. He will wake up in a moment. Then, he will not be able to bear the pain anymore and ignite the detonator to commit suicide! The reason why I asked you to put the detonators' fuses together is that when Zheng Laoliu ignites the detonator, Wei Dekang would also be implicated."

"It turns out to be like this!" Bao Sanli suddenly realized it. He could not help but extend his thumb and praise, "Brother Yang, you are too bad*ss. So, this bombing has nothing to do with us. It is completely due to Zheng Laoliu who commits suicide which accidentally injured Wei Dekang. Haha!"

Although he didn't know what Yang Ming had done, Bao Sanli had no doubt about Yang Ming's ability. He had seen some of Yang Ming's powerful moves before!

Yang Ming went in Bao Sanli's Jinbei van, and the two quickly disappeared into the hustle and bustle of the night and returned to the jewelry company.


Zheng Laoliu was awakened by physical discomfort! It was a kind of unspeakable feeling as if someone were scratching his bone with a knife and draining his bone marrow with a needle. It was very uncomfortable.

What's more, it was even more unbearable because it was as if he had ten thousand ants crawling in and out like they were being eaten by a group of anteaters. It made Zheng Laoliu so uncomfortable that he almost fainted!

When Yang Ming interrogated others previously, he only used one technique of the acupoints. However, he used three techniques on Zheng Laoliu to prevent him from refusing to die!

At this moment, Zheng Laoliu was screaming "Ao Ao" uncomfortably. His voice sounded shrill like he encountered evil spirits. Wei Dekang was scared until his blood ran cold!

He didn't understand what happened to Zheng Laoliu. Why he would be in so much pain when he woke up?! However, from the outside, there were no visible wounds on Zheng Laoliu's body!

After Yang Ming left, Wei Dekang began to be baffled. Yang Ming inserted a detonator on him. Was it just to scare him? But at this moment, seeing Zheng Laoliu's manifestation, Wei Dekang was somewhat even more inexplicable.

"Ah--" screamed Zheng Laoliu. "Kill me. I can't stand it anymore!"

Wei Dekang saw Zheng Laoliu's eyes were wide open, and there was an unspeakable malevolence. He panted heavily and smashed his head on the ground with all his might!

Wei Dekang was secretly stunned. How painful is it? Is it possible to torture a person like this? Just as he was wondering, Wei Dekang suddenly was shocked, and cold sweat instantly came out...

Zheng Laoliu finally found the detonator and the lighter next to him. Zheng Laoliu didn't hesitate anymore. He used the lighter to ignite the fuse of the detonator and then lay on the detonator.

Then, on Zheng Laoliu's face was a look of hope and relief. Wei Dekang suddenly understood that Zheng Laoliu was pleading for death. He was committing suicide!

However, on the other hand, the other end of the detonator fuse was connected to the detonator on Wei Dekang's body!

"Wu- Wuwu-" Wei Dekang desperately wanted to make a sound to stop him, but at this moment Zheng Laoliu's mind had collapsed being tortured by the pain, and he had no feeling for the outside world.

As for Wei Dekang, his limbs were completely broken. He wanted to stop Zheng Laoliu but he couldn't. He desperately looked at the fuse near Zheng Laoliu that would soon burn to the end of the detonator, and his face showed a desperate look...

Once Zheng Laoliu's detonator explodes, I am also not far from the explosion! Wei Dekang did not want to die, but there was no other way! He really wanted to cry at this moment!

His own powerful underling finally became the murderer who personally sent him to see Yama[2]! The most regretful thing Wei Dekang did was to provoke Yang Ming, but by the time he understood this fact, it was already too late!

The sound of a "Boom" erupted, and Wei Dekang's ears almost became deaf. Zheng Laoliu was blown to pieces not far away. A lot of Zheng Laoliu's flesh and blood was even splashed onto Wei Dekang's body.

But at this moment, he had no intentions to think about this, because in the next moment, the Grim Reaper would find him...

Then there was another super loud noise, and Wei Dekang's life ended. The entire Dekang Building became a quiet place. It seemed like nothing had happened...

Although the sound of the explosion was deafening, it was only heard in the building. In the bustling downtown area outside the building, the two explosions were undoubtedly not much different from the sound of a firecracker explosion, so it did not draw any attention from others.

"The finis.h.i.+ng work, can you do it well?" Sitting in the van, Yang Ming had been monitoring the movement in the Dekang Building with his special ability until Wei Dekang and Zheng Laoliu were both killed by the detonators. Only then was he relieved and could speak to Bao Sanli.

"Do not worry, Brother Yang!" Bao Sanli was an expert in dealing with this matter. "I will handle this kind of thing. What's more, we did not ignite the detonator. Zheng Laoliu ignited it, and it was not f*cking related to us!"

Yang Ming nodded. He also knew that there were several lawyers under Bao Sanli who were experts in this field. When he took over w.a.n.g Xifan's w.a.n.g's Century Xiongfeng Group, they played a significant role.

"I'll leave this equity doc.u.ment here for you." Yang Ming handed over the agreement of the equity transfer to Bao Sanli. "Tell your lawyers to take over Wei Dekang's business. There is no problem, right?"

"No problem!" Bao Sanli nodded in a.s.surance. "This kind of thing is definitely going to be done well! It just so happens that we have real estate development companies here too!"

"En, you decide what to do. You don't have to ask me for everything." Yang Ming thought about it and added, "How is your relations.h.i.+p with the newspapers and gossip magazine agencies?"

"Those people? Hehe, they are thinking about getting connections with us, but there is no chance." Bao Sanli smiled. "Why? Brother Yang, do you want to run a magazine now?"

"Not really. If Wei Dekang and Zheng Laoliu's matter becomes serious, you can properly publicize it. En... just say that they are gay. They were lovesick and committed suicide together!" said Yang Ming.

"Pff..." After Bao Sanli heard it, he couldn't help but laugh out loud. "Brother Yang, you are too talented!"

So Pure, So Flirtatious 973 Too Talented

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