Modern Cinderella Chapter 13

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Translator: lilcupcakez

Cohabitation with the Flute Prince [3]

There was a three-story villa near the school. Every time summer comes, there would be numerous b.u.t.terflies surrounding that place…

“Such a beautiful house ah!” Moya squatted down on the gra.s.s and played with the delicate flowers.

“You’ll be living here from now on.” Hao Jun You opened the house’s door, “Why don’t you come inside and take a look first?”

“Oh, okay.” Moya stood up and walked to Hao Jun You’s side. “Wow! The house’s interior has such a nice modern design!” There were many part.i.tions in the bright room which was made of gla.s.s, giving people a fresh and clean feeling. “Only Senior Jun You lives in this big house?” Moya looked up at Hao Jun You.

“No.” Hao Jun You picked up the teapot.

“No?” Moya widened her eyes. That can’t possibly be?! Is there actually other people in here?! Then how can she live here ah!

“It’s supposed to be you and I.” He handed a gla.s.s of iced lemon juice to Moya. “From now on, I’m not just the only one living here.”

“Hehe….” Moya slightly smiled. So happy, plus Senior Jun You is so easy to talk to. From now on, she really is blessed! “Senior Jun You, I’ll cook dinner tonight!” Moya looked at Hao Jun You with a pair of big bright eyes.

“You really know how to cook?” Hao Jun You grinned while looking at her. Originally he just wanted Moya to live here in peace, thus saying that. However, he really did miss home cooked food.

“You still need to ask me that?!” Moya replied with confidence and revealed a thoughtful expression. “In this world is there anything that can stump me? This is a problem with a difficulty factor of 4.2.”

Hao Jun You laughed a nice laugh, “Your expression is like an old man!”

“Well, this old man isn’t going to cook dinner then!” Moya pretended to be angry and s.h.i.+fted her face to the side.

“Really~” Hao Jun You’s smile froze.

“But I am not an old man so I will go cook. Please tell me where the kitchen is?” Moya turned around and laughed without making any noise.

“There….” Hao Jun You replied with confusion in his eyes and innocently used his hands to point in the direction of the kitchen.

“Okay. Senior Jun You, you can look forward to it!” Moya rolled up her sleeves and walked into the kitchen.

She opened the brown refrigerator by the wall. “Hm, the materials are quite complete. These are probably prepared by the cleaning lady.”

Seeing that Moya walked into the kitchen, Hao Jun You also walked into his own room. He took out the ancient bronze looking flute…

In this shallow night, a young man stood on the balcony of the third floor. His slender figure and melodious tune…at this time the whistling seemed to have words…

Coming to my side again, the face that reappeared…

A picture from the past gradually emerged…


The people on the road stopped one by one…losing themselves in the beautiful tune…some people also looked up and discussed of the young man who was playing the flute…

Moya was busy in the kitchen when she heard the melodious tune….she followed this tune and sang. Singing is another one of her hobbies besides exercising!

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Modern Cinderella Chapter 13

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