Modern Cinderella Chapter 3

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Troubling Arising From Many Causes [3]

"s.h.i.+ Lin!” You Mei angrily pouted.

"Let's go." Moya picked up her backpack. What a strange school, how could they give permission for blind people to drive cars? "Since we can't find a car going in our direction, let's continue walking."

"Ah~!" You Mei almost collapsed. After that fright, she has lost any ability to walk. "But I really can't walk anymore."

"Look over there!" s.h.i.+ Lin's eyes revealed excitement, "It's Hao Jun You's car ah!" Now it was s.h.i.+ Lin's turn to hop and jump!

"Yeah! Why don't we ask him to give us a ride!" You Mei also stood up from the ground.

"Jun You~!" s.h.i.+ Lin ran to the middle of the road where Moya was just standing.

Slowly, the black BMW stops in front of them…

Moya and You Mei and their bags were sitting in the car's back, while s.h.i.+ Lin sits in the front…

"You came just in time Jun You!" s.h.i.+ Lin turns the AC in the car lower.

"While I was picking up the car, I saw you guys." Jun You while smiling, turned the AC higher, "You can get sick."

"I heard this time the school's Top 1 is you again." s.h.i.+ Lin looked at him admirably.

"….." Hao Jun You slightly smiled. He looks at the rear mirror. Over there he saw a face who was smiling purely. "Are you a new student?"

"Who me?" Moya pointed toward her nose.

"Dumb!" You Mei elbowed her. "Obviously, otherwise is he asking us ah!"

"Oh. I am the new student Moya," Moya confidently introduced herself.

"Moya..the name is strange." Hao Jun You's smile grew bigger and bigger.

"Nothing I can do, the ancestors were named after Mo. Plus my dad and my mom both wished that I was more interesting. So they chose this name." Moya leans forward, supporting herself with the front seat. "Did anyone tell you…"

"What?" Hao Jun You turned his face around.

"Don't talk while driving the car."

Hao Jun You's smile grew stiff…. "Yes. Thanks for the reminder and lesson." Next, he revealed a happier smile.

"Moya! What are you talking about ah?!" s.h.i.+ Lin also turned her head around to look at Moya.

"Hehe…" Moya reveals a mysterious smile, "I am just kidding!" Does she not have a talent for jesting? "Actually, what I really wanted to say was, Hao Jun You, you are very handsome! Only in your second year of high school and you have this gentle temperament! That's very awesome!" While speaking Moya reaches out her hand to meet Huan Jun You's thumb. That's who she is! If she has something to say she will say it.

"Qie~! If you aren't Moya, I would've thought you were flattering" s.h.i.+ Lin also smiled, using her hand to push Moya's head back.

"Moya since you've already complimented me to this extent, being your awesome senior I should invite to eat lunch right?"

"Gu Du*!" Moya's stomach lets out an alarm. Because she was trying to catch a car, she didn't even eat breakfast. "Of course, of course! Not only do I want to eat, I want to eat delicious food!"

"That's great, Senior Jun You have to treat us~!" You Mei finally figured out the situation and cheered too…

Moya looks out the window….looking at the white clouds floating in the blue sky…her smile was pure. Thank you, G.o.d. For letting me meet these cla.s.smates, no, friends.

T/N: “Gu Du” is the sound that a stomach makes when its hungry.

Modern Cinderella Chapter 3

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