Modern Cinderella Chapter 6

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Translator: lilcupcakez

Meeting the ‘Glacier’ Again [2]

The beautiful man had no intentions of responding to her. He wanted to stand up but because he had been sleeping for a while, his legs were temporarily paralyzed…

“Here, I’ll hold onto you.” Moya reached out to hold the arms of the beautiful man.

“Go away! How dare you disturb my sleep!” The beautiful man brushed Moya’s hands away.

“Boom!” A super atomic bomb exploded in Moya’s mind. “You said you were sleeping!”

The beautiful man turned his face away and leaned on the backrest, not paying attention to the crazy girl.

“Hey! I’m talking to you!” Moya yelled at him.

All the surrounding student sweated for Moya. That was actually the reason why no one went up to the car. No one dared to disturb Jin Ming Xian’s sleep.

In the meanwhile, Jin Ming Xian leaned against the backrest and slowly closed his eyes…

“Hey!” Moya decided to simply open the car door and sat down. “I am talking to you, do you hear me?”

“Leave!” Jin Ming Xian didn’t even look at her.

“You think I enjoy being in here? Look at you. If your eyes aren’t working then you shouldn’t be driving a car ah!”

Jin Ming Xian’s expression looked worse and worse as the time pa.s.sed. Who?! How dare this crazy girl say that his eyes aren’t working!

“Hear me out first!” Moya automatically deleted his unfriendly expression and tone. “Think about it, even if you don’t care about other people, think about it for your own sake. Even if you don’t care about your own body, you should think about the feelings of those who love you~.”

“Shut up!” Jin Ming Xian was angry now! This crazy girl knew nothing at all! This crazy girl is spouting nonsense! He quickly stood up, wanting to get away from Moya. “Pang!” His head slammed against the top of the car yet he resisted the urge to reveal a pained expression.

“What happens? You know you’re wrong now?” Moya looked up and stared at Jin Ming Xian. “Even if you know you’re wrong, you shouldn’t your head against the car,” Moya revealed a naive expression. “The head is yours but the car is innocent ah. When you were sleeping while driving, you had already hurt the car. Now id it going to be a ‘personal attack’?”

Jin Ming Xian clenched his fist. What can he do to let this crazy girl disappear from his eyes?

Moya held onto the urge to laugh~. He’s quite interesting when he’s angry.

Hao Jun You and the other also noticed the smoke and they all rushed over from the restaurant…

But the scene in front of their eyes seemed to be a bit strange…

The crowd who were trying to raise their necks higher to see more clearly. They want to see the bronze statue of the headmaster who had lost his arm and the car which had white smoke coming out of it. The most surprising view were the two people in the car.

One of them has a beautiful face but seemed to be from the North Pole (Because of Moya it went down a couple degrees).

The other had a flushed body which was shaking (The urge to smile but not able to).

What was even more amazing was that during this situation everyone was very quiet…

Hao Jun You didn’t have time to look at the strange scene. He walked towards the car…

“Moya?” Hao Jun You attempted to open the door. However, the door was stuck.

“It’s Senior Jun You. You can come in. There’s no problem ah.” Aish~ Moya. The girl who can never figure out the situation.

“I also want to come in ah” Hao Jun You tried again with more strength. “The door is stuck!”

“What?!” Moya widened her eyes.

“You idiot! Just how much effort did you use to close the door?!!” Jin Ming Xian finally jumped from the North Pole to the volcano.

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Modern Cinderella Chapter 6

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