The Daily Life Of The Immortal King 1108 Unsolved Mystery Of The Residence Of Reincarnation

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As Dark Ancestor, Xie Sanxiao was the most shocking figure in the world back then. That these criminal relics could be displayed alongside the skull of the legendary Dark Ancestor meant that they weren't ordinary people. Along the way, Nightmare saw a lot of international criminals with extremely high Heavenly Dao bounties who were wanted by Huaxiu Alliance – these people had yet to be caught before Nightmare's death; he had never expected them to one by one become exhibits here over the last few centuries.

For example, when Nightmare entered the door, he saw that damaged dark gold armor. It hadn't been completely wiped clean of blood, which had long dried up and clung firmly to the armor.

If Nightmare wasn't mistaken, the owner of this dark gold armor was a Western cultivator called Mordekaiser, who was known as "Golden Tank." In those days, this dark gold armor was a symbol of Kaiser's ident.i.ty! However, what was truly solid wasn't his armor, but his body.

Nightmare couldn't imagine that Mordekaiser, who was called "Golden Tank," and who had the Sage Body that was called the strongest body, was also no more.

From the marks on the armor, it seemed that someone had pierced Kaiser's abdomen with a fist – but who on earth was it?

It was very hard to imagine that there was actually a man in this world who could actually destroy Golden Tank's body…

After walking for a while, Nightmare found the remnants of yet a second acquaintance.

It was a broken jade bead…

If Nightmare's guess was right, this should be the inner core of Kui Wolf Goblin King, a sixth-level demon king who had fled to the human world through the Gate Between Worlds and committed crimes all over the place.

Nightmare didn't expect even Kui Wolf to be caught.

Kui Wolf knew how to transform into a human being, and had lived successfully in the human world for some time back then. He even starred in several movies about the wolf race, and became a famous idol celebrity for a while, even winning several Golden Wolf Awards. Logically speaking, as long as Kui Wolf continued to disguise himself, no one should be able to guess his true ident.i.ty… So how was even Kui Wolf discovered?

Nightmare was puzzled.

Gazing at the numerous relics on display, most of which belonged to acquaintances, he suddenly felt that the world was too hypocritical.

It was so hard to be a villain nowadays! It was too hard for him!

But Nightmare pondered carefully. He had ascended to the top as number one of the Dark Network, but he actually hadn't done many wicked things. When Mordekaiser and Kui Wolf had been in the Dark Network's rankings back then, Nightmare hadn't even made it onto the list.

Then how had he climbed to the top?

Nightmare remembered that it was Kui Wolf who seemed to have looked for him first. At that time, they were nothing more than drinking buddies, and weren't close. Kui Wolf approached him, saying that someone was willing to pay a lot of money for Nightmare to use his Nightmare Art to send someone to a mental hospital. Nightmare remembered that he hadn't agreed at first because he didn't want to do anything illegal.

After some investigation later, he found out that the person Kui Wolf had asked him to deal with was in fact a serial murderer who had been on the run for many years… Thinking of that bountiful reward, Nightmare ultimately accepted the job.

But once he started, they kept coming…

That client spread the news, and more and more people started looking for Nightmare through Kui Wolf.

And Nightmare sent more and more people to the mental hospital…

After a long period of time, Nightmare discovered one day that he had become a wanted criminal, and was at the top of the Dark Network's list.

He remembered having recurring nightmares after becoming number one. While he was fleeing Huaxiu Alliance's pursuit, he ultimately died at the hands of an old Taoist.

And after he died…

That murderer, who had been the first person he had sent to the mental hospital back then, had achieved success in his cultivation in prison. Not only did this baldie, nicknamed Ultimate King of Killers, escape from prison, he also climbed to the top to become the number one of the Dark Network…

Nightmare later learned that Kaiser hadn't died back then.

There were records of Ultimate King of Killers, who was the strongest in combat ability, exchanging blows with Kaiser.

Looking at the records, this match ended in a draw.

Then, who was it who had punched Kaiser in the stomach?

It was such a big and deep opening – almost piercing him all the way through! How terrifying the other side's strength had to be!

This was one of the unsolved mysteries in the Residence of Reincarnation that Nightmare wanted to investigate this time: Who on earth was it who had punched Kaiser…

Finally, in the innermost part of the Residence of Reincarnation, in a completely sealed gla.s.s cabinet.

Nightmare finally saw the symbol of boundless evil that was Dark Ancestor's skull.

Even though the only thing left behind after Dark Ancestor was burnt was half his skull, Nightmare could sense its mystical strength and indescribable power from where it lay on the display stand before him, and he couldn't help but feel the desire to kneel down in wors.h.i.+p.

He had been astonished by how Dark Ancestor had died, and even more astonished at Dark Ancestor's mad idea to absorb the main vein.

There were over a thousand Heavenly veins in the world, and one main vein.

Absorbing the main vein meant absorbing the tremendous energy of these other thousand underground spirit veins!

Dark Ancestor had clearly underestimated this energy back then.

This was the spirit power of an entire planet! If his body was unable to bear it after he absorbed all of it into his body, it was inevitable that he would suffer a backlash.

"Dark Ancestor, this junior will be offending you." With reverence in his heart, Nightmare reached out his hand to soundlessly infiltrate the gla.s.s cabinet and directly take the skull away.

He was already dead.

This life was given to him by that White Hair.

For Nightmare, there was already no turning back.

How the world developed in the future would have nothing to do with him.

Even if it was destroyed.

... November 8th, the day after Nightmare's soundless infiltration.

It was only then that the staff member in charge of taking inventory of the display items noticed that Dark Ancestor's skull had disappeared.

The whole of the Residence of Reincarnation was shocked by this incident, and Huaxiu Alliance hastily called for an emergency meeting.

"Have all internal staff been ruled out?" As usual, it was Wisdom Saint President Qi who presided during the meeting.

The disappearance of Dark Ancestor's skull was a big deal. He was the first criminal who was listed as wanted by the International Alliance of Cultivators back then. Even though he was dead, the power which his skull contained still couldn't be underestimated. If it was used for evil, the Residence of Reincarnation's reputation would be ruined.

"All of them have alibis which check out; we've also ruled out the possibility that magic was used. We also didn't detect any fluctuations of spirit power at the scene, and n.o.body used spells in that area in the last twenty-four hours," General Yi said.

"In other words, without the help of spells, the only people who can sneak in so easily without being detected are…" When he said this, President Qi cast a glance at dark-skinned Dark Saint Minister Ying next to him.


Dark Saint turned pale with fright.

Sh*t! You can't say I did it just because I'm black!

The Daily Life Of The Immortal King 1108 Unsolved Mystery Of The Residence Of Reincarnation

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