The Daily Life Of The Immortal King Chapter 24: Mascot Wang Ling

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Teacher Pan was on time as usual for the morning cla.s.s. When she appeared on the dais, the whole cla.s.s immediately quieted down.

"Then, I have three things to announce."

Sweeping her gaze over the cla.s.s, Teacher Pan cleared her throat. "First of all, it's about the

Shadow Stream attempt. As everyone knows, this time Shadow Stream suffered a crus.h.i.+ng defeat, and their leader immediately put up a reward of one hundred million yuan for a top-ranked killer to launch a terrorist attack on the school in revenge."

The students all held their breaths.

Teacher Pan smiled. "But there's no need for you to worry. According to reliable sources, this offer was dropped soon after it was announced."

"Why was that?" someone raised a hand to ask accordingly.

Teacher Pan threw up her hands. "Shadow Stream lost all the first-cla.s.s killers it sent, resulting in the death of three of the top twenty killers in the world. Who would dare come now?"


"Also, this time, the Huaxiu government was able to get hold of nine Shadow Stream corpses all at once, which will be useful in helping to determine where their base is located. Then, the second thing I want to announce is..." At this moment, Teacher Pan gave an innocent smile. "Since the internationally notorious killer Xu Ying perished on the sports field, the cultivation police have decided to cordon it off temporarily to collect evidence. During this period, the sports field will be closed off for one week. Physical education cla.s.s will therefore be replaced with the Dao Talismans cla.s.s which I teach. I believe all of you have no objections to that?"

Nearly all the students felt like they had been slapped in their faces... who the h.e.l.l would dare object?

Super Chen, the sports committee member, was the most furious of all of them. Casually replacing their physical education cla.s.s — wasn't this just completely ignoring him as a leader in the cla.s.s cadre?!

His role as the sports committee member was in name only...

As an old hand who had nurtured countless students, Teacher Pan could easily guess at their dissatisfaction just from their expressions. "I know some students are unhappy about this, but I still hope all of you will cherish your time in high school! Thanks to the school's perfect reaction to the incident this time, city authorities have decided to make an exception for our No. 60 High School, and have nominated us as a candidate to become a key city high school next year. In addition, Huaguo Water Curtain Group is also going to invest in our school. Estimates are that within this year, our school's spirit gathering array will be perfected, and related facilities upgraded to meet key city high school standards."

Upon saying this, Teacher Pan could no longer hold back her elation. "Let us give Student Lotus Sun a round of applause!"

Papapapapa ...

In that moment, the cla.s.s was filled with thunderous applause and non-stop cries of amazement.

"A key city high school! Our school actually stands a chance to be promoted to a key city high school?!"

"Even setting up a spirit gathering array?! My mom will no longer have to worry about me dozing off in cla.s.s ever again!"

Of course this was something to be celebrated! When they were choosing high schools, who didn't want to study in a key city high school? Unfortunately, failing to meet the cut-off scores, they had had no alternative but to enter an ordinary high school.

But now No. 60 High School had an opportunity to be promoted to a key city high school. Then school alumni from this batch could all be proud to say that they had graduated from a key high school! Not only that, once the school became a key high school, facilities, welfare benefits and the school environment would all be upgraded... everyone would then have the opportunity to experience for themselves what it was like to be really treated as a student of a key city high school!

Lotus Sun blushed at the sudden applause, looking a little shy. "This period of time has been hard on all of you, and I'm sorry to have caused you trouble! From now on, I continue to look forward to your guidance!"

What was it like to have a nouveau riche cla.s.smate?

In that moment, everyone present had the same feeling... in a word — cool!

If you are rich, you can be willful!

Looking at this scene, Teacher Pan nodded with satisfaction. A promotion to a key city high school also meant that the salary for this vanguard teacher of No. 60 High School would increase yet again.

"This week, there will be a student union exchange for key city high school candidates. Five students from the elite stream will be sent on a four-day study trip to No. 59 High School, which will arrange their meals and accommodation."

After saying this, Teacher Pan paused, before continuing. "Coincidentally, the school has given all the quota for the exchange to our Elite Cla.s.s One."

"Holy s.h.i.+t! Four days!"

"I heard No. 59 High School has quite a number of busty cuties!"

"How does Teacher Pan plan to allot these five spots?"

It must have been because of Lotus Sun that the school had given all the quota to Elite Cla.s.s One. Huaguo Water Curtain Group was subsidizing so much of the upgrades to No. 60 High School, how could they not hug this big thigh 1 properly?

Also, as the pretty maiden of No. 60 High School, who was rich, well-educated and good-looking, Lotus Sun would definitely take one of the five available spots.

There were four people left; who would they be?

While everyone was discussing this, the corner of Teacher Pan's mouth lifted slightly, a trace of craftiness in her smile.

"The students whose names I call will receive a notification letter. Go home tonight and prepare everything listed in the letter, and join the WeChat group by QR code. a.s.semble at the school gate tomorrow morning at eight o'clock!"

Everyone held their breaths, and waited for the results.

"Lotus Sun." Teacher Pan called out the first name.

This name wasn't a surprise to everyone, since they had already guessed it. This was No. 60 High School's chance to showcase itself through their leading school beauty. Sending Lotus Sun would definitely give other people a better impression of No. 60 High School's student union delegation.

"Super Chen."

After all, they were representing the school. In case there was a physical compet.i.tion, it made sense to everyone for Super Chen to be sent.

"The third person, Hero Guo."

Likewise, this name wasn't unexpected to the students. Disputes and disagreements would be inevitable during the student union exchange, and in these moments, a smooth talker would be necessary. Political science representative Hero Guo was the best man for the job.


"Feather Lin."

To do good work, one needs the best tool; know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated. As a top student in the cla.s.s and a veteran fujos.h.i.+ , there was no one better than Feather Lin for infiltrating and collecting intelligence from the student organizations of other schools.

Finally, there was one spot left.

Students whose names hadn't been called tightened their hands into fists, and prayed with expectant expressions.


Only w.a.n.g Ling seemed to already know who it was going to be.

Just as he had expected, Teacher Pan shouted out the last name. "w.a.n.g... Ling!"

"w.a.n.g Ling? What the h.e.l.l! His grades are right down the middle, and he doesn't have any obvious strong point!" someone objected.

Of course, the majority of them weren't satisfied with this result.

But Teacher Pan was Teacher Pan, one of the vanguard teachers who had been at No. 60 High School for ages, and with just a few words, she settled this dispute. "Student w.a.n.g Ling received an unprecedented SSS grade in the placement test!"

At the sound of that, the students all had no retort.

w.a.n.g Ling's result in the placement test indeed had startled the universe and moved the G.o.ds 2 , and was beyond compare.

If it was for such a reason, none of them present were qualified to object.

"Of course, the school believes that luck is a factor."

Teacher Pan smiled. "Therefore, Student w.a.n.g Ling will be our No. 60 High School's mascot."

Oh! — So that was it!

This explanation, in an instant, was cheerfully accepted by everyone.

w.a.n.g Ling: "..." Can't you guys think for yourselves a little more?!

To "hug a big thigh" in Chinese is to curry favor with someone more powerful or influential. This is a Chinese idiom to describe something that is truly exceptional or outstanding.

The Daily Life Of The Immortal King Chapter 24: Mascot Wang Ling

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