The Daily Life Of The Immortal King 613 This Won't Do! It Can't Go On Like This!

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Those familiar dead fish eyes made Loopy Toad's dog fur tremble all over. Furthermore, after it calmed down, Dog Two noticed that Jingke was lying beside Little Master Ling, and the both of them were staring at it in the same position with their heads propped up… Like an old father and his son.

Loopy Toad: "…"

At that moment, Loopy Toad in fact instantly already knew.

Little Master Ling had probably already known earlier on about it going to the demon world and had been thinking of ways to help it secretly. The golden light s.h.i.+eld absolutely hadn't been an effect of Lord Ma sending it over, but had been set up by its little master at the very beginning.

Sure enough, trying to hide this from Little Master Ling had really been a dumb choice.

"Do, you have, anything, you want to, explain?" Jingke asked as it looked at Dog Two with an expressionless face.

Loopy Toad swallowed its saliva. "When did you know…"

"From, the very, beginning," Jingke answered.

Loopy Toad: "Then…"

"That's right, we saw, everything, you did, just now," Jingke said. "Ling, likes, to lurk. It's not like, you don't, know that."

Loopy Toad: "…"

"???" w.a.n.g Ling felt that Jingke had definitely been led astray by Shen Wuyue!

Learning bad things like Shen Wuyue's undermining ways, unfortunately.

Although w.a.n.g Ling didn't say anything, that didn't mean that he wasn't going to punish Dog Two.

He decided to give it the cruelest punishment he could think of, for keeping its owner in the dark…

For the next month, w.a.n.g Ling wouldn't walk Dog Two; Dog Two could go walk itself!

When w.a.n.g Ling let Loopy Toad know this telepathically, it grit its teeth in agony.

This punishment was indeed very cruel.

It was too cruel!

It flew into w.a.n.g Ling's arms and cried its dog tears.


Loopy Toad looked at the time; it had just turned six in the morning.

It was July 21st on Friday in the thirteenth week of the semester.

It was time for Little Master Ling to get ready for school.

While on its trip to the demon world this time, Loopy Toad had actually expected that its little master might be very angry after it came back. But reality proved that w.a.n.g Ling was truly a very gentle person.

Loopy Toad couldn't help taking out its diary as it started to write down its experiences from its journey to the demon world last night. Back then, Loopy Toad had named this diary "Human Observation Diary" and wrote it with the initial intention of promoting peace between the demon world and the human world. Recorded in the diary were the numerous prejudices which Loopy Toad had held against humans while it had been a demon king, and how these "prejudices" had changed after living in the human world.

Loopy Toad wrote down a rough retelling of its experiences from last night from beginning to end.

Of course, there were two things it didn't put down. One had to do with the secret of Demon Saint's inheritance, and the other was the truth about how Second Generation Demon Saint had a.s.sumed the position… These two things were cla.s.sified. Shen Wuyue that old man couldn't control his mouth, but Loopy Toad felt that it was quite tight-lipped itself. Some things could be said, and some things not.

If the diary got out later and other people saw it, there would be no saving Second Generation Demon Saint's face.

Ah! So tired!

Writing with a dog paw ultimately wasn't very convenient, and it made Dog Two's paw ache.

But there was an improvement in every character written down in the diary. From illegible chicken scratch at the beginning to this now beautiful slender gold style, Dog Two actually felt very accomplished!

It had done it!

Take a photo! Share with Little Silver!

Loopy Toad actually also really wanted to show it to Wei Zhi. After all, Wei Zhi was one of the few friends it had in the human world. However, given the restricted contents of the diary, Dog Two thought it wouldn't be very good for Wei Zhi to see it; what if it scared Wei Zhi?

An image was sent to Little Silver not long after that.

About two minutes later, Dog Two's chat window shook.

Little Silver: "d.a.m.n! You went to the demon world! But you hid it from Master! And Master didn't blame you???"

Loopy Toad shrugged its shoulders and replied a little smugly, "Perhaps this is the power of the 'first wife'."

Little Silver: "…"

Loopy Toad: "You are our Ling Ling's second contract beast. Actually, I've always said to Little Master Ling that he has to be fair in his treatment, but unfortunately he likes to pamper me alone… what can I do? I also feel very helpless! Maybe it's because I'm cuter… I don't eat so much and I'm pleasing to the eye, and at night, I'm an environmentally friendly fluorescent night light that's easy on the eyes. I'm small in size and easy to take around, and I'm essential for the home or travel. Look at you, you're so big in your beast form, you're not cost-effective at all!"


Little Silver felt attacked.

Consumed by envy at Loopy Toad's words, he directly punched a hole in the sofa.

This wouldn't do! He couldn't go on like this!

"Grenade-Throwing, Grenade-Throwing!!" Little Silver couldn't help yelling.

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal was really very busy. He hadn't been idle these two days, and had been investigating President Bai who was still on the run. Furthermore, another mysterious person had uploaded a scoop on the cultivation forum not long ago claiming that there was internal chaos in the foreign power which President Bai was a.s.sociated with, Night Chief.

A president named Edmark had been killed in a long-range attack and had died on the spot… the cause of his death was an unknown spherical magic weapon.

And Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had specially looked up information on this Edmark.

He was the first leader brought in when the organization Night Chief had first been set up, and he was the head of the current six generals of Night Chief! Although Night Chief's hierarchy didn't have a deputy leader position, Edmark's overall strength and seniority was already at this level. It could be said that under Night Ghost Spirit Emperor as the captain of this organization, this President Edmark was second only to him and was an outstanding existence.

But now, Edmark, the head of the six generals, had inexplicably died, which was extremely baffling… Who had done it? Was there someone else watching this foreign force? Were they friend or foe?

No one knew anything…

Grenade-Throwing was thinking this when Little Silver started shouting.

"Brother Silver, what's wrong?"

After getting up and going over to Little Silver, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal saw the big hole in the broccoli sofa and immediately took a deep breath. "Brother Silver… the cost of this broccoli sofa will be deducted from your living expenses next month, which is a total of five hundred thousand."

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had decided to help Little Silver completely rectify his "bad habit" of breaking things when he got excited.

Hearing how much the sofa cost, Little Silver immediately neighed. "This sofa is so ugly, how can it be so expensive?"

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal's lips twitched. "Have you heard of Raising A Kun?"

Little Silver bit his finger. "An online game?"

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal: "While playing this game, there was a person who made a mistake and kept a corpse of a kun until it decayed. But even though it smelled bad, it tasted good."

Little Silver: "…"

Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal smiled. "The principle applies to this sofa as well: it looks ugly, but it's expensive."

Little Silver: "…"The "slender gold" style of calligraphy invented by Emperor Huizong refers to how his writing resembled twisted and curved gold filament.

The Daily Life Of The Immortal King 613 This Won't Do! It Can't Go On Like This!

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