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President Bai and Elder Ji Xing who was accompanying him left the Lady's office after obtaining the files they wanted.

Hands crossed behind his head, the Lord of the Castle's gaze was a little profound as he stared in front of him. He still felt that President Bai's decision to act against No. 60 High School was a real pity.

The Lady would never be able to forget this heavy expression. Even when Mo Immortal Castle had been on the verge of collapsing several times, she had never seen the Lord reveal such a constipated expression like the one today. She was actually well aware that the reason why the Lord had offered President Bai advice was because the latter was currently Mo Immortal Castle's important client and source of revenue…

If this client died, they had no choice but to look for another one.

"My Lord, what do you think President Bai's chances of victory are?" The Lady couldn't help asking as she looked at him.

"Ten percent… or even lower."

"That bad…"

The Lady was stunned.

In her eyes, President Bai's strength was already heaven-defying, while this overseas returnee Elder Ji Xing clearly had a greater aura than Mr. Lu; this was a super expert through and through. For such an expert, killing Foundation Establishment cultivators would simply be as easy as killing chicken, yet the Lord actually didn't think he had the slightest chance of succeeding in the face of this Foundation Establishment high school.

How little faith did he have in President Bai and his man, to make such an a.s.sertion…

"There are times when man has to believe in fate." The Lord was very clear on this and his face was composed. "I didn't use to believe it, either. But have you realized, as long as the information we have is related to No. 60 High, nothing good happens?"

The Lady was blank. "…" Thinking about it very carefully, she realized it was true!

The Lord sighed. "By sending Elder Ji Xing there, President Bai will lose his right hand man, and likely won't be able to support himself for too long after that. Given our current capital, we will only be able to last half a year at most, which is far from enough… We need to find our next client as soon as possible."


The Lady never expected the Lord to have already thought about the future.

The Lord sighed. "Go look through our past client profiles and see if you can find someone who currently still works closely with us. Sell them some information on Elder Ji Xing."

The Lady: "My Lord, you mean…"

The Lord: "I mean, go and see if we have clients in the crematorium or coffin-making business. Sell them information on Elder Ji Xing so that they can prepare beforehand; I have a strong feeling that Elder Ji Xing is going to his death."

"But my Lord, the Demon Hunters a.s.sociation is now still our important partner and client. We signed a confidentiality agreement."

"That's only valid when they're alive; it never said anything about after their deaths."



This Sunday was a little lively.

w.a.n.g Ling was at home scrolling through the cla.s.s group, which hadn't been idle for a single moment.

According to the outstanding gossip detective Dopey Guo, Mother Juan was holding a food tasting event at four in the afternoon and had invited parents who were free to come and try her new dishes. The most frightening thing was that a lot of them had actually agreed!

The parents didn't know how scary she was, but as someone who had experienced it, no one was clearer than Dopey Guo about how frightening this kitchen lady was.

"I was knocked over by Mother Juan's fan bing bing the last time – who knows what kind of dish she's come up with this time." Fear still lingered in his heart as Dopey Guo typed the message in the group.

Super Chen laughed heartily in front of his screen and couldn't help replying, "Guys, do you still remember the Shadow Stream who invaded our school last time?"

Everybody: "???"

Super Chen: "One of them snuck into the school canteen, and Mother Juan killed him with one swing from a ladle. I've always thought that this is probably a better way to die; slowly eating her food would be so torturous you would wish you were already dead."

Everyone: "…"

w.a.n.g Ling: "…"


Know yourself, know your enemy, and you will be ever victorious. Elder Ji Xing initially didn't think much of this small Foundation Establishment high school, but when he thought of the Lord of Mo Immortal Castle's repeated advice, he decided to scout No. 60 High out first.

He had specially disguised himself before going out. Given his effeminate appearance, it was very easy for him to disguise himself as a woman. People usually dropped their guards significantly when dealing with women, which made infiltration much easier.

Thus, Elder Ji Xing went out in a long blonde wig, a long black dress and a pair of red high heels. The wig was a camouflage magic artifact and very expensive. Not only could it change color, its length could also be adjusted at will.

The most crucial thing was that this wig was completely attached to every inch of his scalp so it absolutely wouldn't fall off so easily and cause embarra.s.sment!

Elder Ji Xing arrived at No. 60 High, full of curiosity.

Qingyun Road, Peiyuan District.

This was where No. 60 High was located.

Lifting his head to look at the sky, he noticed that there was a very thick barrier over the school.

"The school is so shabby, but the barrier outside is so thick!"

Elder Ji Xing couldn't help muttering to himself.

He didn't know that after experiencing several attacks in succession, the school had actually taken very effective defense measures… Actually, No. 60 High didn't even have a decent barrier two months ago!

Elder Ji Xing had initially planned to sneak in, but it looked like he would have to break through the main gate.

In the end, when he reached No. 60 High's main gate, he was greatly disappointed by the scene in front of him.

This school was a little small!

Not only was it small, its basic facilities seemed to be lacking overall. Even at this distance from the entrance, he could feel a heavy sense of tumultuous history from the school. The worn-out stone sculpture at the gate made him utterly unwilling to get any closer: the metal ball it held was stained and rusty and the stone was covered all over in moss; there were even small mushrooms growing on the sides! How many germs were on this thing?

Elder Ji Xing couldn't help trembling just looking at it! After all, he had mysophobia!

He decided that when he officially attacked this school tomorrow, the first thing he would do was blow up this rotten stone sculpture; he felt that every inch of this cramped school had to be tidied up.

"Parent, may I ask, which teacher are you looking for? Did you make an appointment?" School guard Old Li had noticed this blonde-haired young lady from inside the security booth.

Elder Ji Xing smiled slightly and switched to a sweet and pleasant female voice. "It's like this, mister…"

Just as he was about to make up a fake reason to enter No. 60 High and take a look, he didn't expect this school guard to directly say, "Are you here for Mother Juan's food tasting event?"

Food tasting event…

Elder Ji Xing was blank.

Before he could regain his senses, he saw Old Li directly buzz him in. "Parent, please come in. The canteen is on the right."

Elder Ji Xing: "…"From chapter 215.

The Daily Life Of The Immortal King 654 Mother Juan's Food Tasting Even

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