The Daily Life Of The Immortal King 659 Elites From Sun Island

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It was still July 23rd, the thirteenth Sunday of the semester.

It was also the night before the Demon Hunters a.s.sociation officially carried out their revenge on No. 60 High School. After Elder Ji Xing cased the school, he returned to the secret base which the Demon Hunters a.s.sociation had temporarily set up, the takeaway box in his hands. It was located in the mountain forest to the north of Songhai's city center and had been reserved by the organization's contact under the pretense of a company picnic.

After confirming that all the teachers and students would be at school during the first period tomorrow morning, President Bai would drop the Wuji Umbrella's barrier over the entire school. The moment No. 60 High School disappeared off the map would be show time.

Elder Ji Xing paused for a moment at the entrance to the mountain forest, the takeaway box in his hands. He could already sense the auras of the ninja masters whom he had invited over from Sun Island for tnow.

As for the plan to get revenge on No. 60 High this time, President Bai's order was to level the school.

But this was far from enough; if the teachers and students died just like that, that was too merciful a revenge. That wasn't how the Demon Hunters a.s.sociation did things.

Thus, for the revenge plan this time, Elder Ji Xing had specially invited his fellow cla.s.smates whom he had studied ninjutsu with on Sun Island. Every single one of them was a rare genius who cultivated both ninjutsu and magic.

Collaborating with his fellow cla.s.smates for the revenge plan this time, Elder Ji Xing wanted the teachers and students of No. 60 High to not only feel the despair of death, but also the terror of being powerless to struggle just before they died!

He decided to use the most ruthless and inhumane methods to launch a comprehensive revenge attack on No. 60 High's teachers and students, both physically and mentally. He even wondered if he should deliberately leave a few of them alive.

After seeing their cla.s.smates and teachers die one by one in front of their eyes, the mental pressure for the survivors would definitely be crus.h.i.+ng! After all, there were times when it was more painful to live than to die…

Thinking this, Elder Ji Xing couldn't help curling his lip slightly as all kinds of evil plans filled his head.

As soon as No. 60 High's first period started tomorrow morning, that would be the time for them to do whatever they wanted!

The temporary base HQ in the mountain forest was a rectangular military tent which was roomy enough inside.

Elder Ji Xing followed the mountain forest trail, the takeaway box in his hands; in the distance was the brightly lit tent.

Just as he was about to approach the tent, he turned sideways, and one of his hands shot out to clamp between his fingertips a transparent and poisonous needle that flew at him in the dark.

He didn't even bother to look and simply said calmly, "Come out, Brother Nanco."

There were sounds from the thicket behind him, and a kid wearing a ghillie suit popped out.

This was a slightly crafty-looking shota who was ten years old or so and who had a suspicious expression on his face.

"As expected of Sonico; when did you notice me?" Nanco asked with a furrowed brow.

"I sensed you before I entered the forest. You're getting better at concealing your aura; outsiders definitely wouldn't be able to sense you, but I can," answered Elder Ji Xing.

Although this shota looked like he was ten years old and even sounded like a kid, he was in fact already incredibly skilled. This wasn't a deliberate disguise nor was it a magical transformation. Rather, this was caused by him accidentally eating an extremely poisonous fruit when he was young, which caused his body to atrophy as well as prevent him from growing up, just like a living Mount Heaven Young-Old Woman.

Although he looked like a kid, this Nanco's overall performance had been ranked among the best in cla.s.s when they were studying on Sun Island. His most commonly-used technique was that transparent and poisonous needle from earlier, called the "smile or move, you die needle."

Anyone hit by this needle would start laughing wildly before falling down as if drunk. Furthermore, this needle was extremely poisonous and could affect even Itinerant Immortals.

"Brother Nanco, I'm very glad to see you."

Gazing at this shota, Elder Ji Xing lifted an eyebrow. "Didn't Brother Mori come with you?"

The Brother Mori he was talking about was actually this shota's partner. The two of them would often sneakily disguise themselves as a father and son pair for all types of infiltration work, and were practically inseparable.

In the past few years of working together on Sun Island, Brother Mori had already been successfully branded as a famous detective who was active all over Sun Island. After their targets, this "father and son combo" would usually s.h.i.+ft the blame to an innocent person using their skills of deduction – this could be said to be a truly flawless scheme.

No one would believe Brother Mori's true ident.i.ty as a terrifying and ruthless member of the Demon Hunters a.s.sociation who also cultivated ninjutsu.

"Mori can't come since he has something to deal with," Nanco replied as he walked off in the direction of the tent. "You probably know he has family on Sun Island, right?"

"Of course I know." Elder Ji Xing nodded.

In order to better hide his ident.i.ty, this Mr Mori had already married and settled down on Sun Island under the guise of a local resident, and had even opened a business office. This already wasn't a secret in the Demon Hunters a.s.sociation; the members who were sent to Sun Island for further study were all well aware of it.

"Brother Mori's daughter is going to take the college entrance exam, so I'll be partic.i.p.ating in the operation this time," Nanco replied.

"His daughter is going to take the college entrance exam…" Elder Ji Xing was blank at this answer. "Is Brother Mori really that knowledgeable?"

The truth was that the reason why Mori had been able to become famous as a detective was all thanks to Nanco; as a living "Mount Heaven Young-Old Woman," Nanco had a very high IQ!

"Of course he doesn't know anything. But he can help his daughter eliminate the wrong answers," Nanco said.

Elder Ji Xing: "…"


When he entered the military tent, Elder Ji Xing saw that all the cultivators from the Demon Hunters a.s.sociation who had gone to Sun Island for further study at that time were almost in position.

"Lord Sonico!"

"Lord Sonico, h.e.l.lo!"

Plenty of people greeted Elder Ji Xing when he entered the tent.

He glanced at the table and saw more than ten bottles of watermelon juice. This actually wasn't strange, since this mountain forest had orchards to begin with.

On his way back from No. 60 High School, his throat had been feeling uncomfortable, so the moment Elder Ji Xing saw the watermelon juice, his eyes instantly lit up.

"Who prepared the juice? How considerate!" he praised, and then took a small sip.

He didn't like drinking juice, but because his throat hurt for some reason, he felt that he needed something to moisten it.A character in the novel "Demi-G.o.ds and Semi-Devils" who masters a skill that causes her body to stop aging.

The Daily Life Of The Immortal King 659 Elites From Sun Island

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