The Daily Life Of The Immortal King 751 To Bring The Thunder

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w.a.n.g Ling knew that w.a.n.g Ming was still alive.

Although, when he activated the Mind-Reading Ability, all he heard were the pitying voices of the lead teachers for this summer camp lamenting w.a.n.g Ming's death.

The paper crane "life talisman" which w.a.n.g Ling had folded for w.a.n.g Ming was still here, and could act as life support.

But since it hadn't been activated up to now, this was enough to prove that w.a.n.g Ming hadn't died, so w.a.n.g Ling immediately a.s.sumed that the former was probably in the Dead Sea of s.p.a.ce…

However, in most people's minds, w.a.n.g Ming was already dead.

Even Wu Zhenjun was already making funeral arrangements.

For example: w.a.n.g Ming's portrait.

To protect his ident.i.ty, w.a.n.g Ming had never taken an ID photo in military uniform. The only photo which the government currently had on file was the image used for his official fake ID "w.a.n.g Xiaoer."

In the ID photo, w.a.n.g Ming wore a dark black short-sleeved s.h.i.+rt and a foolish smile.

"Is this the only photo we have?" Wu Zhenjun stared at w.a.n.g Ming's photo and couldn't stop sighing.

"Yes." A lead teacher accompanying him also sighed. "Also, the higher-ups want us to prepare everything that we have on this matter."

"Mm, got it. I'm already writing down what happened, and reviewing the events as well." Wu Zhenjun gave a nod.

Next, they could only wait for instructions from the higher-ups.

Wu Zhenjun was guessing that following w.a.n.g Ming's death, the higher-ups would certainly make his ident.i.ty known. Although he was just an ordinary person, as the most powerful brain hiding behind Huaxiu nation all these years, he had made indelible contributions to the country over the last twenty years or so with all sorts of technological breakthroughs in cultivation magic treasures.

During his life, his ident.i.ty had to be kept a secret.

After his death, his ident.i.ty and achievements definitely had to be proclaimed to the world.

Perhaps the science textbooks next year would contain his photo.

Though, the only official photo they had of him was this ID photo…

"Teacher w.a.n.g is so unfortunate, I can't believe there's only one photo of him. If I had known earlier, I should've taken one with him." The lead teacher couldn't stop sighing.

"Then what is the opinion of the higher-ups?"

"They initially thought that we would take some photos of him on this trip, but we realized in the end that there weren't any. The main problem is that his smile in this ID photo is just too foolish and not serious at all. But we don't have any other choice now… There are no photos of Teacher w.a.n.g in military uniform, so the leader has said to photoshop his head onto a military uniform and use that as his portrait."

Wu Zhenjun: "…"

w.a.n.g Ling: "…"


On the other side at the Huaxiu Alliance command center, the entire department had instantly entered "liver-destroying" overtime mode after w.a.n.g Ming's disappearance.

The command center had dispatched technicians to provide extra one-on-one support for the lead teachers who were searching for w.a.n.g Ming in the real remains. Apart from providing relevant long-distance technical support, they also helped these teachers to communicate with a team of experts outside the remains.

The main role of these experts was to provide long-distance support for the lead teachers who were headed west in their search for w.a.n.g Ming.

This was mainly because the western region of the remains weren't fully explored yet, and the only thing Huaxiu nation had at present was data which this Huaxiu Alliance team of experts had yet to make public.

The lead teachers had limited experience, so if they encountered some poisonous spirit plant which they didn't recognize, they would basically be able to avoid them as long as they had these experts providing long-distance support.

Huaxiu Alliance already knew the eastern half of the map of the real remains inside out, and it was practically impossible for any accidents to happen here.

But the western part was still completely unknown to them.

Even if w.a.n.g Ming was still alive, if the s.p.a.ce spat him out in the western half, it was still very dangerous.

So President Qi had immediately given the order for Wu Zhenjun to dispatch some reliable teachers to look for w.a.n.g Ming in the west.

Apart from w.a.n.g Ling, President Qi all along believed that w.a.n.g Ming was still alive.

When he had learned of the catastrophe that had befallen w.a.n.g Ming, President Qi had clasped his hands behind his back and fixed his eyes forward as he gazed in one direction for a very long time.

From beginning to end, General Yi and the other Ten Generals who were present took in this scene.

General Yi never thought that President Qi, who normally doted on and protected his disciple, would be so composed after learning of w.a.n.g Ming's misfortune. But the truth was that his intuition was telling him that all this was just on the surface…

After ten minutes or so, President Qi finally moved.

He turned around and looked at General Yi. "Old Yi, help me take care of things here."

"Sure thing." General Yi directly agreed.

He didn't say anything unnecessary.

The moment President Qi turned around, General Yi plus the other Ten Generals who were present knew what he was going to do.

In everyone's eyes, Old Qi was an upright and honest person who always did things by the book.

Of course, this didn't mean that Old Qi didn't have a bottom line…

It was already over four thousand years since Huaxiu nation was established, and as one of the Ten Generals, Old Qi's cultivation was naturally unfathomable. But in the several thousand years before he met w.a.n.g Ming, this Wisdom Saint had never taken in a disciple. Every one of the Ten Generals present remembered the look of pleasant delight on Old Qi's face when he had discovered w.a.n.g Ming back then, as if he had become a dad.

Furthermore, they had all been utterly stunned by his choice in the beginning.

They were unable to understand why Old Qi would choose an ordinary person to be his disciple.

In the end, reality proved that Old Qi had made the right decision.

w.a.n.g Ming's appearance indeed provided major breakthroughs one after another in knotty problems with magic treasure technology.

Old Qi limited w.a.n.g Ming's movements and concealed his true ident.i.ty, protecting this disciple of his like his own kid.

Now, something had happened to w.a.n.g Ming.

Everyone's hearts were actually as clear as a mirror.

"Old Qi."

When Old Qi walked toward the door of the Huaxiu Alliance command center, Marshal Jiang stopped him with a yell.

Old Qi paused and turned his face slightly. "What?"

"What has happened, happened; you should know that you can't change anything," Marshal Jiang warned him.


President Qi knew that.

After a moment of silence, he said, "But someone hurt my disciple, and I must address this myself. Night Chief is indeed formidable, but I can still give them a warning."

"Once the head of state finds out, he'll definitely be furious."

"My mind's already made up. If the head of state doles out punishment later, I'll shoulder the blame." President Qi stroked his beard. "All of you here have yet to take in a disciple that you can be proud of, right? You may not understand my decision today, but I believe you will in the future."


Marshal Jiang was instantly lost for words.

"And let me clarify one thing."

President Qi gazed at everyone in the command center. "w.a.n.g Ming is this old man's disciple! It is impossible for him to die so easily!"

The Daily Life Of The Immortal King 751 To Bring The Thunder

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