The Daily Life Of The Immortal King 755 Wang Ming's Counterattack

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For a while, w.a.n.g Ming and Ghost Head Blade were blank at the unexpected arrival of this sword spirit. Logically speaking, it was impossible for an ordinary person without spirit energy like w.a.n.g Ming to sp.a.w.n a sword spirit with his mundane body. But now that it had happened, even Ghost Head Blade was hard-pressed to explain why.

This was The Daily Life of the Immortal King, not A Sword Spirit's Cohabitation Diary!

Was this really because it was his birthday?

w.a.n.g Ming suddenly thought that there might be some weight to this explanation.

After all, w.a.n.g Ling had always given him his birthday gift in advance in past years.

For this summer camp, w.a.n.g Ming had deliberately made w.a.n.g Ling share a room with him actually as a hint for the latter to give him his birthday gift.

But after waiting for so long, w.a.n.g Ling hadn't given him anything.

Given the unusual situation, w.a.n.g Ming felt that w.a.n.g Ling had perhaps arranged for this sword spirit to automatically enter his Heavenly Materials sword on the day of his birthday.

Because he could clearly remember talking to w.a.n.g Ling some time ago about upgrading the Heavenly Materials sword. At that time, the summer camp had yet to start. If it was truly w.a.n.g Ling who had given him this sword spirit, he would certainly have had enough time to make such an arrangement.

At that thought, w.a.n.g Ming cupped his chin and carefully examined the long-haired young man in front of him.

Suddenly, he remembered how this dead fish-eyed sword spirit had introduced himself when it appeared. "Wait… you said your name is Kunshan?"

The young man nodded. "It was this humble servant's name in my last life. New sword master, Sir, can call me Heavenly Materials, since a sword spirit's name follow the sword's name."

"You actually remember your previous life?" w.a.n.g Ming was startled.

He glanced at the dark blue spirit sword in his hand and recalled that it seemed to have been called Kunshan… It couldn't be that coincidental, right?

"Of course I do," sighed the young man. "In my last life, because of my previous master, I unfortunately fell into the Dead Sea of s.p.a.ce. I was summoned anew by the Heavenly Dao to meet Sir as my new sword master, and I never thought it would also be on such a vast sea. It looks like this really is some profound fate! May I ask if Sir is on a trip?"


w.a.n.g Ming shook his head. "Look carefully, this is indeed the Dead Sea of s.p.a.ce."

The young man: "…"

Heavenly Materials seemed to have been struck a heavy blow and he didn't speak for a very long time. He just stared at the boundless Dead Sea of s.p.a.ce with some melancholy in his limpid eyes, as if his past life had only just been yesterday.

A sword spirit's memories didn't disappear. Destroying itself was the same as abandoning its original master, and as punishment from Heavenly Dao, it would undergo the Samsara Spirit Tribulation. It was only after experiencing the tribulation for over a hundred years that it could finally break away to be reborn.

But who would have thought, after all he had been through, he would find himself back here!

As expected… was this fate?

After a good long while, Heavenly Materials looked up and sighed. "Forget it, perhaps this is this humble servant's destiny."

"No need to be so pessimistic, it's not like we can't get out of here yet."

w.a.n.g Ming smiled as he chatted, but his hands didn't stop working.

Heavenly Materials was delighted. "Sword master, Sir, can we really escape? May I ask, does this humble servant need to do anything?"

As he was a.s.sembling the parts, w.a.n.g Ming looked up at Ghost Head Blade at the other end of the bamboo raft. "See that blade? Can you defeat him?"

Ghost Head Blade instantly gave out a sinister and fierce aura.

Heavenly Materials shrugged. "Seems that I can't."

w.a.n.g Ming: "Then, you just stay alive."

Heavenly Materials: "…"

But this made w.a.n.g Ming realize something interesting: those with dead fish eyes seemed to talk much less.

In the blink of an eye, half a day had pa.s.sed. Using magic treasure fragments from the sea, w.a.n.g Ming had already a.s.sembled more and more parts, all of which he put away in his storage ring.

"Cut this thing for me."

w.a.n.g Ming handed Heavenly Materials an electric rice cooker magic treasure which he had reeled in.

There was a worn talisman seal stuck on its surface, and w.a.n.g Ming was guessing that this was some kind of sealing magic artifact.

With Heavenly Materials around, it was much faster to cut objects, and it also just so happened to help resolve w.a.n.g Ming's urgent situation – Heavenly Materials's appearance was of some use, after all.

Although Ghost Head Blade didn't speak, he had been observing on the side the whole time. Whenever he asked w.a.n.g Ming about his progress, the other party would always say "soon."

He was waiting for the moment when w.a.n.g Ming was done a.s.sembling the thing to make a move.

Although the electric rice cooker w.a.n.g Ming had reeled in earlier was extremely dilapidated, it was the thing he needed the most. After transforming it into a center which could be embedded with a spirit power core, he would be able to use this center to ultimately operate this machine.

What he was inventing was more than just a spirit power amplification device!

It was an a.s.sembled magic treasure similar to Head of State 001 that was human in form and could be worn!

But even after inventing this machine, w.a.n.g Ming felt that he would only be able to use it once at the very most. This was because the numerous data parameters he had come up with on the blueprint was based on his mental calculations. It wasn't that w.a.n.g Ming wasn't confident in his mental calculations, but the best was to use scientific instruments to generate precise measurements in a.s.sembling a complicated machine like this. It was only after running the calculations several hundred times that you could achieve a better result.

The only thing that w.a.n.g Ming had to ensure right now was that his invention would last long enough to get him out of this crisis!

All the materials he had collected were resistant to the corrosive spatial spirit liquid and could withstand spatial storms, so there weren't any issues!

In any case, all they needed to do was get out of this Dead Sea of s.p.a.ce!


Time pa.s.sed.

It was at this moment that Ghost Head Blade finally noticed something wrong with the current situation.

He had seen the blueprint which w.a.n.g Ming had provided for the Spirit Power Amplification Cannon; w.a.n.g Ming was a.s.sembling a lot more components than there were on the blueprint! Although Ghost Head Blade didn't know what they were used for, he still knew how to count!

His maths teacher had pa.s.sed away long ago, and he himself wasn't very well-educated, but he could still do his numbers!

"Brat, what trick are you playing?" The pitch-black dagger floated in the air and emitted intimidating pressure.

While w.a.n.g Ming had been a.s.sembling everything together, Ghost Head Blade hadn't been idle. He had been regulating his breathing all this time. The spirit energy was quite thin here, but it wasn't as if there wasn't any, and after a long time, he had recovered quite a bit.


Just as Ghost Head Blade asked the question, w.a.n.g Ming put in the final component for the "spirit power center."

"Heavenly Materials! Cover me!"

At that moment, w.a.n.g Ming stood up and stuck his ring, which had spirit energy stored in it, into the spirit power center. In the next moment, the countless components that had been inside the ring flew out as if they were alive to wrap w.a.n.g Ming tightly from head to toe!

Heavenly Materials turned pale with fright. "Sword master, Sir… This is…"

He knew that w.a.n.g Ming was just an ordinary person, but while w.a.n.g Ming had been a.s.sembling everything together just now, Heavenly Materials had realized how unique w.a.n.g Ming was — it turned out his sword master wasn't ordinary at all, and was a real genius!

"d.a.m.n, you lied to me! You weren't making the Amplification Cannon at all!" Ghost Head Blade finally realized he had been tricked. Flying into a rage, he was about to attack w.a.n.g Ming.

"No, I made it." w.a.n.g Ming smiled and shook his head.

He had indeed made the Spirit Power Amplification Cannon, but as part of both his mecha armor's arms.

"How can this be possible?! You're just an ordinary person! How can you beat a cultivator?" Ghost Head Blade snarled.

"I'm already no longer w.a.n.g Ming."

w.a.n.g Ming stared at Ghost Head Blade, his expression suddenly cold. "I'm Niuhulu w.a.n.g Ming!"

This was it.

At that moment, w.a.n.g Ming raised his right arm.

An auto target lock had already appeared in front of his eye.

Everything was done in one fluid motion!

This mecha armor had a mechanism for automatically identifying killing intent, and it almost instantly locked onto Ghost Head Blade!

In that moment, Ghost Head Blade was unexpectedly frozen with fright!

He was overwhelmed by a sense of danger!

Niuhulu, or Niohuru, was a prominent upper-cla.s.s clan in the Qing Dynasty.

The Daily Life Of The Immortal King 755 Wang Ming's Counterattack

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