The Daily Life Of The Immortal King 786 Science And Cultivation

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Once the dazzling light slowly faded, the outcome of this duel was finally revealed.

No one expected w.a.n.g Ming's mecha armor to actually be able to directly mobilize the Heavenly E-Satellite's pulse cannon. Because of the barrier, the pulse cannon couldn't reach them directly, so w.a.n.g Ming had deliberately broken the s.p.a.ce wall to allow the light wave from the pulse cannon to burst through the s.p.a.ce crack.

This pulse cannon directly scared the purple spirit Yin eel back into the summoning array, instantly destroying Wu Zhenjun's sound wave attack and causing the apocalyptic h.e.l.l inside the barrier to return to complete tranquility.

When the smoke from the battle dispersed, everyone saw that w.a.n.g Ming, stripped of his armor, and a s.h.i.+rtless Wu Zhenjun, had collapsed on the ground.

Wu Zhenjun wasn't injured, and had only been hit unconscious by the pulse cannon. The Daoist robe he was wearing had taken a huge portion of the blast damage and already could no longer be used, as the top half had been completely shredded and destroyed by the pulse wave.

"It's too bad, Wu Zhenjun's robe is torn! Teacher w.a.n.g's armor was also dissolved by that blast just now."

"Then who won this contest? A cultivator? Or science and technology?"

"It's a tie; don't you see, Teacher w.a.n.g fell…"

Instantly, discussion broke out among the students.

"Go and help!"

As the barrier vanished, a medical team already waiting on the side rushed over to the two men to examine their injuries.

Both men looked like they were wounded.

Actually, that wasn't true…

When w.a.n.g Ling saw w.a.n.g Ming being carried away, the corners of the latter's mouth were curled slightly.

This sly guy was pretending to be unconscious…


Twenty minutes later, a basically unscathed w.a.n.g Ming returned to the private lounge in the Rainbow Gla.s.s Box.

Zhai Yin was already waiting for him inside.

Seeing w.a.n.g Ming come in through the automatic doors, she was immediately so angry that she stomped her foot. "Are you nuts? Mobilizing the Heavenly E-Satellite for your personal use? Without the head of state's approval, you'll be jailed!"

w.a.n.g Ming smiled shamelessly. "Great. If I go to jail, I strongly suggest that I be sent to Songhai First Prison. I heard that the Mahjong Squad is still missing one person?"

Zhai Yin: "…"

Forget it. Looking at his thick-skinned face, Zhai Yin knew that w.a.n.g Ming probably had some backup plan.

This MO wasn't surprising, and was very much in keeping with the strongest brain's remarkable style…

"By the by, when I collapsed just now, were you nervous?" w.a.n.g Ming was asking about what happened after the duel was over.

Subsequently, Zhai Yin's expression was unruffled. "No."

"How can that be? When I disappeared, I heard that you cried for several days?"

Zhai Yin's face instantly darkened. "You… Who spread that rumor?!"

w.a.n.g Ming's face moved closer until he and Zhai Yin were a hair's breadth apart. "Was it… really a rumor?"

Zhai Yin turned her face away. "I would also be sad if the army dog in our combat brigade died!"

"Oh, I see."

w.a.n.g Ming shrugged. "So you weren't worried when I collapsed earlier?"


Zhai Yin's answer seemed pretty resolute.

w.a.n.g Ming sighed in disappointment. Sure enough… a tsundere was really difficult to deal with.

Especially this kind of diehard tsundere who wouldn't speak the truth at all!

"Fine, then I'm leaving." w.a.n.g Ming waved at Zhai Yin and turned around.

"Where are you going…" Zhai Yin was anxious.

"To eat! And to pay Teacher Wu a visit along the way. I'm not a cultivator… All that fierce work just now left me starving!"

Zhai Yin took two or three steps and pulled w.a.n.g Ming back. "You're not allowed to go!"


w.a.n.g Ming was startled. "What do you want…"

Zhai Yin lifted w.a.n.g Ming's chin. "What do you think?"

Then, she slowly closed her eyes and brought her lips closer.

w.a.n.g Ming was alarmed. "CPR now… isn't it too late for that…"

Zhai Yin: "…"


In the command center at Huaxiu Alliance, the Ten Founding Generals who had watched the battle were shocked.

General Yi stared at President Qi in disbelief. "Heavenly E-Satellite… Did you authorize it?"

The Heavenly E-Satellite's pulse cannon was a state weapon, and absolutely could not be used without the head of state's approval.

President Qi naturally knew what was at stake here, but he believed that w.a.n.g Ming wouldn't be that foolish.

"Hurry up and investigate!" President Qi shouted at the technical staff.

In just a few seconds, the results came out.

A technician stared at the screen, frowning deeply. "Reporting, President Qi. The results are out, and this pulse wave which appears to be from the Heavenly E-Satellite… wasn't fired by it. The Heavenly E-Satellite is still on standby."

"Not fired by the Heavenly E-Satellite? Then why did that guy shout Heavenly E-Satellite?" General Yi asked.

"Reporting, General Yi, we did check. After the Heavenly E-Satellite is used, it automatically enters power-charging mode, and it takes roughly half an hour to power up for a second blast. In a normal situation, the Heavenly E-Satellite will automatically enter sleep mode and shut down. But we just checked, and the satellite is in standby mode… This proves that the blast just now wasn't from the Heavenly E-Satellite."

"Oh, so if it wasn't the Heavenly E-Satellite that fired it, then was it a ghost?" General Yi stared at the technician.

The technician felt very wronged and smiled through his tears. "Maybe… it really was a ghost." Because the Heavenly E-Satellite really wasn't responding the way it usually did after it was fired! More than twenty people on the technical team had checked inside out, but found nothing wrong at all.

The female Medicine Saint Luo Qiuhuai of the Ten Generals shook her head. "I agree with Old Qi. While w.a.n.g Ming is normally a little naughty and playful, he isn't someone who would break the rules. Perhaps this pulse wave wasn't fired by the Heavenly E-Satellite at all."

Luo Qiuhuai's words directly drew President Qi's attention.

He thought of a possibility. "Check again and see if there have been any new satellites in Earth's...o...b..t in the last few days."

Hearing this, the fingers of the technicians jumped rapidly over the keyboard controls.

In less than two minutes, they found something.

"Found it, President Qi…"


"We checked, and in the last three days, apart from a defensive satellite launched by Mixiu nation, another private satellite was launched from unknown coordinates…"

As expected…

Right after the technician said this, President Qi already knew what had happened.

"Have you checked it?" General Yi asked.

The technician: "… We mobilized ten satellites to go over and take photos, and discovered that this private satellite is almost identical to the Heavenly E-Satellite in appearance and design. Furthermore, there are obvious traces of it launching a pulse wave; it's now in sleep mode. In other words, in the period that Professor w.a.n.g Ming went missing, not only did he put together a suit of armor, he also specially built a satellite and launched it into s.p.a.ce for this suit of armor…"

The Ten Generals: "…"

The Daily Life Of The Immortal King 786 Science And Cultivation

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