The Daily Life Of The Immortal King Chapter 913

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Chapter 913: The Office Of Strategic Deception's Internet Cafe

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Because of w.a.n.g Zhen coming to the world below, everyone already knew about the existence of the Domain of the G.o.ds.

They had yet to fully understand the Domain of the G.o.ds, and now a place beyond the Domain of the G.o.ds had suddenly emerged… What kind of place was that? Both Demon Saint and Shen Eryue were very curious.

“Should we inform the Office of Strategic Deception about this?” Second Generation Demon Saint asked.

“The Office of Strategic Deception is currently our demon world's biggest collaborator. You decide whether to let them know or not, you don't need to ask me for advice,” Shen Eryue said indifferently. “But for this place beyond the Domain of the G.o.ds to be able to rear a Three-Headed Phoenix, the people there are definitely strong. Besides, look…”

Speaking up to this, Shen Eryue pressed his fingers to the neck of the Three-Headed Phoenix's middle head and actually pulled out a fine thread.

Second Generation Demon Saint had a sense of deja vu at this scene.

“This is…”

“The string is made of a very special material. What we can be sure of is that someone was controlling this Three-Headed Phoenix. This string is stronger than the one w.a.n.g Zhen used, like the kind used for puppets; as long as this puppet string is connected, you can control things from behind the scenes no matter what.”

Seeing this, Second Generation Demon Saint's eyes turned dark.

He felt that the waves of momentum in the world…


Perhaps the waves of this universe were going to be stirred up and create ripples…

It was August 30th on Wednesday, the seventeenth day of the summer vacation.

In these two days, the shadow of the latest game Cultivation Emulator, created and developed by Miss Bai Qiao, could be seen everywhere, whether it was on the schools' Tieba, in cla.s.s groups, or in the trending topics of various major platforms. The game's popularity exceeded everyone's expectations. It had yet to be officially beta tested, but the number of pre-orders had broken ten million in two days, which no one could have imagined.

Thus, the Office of Strategic Deception set up a game group, and Miss Bai Qiao became the group leader right away.

While this was an expression of goodwill and an attempt to rope her in, it was even more for the sake of pacifying Miss Bai Qiao's heart.

Everyone was part of a family after joining the sect!

And most importantly, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal offered Miss Bai Qiao a huge salary which she couldn't refuse, so that she no longer needed to look for her cheap father Boss Jin for money to buy games…

That same day, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had people finish constructing the hall for the game group, with a signboard that read “Game Group” hanging over the entrance. The truth was, however, that the layout inside was more like an Internet cafe.

Anyone from the Office of Strategic Deception who wanted to relax and have fun could use the sect's jade talisman to directly come in whenever they wanted. It was free for disciples to surf the Internet, and based on their ranks, they could enjoy a free flow of refreshments and drinks.

The computers inside the game group's Internet cafe had the highest specs. Visitors from other sects who wanted to use the Internet cafe had to pay fifty immortal gold per hour.

The Office of Strategic Deception's setup could now be considered to be in full bloom.

The hot-selling Heavenly Dao broccoli and the development of the Cultivation Emulator game were now important sources of revenue for the Office of Strategic Deception.

That day, a couple of Immortal Palm Tree Sect disciples who had come to the Office of Strategic Deception to buy broccoli pa.s.sed by the game group's Internet cafe.

They went in for a look, and in the end were frightened by the Internet cafe's high prices.

“How expensive!” One disciple pulled his neck in.

Fifty immortal gold per hour and five immortal gold for one stick of roasted sausage…

“Why is your roasted sausage so expensive?” the disciple asked the little brother at the front desk whose head had been down all this time.

“If you want it, buy it. If you're not buying, you can just look at it.”

This little brother was none other than “sect leader of Palm Sect” Su Xing from the Office of Strategic Deception's opening ceremony back then (please see Chapter 817: One-Person Palm Sect).

Su Xing won the duel with his palm technique at the opening ceremony and obtained the prize of a top-cla.s.s holy weapon. But until now, Palm Sect didn't have any disciples apart from Su Xing, and the sect's business permit expired several years ago…

Later, Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal had Su Xing remain at the Office of Strategic Deception.

Su Xing was someone who could involuntarily comprehend Heavenly Dao, and was of great help in the research on Heavenly Dao.

Su Xing was now a member of the goon squad, and directly reported to Fang Xing as his leader.

Now that the game group had just been established and Miss Bai Qiao was busy playing games, Fang Xing sent Su Xing to the game group to look after the Internet cafe.

Whatever the situation, there always had to be someone guarding the place.

Su Xing had distinguished himself at the sect ceremony previously, and the media had reported widely on it. Although Palm Sect wasn't any high-level sect, many people now recognized Su Xing because of his previous achievement.

Now, when Su Xing looked up, the two Immortal Palm Tree Sect disciples looked stunned.

“How… how can it be you, Brother Su?!” One of the disciples, who looked like the senior brother, promptly laughed like it was a joke.

“This sausage is made from Heavenly Dao broccoli, Heavenly Dao crispy noodle snacks and hand-picked dragon pork; five immortal gold for one stick is absolutely fair. When you leave later, don't spread rubbish.” Su Xing chuckled as he stared at the two people.

He rubbed his palms together as if he was honing a knife. When his palms met, they actually produced the crisp sound of G.o.dly iron being hit, and the two disciples couldn't help swallowing.

It wasn't that their mouths were watering at the smell of the roasted sausage, but purely because Su Xing had scared them.

Videos of Su Xing's palm attack at the sect's celebration ceremony had played on various major platforms; the two disciples naturally knew how awesome Su Xing's palm technique was.

“Five immortal gold! Good value! I'll take it!” Thus, the senior brother decided to give him face.

He took out a golden bill from his wallet. This was a banknote that could be directly used in place of immortal gold and which used denominations different from that of ordinary money: fifty, one hundred, one thousand, and ten thousand.

The senior brother took out a fifty immortal gold bill, which straightaway amused Su Xing. “Little buddy, how many sausages are you going to buy?”

The senior raised one finger feebly. “One… one sausage…”

“What's the matter with you, buddy? Aren't you going to buy one for your junior brother?”

“Two, then…”

“To confirm, two sausages will cost ten immortal gold.”


“You get a special price with a member's card. Top it up with five hundred immortal gold, and we'll give you an extra five hundred. The member's price for one roasted sausage is just three immortal gold. Do you want to get a card?”


“What's the matter with you, little buddy? Immortal Palm Tree Sect's salary should be quite high, right? You can't even afford five hundred immortal gold? Or you won't give me face?”

“I'll… I'll get one!” The Immortal Palm Tree Sect brother grit his teeth and decided to go all out.

“We have bronze members.h.i.+ps here. For your first five hundred top-up, you get five hundred extra. As for gold members.h.i.+ps, for your first one thousand top-up, you get one thousand extra. Which kind do you want?”

“Are… they different?”

“The bronze member's price for a roasted sausage is three immortal gold, the gold member's price is two immortal gold, and the diamond member's price is one immortal gold. Once you start playing on our computers everyday, we'll give you one sausage free of charge.”


The Daily Life Of The Immortal King Chapter 913

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