Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1283 - Love rivals meet (5)

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Chapter 1283: Love rivals meet (5)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Li Moying was stunned, “….. She? What are you talking about?”

Liu Buyan looked at his blank look and his blood started to boil.

Li Moying had indeed forgotten, he no longer remembered that young lady from fourteen years ago! He had also forgotten the promise which he made himself!

Of course, he should have known this long ago. From the first time he did a consultation for Li Moying, he should already have known that Li Moying had completely forgotten all his memories in the past.

But, there would always be someone else… who had not forgotten.

Liu Buyan gave a cold huff, “Looks like you have indeed forgotten!”

Li Moying frowned, “What exactly do you mean?”

Liu Buyan gave a cold laugh and said, “Yes, you’ve long forgotten that you had once made a lovers’ vow to someone. You once said that you will love and take care of this woman which was why I gave her up to you! In the end? She died a horrible death in the Northern Ice Fields, you totally were not able to protect her at all! What’s more laughable now is that you’ve completely forgotten about her and you’ve found yourself another fiancée? If one day you finally recall all these, I want to see how you’re planning to punish yourself!”

“Anyway, I’ve already given way to you the first time so I will never give way to you the second time. Bai Ruoli…. I want her! On accord of our past relations.h.i.+p, I’ll let you off today! This bottle of medicine is for you. I’ve researched various ways of treating damaged primordial spirit before I finally refined this bottle of medicinal pills. With it, your condition should be relieved slightly.”

“But after taking this medicine, leave Bai Ruoli’s side sooner! You’re not worthy of her! This is my last warning to you. The next time we meet, if you’re still by her side, then don’t blame me for not considering our past relations!”

Liu Buyan rebuffed him all the way and initially Li Moying was extremely furious.

But as he listened, he felt that something was amiss so his forehead creased even more tightly than before!

If it was before that Liu Buayn talk to him in this way, he would absolutely why not understand what Liu Buyan’s meaning was!

But it wasn’t the same now. Just a few days ago, his Li’er had just told him that he was the reincarnation of Soaring Heavens Continent’s number one top expert Mu Chengying!

Although he trusted Huang Yueli very much, but for such a ridiculous matter, he still had a little problem accepting it until now…. Liu Buyan’s words to him, hadn’t it acquiesced that he was Mu Chengying himself?

Liu Buyan said he had once promised made a lovers’ vow, so that naturally was Li’er’s past life…..

But why did Liu Buyan said…. gave up?? Could it be that he also liked Li’er in her past life? But none of the rumours had mentioned that the number one Divine Doctor Liu Buyan had once liked Huang Yueli?

Although Liu Buyan was Mu Chengying’s best buddy, but before this Li Moying had not considered the fact that Liu Buyan knew about his ident.i.ty in his past life.

Because even he himself had no memories, and it took Li’er a couple of months to discover the doubtful points on him so there was no way Liu Buyan could know about his ident.i.ty.

But now, the truth was the exact opposite!

How on earth did Liu Buyan knew about this? What else did he knew? Some things which he said were something which even Huang Yueli didn’t knew about!

“Wait, Liu Buyan, let me ask you…..”

However, after Liu Buyan left those words, he threw a medicinal bottle into Li Moying’s hands and with a flick of his sleeves, he gave a chilly laugh, “Why? Now you know to be afraid? Unfortunately I have nothing to say to you! Remember what I said…. don’t let me see you and Bai Ruoli together!”

Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1283 - Love rivals meet (5)

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