Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1392 - Close call (5)

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Chapter 1392: Close call (5)Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Seeing that Huang Yueli refused to give up, Fang Shaoning hastened the speed of his attack.

In this way, Huang Yueli was in a precarious situation once again and there were a few times when she was almost sent flying.

Below the stage, the number of voices which urged her to give up grew louder and louder. There were many Green Cloud Sect’s disciples who were touched by her and didn’t want to see her being tortured any further.

However, Huang Yueli clenched her teeth as she refused to say a single word of defeat!

Just at this moment, she suddenly saw Fang Shaoning’s movements take a sudden halt and subsequently, the expression on his face changed abruptly as the speed of his pursuit suddenly slowed down.

While Huang Yueli was escaping, she had been keeping watch on Fang Shaoning’s movements from the corner of her eye. Seeing him stop, she abruptly turned and actually charged right towards him!

“What’s this situation? What’s Bai Ruoli trying to do?”

“Is she looking for death? Why did she run back for?”

“That’s right, Fang Shaoning’s speed suddenly became slow and instead of grasping time to escape, she actually turned back??”

Amidst the crowd’s shocked gazes, Huang Yueli was already displaying her footwork as she flew speedily towards the front of Fang Shaoning.

Her feet totally didn’t stop as a cold blaze sparkled in her hand and several flying daggers were shot out from her hands, aiming towards Fang Shaoning’s several main vitals, flying straight towards him!

Fang Shaoning had not expected her to have the guts to turn back and without even a single bit of hesitation, she just struck out like that!

His reaction was slower than usual as he couldn’t evade in time and with a “whoosh” sound, he was struck by two daggers!

“You…. you actually…..”

Sharp and thin flying daggers flew past Fang Shaoning’s shoulder and the expression on his face was extremely shocked, giving an annoyed look.

“Bai Ruoli, you are really something! Today is the second time you’ve hurt me! So, you don’t only know how to escape, you also know how to face the battle upfront? But this is the end for you. Based on your earlier speed, you’re destined to be unable to escape!”

His embarra.s.sment turned into rage as he shot up like an arrow trying to grab Huang Yueli.

However, Huang Yueli was prepared as she gave a cold laugh, “Really? I’ve heard you say that several times today but unfortunately… I think you have no more chances!”

Saying that, she flew backwards to retreat, easily evading him.

The two of them continued with one pursuing and the other escaping. On the surface it looked as though it wasn’t any different from earlier but very soon, those sharp eyed spectators realised the difference.

“Strange, why do I have a feeling that Fang Shaoning’s speed…. Seemed to have turned slower?”

“If you don’t say it I haven’t noticed at all. But now that you mentioned this… that’s right, Fang Shaoning’s speed is much slower than before! Before this, Bai Ruoli was about to be chased up by him but now, he actually couldn’t reach Bai Ruoli at all?”

“Right! Bai Ruoli’s speed seemed to become a little faster but Fang Shaoning’s speed had obviously decreased! This… what actually happened? Was it because he was. .h.i.t by Bai Ruoli earlier? But he was. .h.i.t because of the decrease in his speed isn’t it? What happened during that moment?”

Since the bystanders were able to discover that something was wrong with Fang Shaoning, what more about Fang Shaoning himself, who naturally understood the real reason for his own difficulty!

This was all because his state of maniacization could only hold on for a mere two hour duration. The minute he exceeded that time frame, his cultivation would fall back, it would even fall back much lower than his normal cultivation!

Earlier the reason for his sudden halt was because the time limit of his maniacization was up.

Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1392 - Close call (5)

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