Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1443 - Heaven has no eyes (4)

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Chapter 1443: Heaven has no eyes (4)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

When Murong Ni saw this, she was so excited beyond herself!

She simply couldn’t believe that she really did it! She actually decoded this historical array!

She had not expected that her last action without taking time to think through carefully actually let her hit the first prize, gaining success in one shot!

Leng Yi Feng and Fang Shaoning exchanged glances as they revealed an overjoyed expression.

“You’re truly a rare array skill talent which can only be found once in every few centuries, even such an advanced historical array can’t stop you! You’re just too incredible!”

“It’s Green Cloud Sect’s honour to have been able to invite Second Miss Murong to join our team!”

Green Cloud Sect’s disciples were all feeling pleasantly surprised.

On the other hand, Celestial Light Sect’s side was filled with sorrow as each one of them felt extremely frustrated.

Murong Ni saw their expressions and felt even more complacent!

Hmpf, how dare they belittle this Young Miss, how was it now? Feeling regret? But…. it’s all too late!

She was just about to say something to taunt them so as to gain back her face but Fang Shaoning gave her a gentle push on her back.

“You can say whatever you want later, we have to grab hold of time and enter quickly!”

Murong Ni raised her head as her eyes met Fang Shaoning’s gaze, immediately understanding what he meant.

That’s right, now was the most crucial time of all and every second counted!

The entrance of the cave dwelling was only that big and that meant that the first batch of people who went in couldn’t be that many. Whoever went in first would have a longer duration to seek the treasures!

Don’t think that the two Sects had agreed earlier on distributing the treasures equally, but the minute they really enter the cave dwelling, who would be so silly as to hand out the things which they have taken, and wait for equal distribution? How could that be possible?

Of course it belonged to whoever had grabbed it first!

Because of that, the most important thing now was to hurry in and grab the treasure!

Murong Ni regained her senses as she couldn’t care less about taunting Huang Yueli as she turned around and dashed towards the entrance of the cave swelling at the first chance!

Green Cloud Sect’s people were originally nearer to the entrance of the cave dwelling and now under Leng Yi Feng’s commands, all of them ran into the cave dwelling, striving to be the first and fearing to be the last!

Celestial Light Sect’s disciples had not expected them to be so sinister and originally they had yet to react. So by the time they realised that Green Cloud Sect’s people had played dirty and wanted to rush over but it was all too late.

A large half of Green Cloud Sect’s disciples had already entered in and the rest of them, under Leng Feng Yi’s incitation, had blocked the cave dwelling’s entrance. The entrance was only this wide and it was tough for two people to squeeze in simultaneously. Celestial Light Sect’s people were blocked on the outside so it was impossible to cut the queue to enter!

Luo Jiyun’s face turned totally black as he cried out fl.u.s.tered and exasperated, “Fang Shaoning, your Green Cloud Sect is really shameless! You actually disregarded the agreement and s.n.a.t.c.hed the chance to run in!”

Fang Shaoning laughed heartily, “Since when had we gone back on the agreement? Mister Luo, please touch your conscience when you speak! Our original agreement didn’t mention who went in first or last, so your Celestial Light Sect can also enter first if you wanted to isn’t it? Isn’t it all because your actions are too slow?”

Luo Jiyun almost fainted from hearing that, “Too despicable, too shameless! Green Cloud Sect is also a large Sect so how could there be such despicable disciples like you guys!”

“What despicable? This is called relying on your own skill! Talking to me about virtues in front of treasures? You look like you’re not very young but how could you be so naïve? Fang Shaoning gave a cold laugh several times and on seeing that most of his comrades had already entered in as he hurriedly joined in as well!

Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1443 - Heaven has no eyes (4)

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