Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1508 - Big trouble (6)

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Chapter 1508: Big trouble (6)

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A dazzling flame burst up into the sky as it illuminated half of the sky, dispersing a portion of the fog around the cliff.

This was a genuine True Phoenix Flame and its might was incomparably powerful!

Those few magical beasts which were flying in front of little phoenix were torched by the flame as they were incinerated on the spot!

Immediately following that, those few magical beasts by the side which were implicated couldn’t withstood the overbearing might as all of them started to retreat!

Little w.a.n.g Cai succeeded in a single move and was feeling proud and elated at itself as it excitedly flapped its wings while raising its little head, showing off a complacent look.

However, Huang Yueli and Li Moying’s expression turned totally terrible.

“No good! This little thing indeed isn’t able to withstand pressure!”

“The situation has turned even worse now!”

As expected, not long after little w.a.n.g Cai had turned complacent, the surrounding dispersed magical beasts just revolved for a little while and started gathering together to attack it again.

Further, the thick fog around the cliff kept on emitting wings flapping sound. Apparently, many other magical beasts were heading over here.

Little Phoenix then realised that it seemed to have gotten into trouble.

Although these magical beasts were dispersed for a short moment, the desire to swallow its energy was extremely intense. Not only did they not get scared off by the True Phoenix Flame, on the contrary as it had caused an intense Profound Energy fluctuation, it attracted even more magical beasts instead as they kept charging towards it, wanting to have a share of the cake!

Little Phoenix’s heart was filled with terror but it was too late for regrets.

Magical beasts all started to attack towards it.

Huang Yueli and Li Moying simultaneously struck back. Since they had already been exposed, then they need not hold back as they used their Profound Skills.

But alas, all these were in vain.

Little Phoenix’s injuries were getting heavier and heavier and moreover in the intense battle, its Profound Energy was exhausted. Very soon, it was left with nothing much.

“Fe… Female Devil, I seem to…. I think I can’t hold on any longer… you two…..”

Little w.a.n.g Cai hemmed and hawed and before it could finish its words, its body shook violently and later on, in a visible speed, it speedily shrank.

Huang Yueli’s expression changed, “What the, do you need to be so fraud! You… can’t you just hang on for a while longer? For your chicken drumsticks!”

“I’ve already reached my limit… it’s of no use even if I ate a hundred chicken drumsticks…. Boo hoo…female devil, will I die? If we go to h.e.l.l in future, you must make chicken drumsticks for me…”

Huang Yueli gritted her teeth out of anger, “You can go meet Hades yourself! I’m not going and you can keep dreaming about me making you chicken drumsticks!”

Although she said that, she knew clearly that this time…. They would probably really have misfortune befalling onto them!

Under so many magical beasts’ relentless attacks, little phoenix was completely overwhelmed and both she and Li Moying didn’t have any wings so basically they weren’t able to fly up the cliff to leave this dangerous central region!

Li Moying understood this as well but he was much calmer than Huang Yueli. The more dangerous moment he faced, the calmer he was.

He quickly made a resolute decision.

“Now there’s no other ways. Since we can’t fly up, then we can only fly down. We must immediately land.”

Huang Yueli went into a blank but quickly came around it, “That’s right, we can only reach the bottom of the cliff now and think of a way out later.”

She patted little Phoenix, “w.a.n.g Cai, quickly bring out whatever Profound Energy you have left right now! Try to persist on as long as you can. Whether we can land successfully or not will depend on your last performance!”

Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1508 - Big trouble (6)

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