Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith 1127 Innate Skill Assessment 4

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"But, she's already very incredible! This innate talent, amongst the Human grade geniuses, is already at the forefront. Adding on to her multi attribute innate talents, if she could obtain the clan's inheritance, even if she met the lowest tier of Earth grade genius, she might be able to fight it out!"

The light pillar's ascension speed continued its snail pace and finally… as though it was about to stop.

Huang Zixiao sighed, "About to end….."

Just at this moment, a much more glaring ray than before shone brilliantly and following that, it ferociously jumped by up a notch as it directly shot past the Earth grade talent's checkpoint!

"Wh.. What? What's this situation?"

At this moment, the calm and disdainful look could no longer be found on Huang Zixiao's face, as he had completely gone into a shocked daze by what he saw.

Because, even in his wildest dreams, he had not expected Huang Yueli to be able to reach the standard of an Earth grade genius!

Even several thousand years ago, there were very few Earth grade geniuses a.s.sessed in the inheritance tower! What's more about the current place where resources were so scarce?

How did she do it?

Could it be that because she possessed a Flame Spirit Physique, so those side branches remnants of the Sacred Phoenix Race who were left behind in Soaring Heavens Continent had all thrown whatever resources they had onto her, which was why they were able to nurture such a unique Earth grade genius?

But this saying wasn't totally correct? Sacred Phoenix Race's valuable inheritance had all been brought to the G.o.d Realm and those which could not be taken away were all in the inheritance tower. Even if she was one of the clan's side branch valued peerless genius, how much resources would she possibly get? Probably what she could not even be compared to what G.o.d Realm's lowest levelled rubbish could get!

Under such circ.u.mstances… she actually… became an Earth grade genius?

However, what Huang Zixiao didn't expected was, Huang Yueli not only did not get any resources from the G.o.d Realm's direct descent, in actual fact, she did not enjoy any resources at all, not to mention anyone nurturing her! If he knew the truth behind this, his tears would absolutely flow!

While Huang Zixiao was in deep thoughts, the light pillar which was energized by Huang Yueli continued climbing upwards.

Besides that, after stepping over the boundary which marked out the Earth grade, she seemed to break through a bottleneck as the light pillar's speed actually didn't decrease, and had been stably rising upwards. Even though it wasn't as fast as initial stage, but it was extremely stable.

Huang Zixiao's jaw tightened as he kept his eye on the light pillar's upwards trend, as he began to feel unwell.

Huang Yueli's performance had exceeded his imagination, because if the light pillar continued to ascend higher...

"…. Heavens, have I been shut in the inheritance tower for too long, which is why I'm hallucinating? How could anyone possibly reach Heaven grade? Among the direct descendants in the clan, only one Heaven grade geniuses appeared every three thousand years!"

"This absolutely… is a misperception."

"Even if she could get closer to Heaven grade, but she couldn't possibly reach Heaven grade. Because when the light pillar reached the highest one tenth part, to hope to ascend just one inch was as difficult as reaching for the skies! So no matter how close she gets, she will not be able to reach it."

"But, she actually had reached such a fore front position among the Earth grade geniuses, this innate talent is simply incomparable! Even though the Profound Qi density in Soaring Heavens Continent is so low now, she has a ninety percent chance of being able to ascend to G.o.d Realm, but she will need to spend hundreds of years to do so. Even if she returns to the clan in G.o.d Realm in future, she would be highly valued and nurtured by the clan."

"Wait! What's that??"

Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith 1127 Innate Skill Assessment 4

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