Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1800 - Where has she gone to? (2)

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Chapter 1800: Where has she gone to? (2)

Huang Yueli sighed silently, forget it. It should take too much time to climb the Sky Ascension Stairs, just reaching the height of three thousand plus meters should do.

After all she was merely fifteen years old so this height should be enough to shut everyone’s mouths!

Moreover, from the start of her past life, she had heard about the condition regarding the Sky Ascension Stairs and knew that this was a challenge which tried one’s limits and it could increase the pract.i.tioner’s determination to a broad degree, or even bring about a chance to breakthrough.

Honestly speaking, she had always been curious and had long wanted to go up and have a try.

Having this chance wasn’t too bad at all.

Cang Ning Yue didn’t know her thoughts and worried that she would regret it at the next moment, she hurriedly said, “Alright, since you’ve agreed then you’re not allowed to regret! Anyway it’s already afternoon so hurry on up, don’t wait until the sky turns dark!”

She urged her as she really couldn’t bear to bind Huang Yueli up to send her up herself.

Huang Yueli somehow felt something was amiss as she took a look at her with her eyebrows creased but she wasn’t able to tell what was amiss.

And right now, the pract.i.tioners who crowded around were increasing in numbers and some disciples who were already prepared to leave, on hearing that she would be climbing the Sky Ascension Stairs, all specially turned back in antic.i.p.ation of her performance.

“Didn’t she say that she wanted to climb the Sky Ascension Stairs? Why isn’t she moving up yet?”

“That’s right, it’s already so late, better grab hold of time tightly!”

“If the sky is dark, it will be very dangerous! It’s better to take the opportunity while the sky is still bright, quickly go up!”

The sounds of urging increased and Huang Yueli thought over it for a moment and still turned around towards the Sky Ascension Stairs.

“Junior Sister Bai… don’t go! For you, this is simply too dangerous!” Feng Zhehao subconsciously wanted to stop her.

But Huang Yueli merely shook her head, “As a pract.i.tioner, under such circ.u.mstances, can I not go?”

Feng Zhehao was stunned because he understood this reasoning but looking at Huang Yueli’s pet.i.te figure, for those people who do not know her actual ability, it was very easy to feel that she was extremely fragile, totally unable to take any pressure.

“Junior Sister Bai, don’t do this in a moment of anger! It’s very dangerous for fifth stage realm pract.i.tioners to climb the Sky Stairs! There’s nothing more important than your own life! If you insist on climbing, you must not try to coerce yourself and consider coming down around one thousand meters or so.”

When Huang Yueli heard his earnest and well-meaning advice, her brows rose and she merely said a word of “thanks” then turned around and left.

Cang Po Hun who was standing by the side also tried to stop her but was held on by Cang Po Jun from behind.

“No matter, just let her go!” Cang Po Jun said in a low, inaudible voice, “Aren’t you curious on how Grandmaster Huang’s ability is for this lifetime? That day when she advanced in Levitation Sword Palace, the flames gushed right up into the clouds and this kind of strange occurrence apparently meant that she’s not some trashy mediocrity. Moreover, Grandmaster Huang never did something which she had no confidence in, she couldn’t possibly make a fool out of herself at this kind of occasion.”

When Cang Po Hun heard that, his brows creased but his footsteps halted.

Whereas Cang Ning Yue was so excited that she almost jumped right up! She had finally successfully made Huang Yueli climb the Sky Ascension Stairs!

Following that, she only needed to wait quietly, along with everyone else, to see how she made a fool out of herself!

When Huang Yueli advanced towards the sixth stage realm in Levitation Sword Palace, Cang Ning Yue had already been driven out of Levitation Sword Palace hence she wasn’t aware of Huang Yueli’s actual ability for this lifetime.

From what she saw, although Huang Yueli had her past memories, but she was only in the fifth stage realm and that meant that her innate talent for this lifetime wasn’t really that great.

Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 1800 - Where has she gone to? (2)

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