Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman Chapter 228

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Extort with Threats (敲诈)

Jing Yun Zhao slowly folded the love letters into her pocket and raised her eyes towards the family of three.

“You want these love letters? Sure, but you have to agree to some of my demands.” Jing Yun Zhao said after a brief pause.

“Speak.” Father Jiang said through gritted teeth.

“Jiang Xia, I just want to know the truth, why would you write me a love letter even though I know that you don't love me?” Jing Yun Zhao asked despite knowing the answer already.

Jiang Xia's face instantly paled, and Qiao Hong Ye's face flashed into his mind.

So gentle and pitiful; she would never be so crazy and aggressive like Jing Yun Zhao, beating people up left and right.

He turned his head away, refusing to say anything

“See? Your precious son is still so stubborn and not cooperating even now.” Jing Yun Zhao smirked while speaking, causing the surrounding people to be tense as they felt an inexplicable chill up their spine

Father Jiang was also riled up, he was involved in the tea shop business field and was usually surrounded by a calm and quiet environment. He flaunted himself as being different from other businessmen who were overflowing with the scent of greed. In his own eyes, he was a socially responsible businessman, but currently, his face was being slapped by his own son.

'Pa!' Father Jiang slapped Jiang Xia and bellowed, “Are you trying to drive me mad!? Hurry up and speak!”

Listening to Jing Yun Zhao's underlying meaning, the doings of my son is obviously commanded by someone else. How can someone be so evil? If I know who did this, I would never forgive them!

Jiang Xia was slapped silly for a while; he was pampered from a young age until now, never had his parents ever treated him like this!

At the same time, fear was creeping into his heart, after thinking for a moment, he mumbled, “It was Qiao Hong Ye…I love Qiao Hong Ye. Jing Yun Zhao, the one I have always loved was Qiao Hong Ye, but she told me that you loved me and that she couldn't accept my feelings because she felt that she would let you down. She begged me to pursue you, and if I didn't, she would ignore me!”

After hearing that, Father Jiang was so p.i.s.sed that he hated that he couldn't kick this dumba.s.s of a son of his to death.

He would pursue someone just because someone asked him to? Did he not even have an ounce of self-respect? Furthermore, the other party clearly doesn't like him, to the point of playing tricks with him. Jiang Xia is even 'better', even following the biddings of other people!


“Did you hear that?” Jing Yun Zhao sneered at Father Jiang and continued, “Your son has been instructed by someone else to play with my feelings. I didn't interpret that wrongly, right?”

The corner of Father Jiang's mouth twitched, he felt a bit suffocated.

“Reimburse me.” Jing Yun Zhao threw out those two words.

Jing Yun Zhao's carefree att.i.tude that treated it as if this was inevitable caused onlookers to think back to Father and Mother Jiang's arrogance when they first arrived at the school.

This was obviously her revenge.

Even Teacher Qi didn't know what to say, should he tell her to be forgiving when she can? Although he may be advanced in age, he wasn't so stupid. Thank goodness this girl was smart enough to overcome all these problems, or a good sapling would've been lost.

As for Jiang Xia, although he too was a seedling, his roots have already begun to rot.

“How much do you want?” Father Jiang spat out this sentence after much difficulty while Mother Jiang only felt her head buzzing.

“How much do I want? Relax, I'm not asking for much. 50,000 dollars for mental damage, plus you'll let the matter of me beating up your son go. As for these love letters, you decide. They are such a good literary material that they could be made into a book. How much do you think these love letters will be priced in the market? Oh right, don't say that I'm extorting you guys. I'm a timid person who can't stand sudden changes in emotions.” Jing Yun Zhao had a nonchalant att.i.tude as if she was not threatening the Jiang family.

The Head Teacher was a bit stunned, unsure if he should stop this matter or not. After all…this is basically extortion at this point.

But if he were to interfere, who can say whether or not Jing Yun Zhao would hold a grudge against him. The Jiang Family probably already hated him to the bones e. Additionally, if this matter were to be resolved peacefully, that would be for the best, otherwise, the school's image would go down the drain if this incident was leaked to the general public.

Space and Rebirth: The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman Chapter 228

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