Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 704

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The appearance of the Sacred Emperor made many exclaim in shock. So the Sacred Emperor wasn’t any saint, it was just because he was overwhelmingly strong.

Today, although the Sacred Emperor and the Royal Sacred Sect appeared here adopting a superior att.i.tude, to the people of this world, the Royal Sacred Sect was no longer so ‘divine’ as they once thought.

The Medicine Sovereign lifted his head and stared at the face in the sky."Sure, since you want to threaten me like this, I won’t act then. But let me tell you this too. If you personally act to kill Qin Wentian, I shall ensure that each and every member of your Royal Sacred Sect will be completely wipe out."

The long beard of the Medicine Sovereign fluttered in the wind, yet the impact of his words harshly rumbled the hearts of those present.

Just based on the conversation between the Medicine Sovereign and the Sacred Emperor, this debt of a grudge was already formed.

The Medicine Sovereign wanted to protect Qin Wentian while the Sacred Emperor wanted to kill him. Since this was the case, the Medicine Sovereign promised the Sacred Emperor that he wouldn’t act personally if the Sacred Emperor didn’t. But if the Sacred Emperor tried something funny, he would annihilate the entire Royal Sacred Sect.

The two of them had exchanged words of hatred. These two supreme-level existences in the Royal Sacred Sect had just turned enemies with one another.

In addition, the crowd also thought that since the Medicine Sovereign had already stepped into the immortal level. From now onwards, the position of the Royal Sacred Sect would be shaken whether they liked it or not.

And as expected, an instant later the Medicine Sovereign spoke,"From today onwards, my Medical Sovereign Valley opens recruitment to everyone in the Royal Sacred Region. I, the Medicine Sovereign don’t really have a lot of things. Only, what I have is plenty of heavenly ingredients and earthly treasures. If your talent is high enough, I can give you medicinal pills to eat for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Other than medicinal pills, I have gathered a huge amount of treasures while roaming the outside worlds through these years. The wealth of my Medicine Sovereign Valley would definitely not be inferior to that of the Royal Sacred Sect."

When this news circulated to the entire Royal Sacred Region, the status of the Royal Sacred Sect would surely be affected.

The mysterious Medicine Sovereign Valley had always never been interested in contesting for power, existing in this world with a neutral position. But now, it felt as though the Royal Sacred Sect was forcing the Medicine Sovereign Valley to revoke its policy as they too started to recruit disciples.

"Today, I shall let the world see what I have at my disposal. You all want to kill Qin Wentian? Sure, take out some true ability." With a wave of his hand, experts from the Medicine Sovereign Valley brought out an array of terrifying combat-type divine weapons. These divine weapons were all combat puppets in the form of humans and demonic beasts, and they were all exuding an aura of boundless might.

"Puppets, these are all exceedingly powerful puppets." Staring at the gigantic puppets, the hearts of everyone pounded. The Medicine Sovereign was a rare genius in the world of medicine, the number one alchemist in the Royal Sacred Region. Now that they knew of his cultivation level, what rank has he reached exactly when it comes to pill concoction?

And in addition, puppets were considered a category of divine weapons. They should have been created by a grandmaster. The Medicine Sovereign actually had so many combat puppets in his possession? But after thinking a little about it, they soon understood. The Medicine Sovereign had talent in pill concoction, his pills would surely be coveted by immortals, hence there was a need for some form of self-protection. Combat puppets would undoubtedly be able to increase his combat prowess. As to why he had so many, it was definitely possible for him to exchange for these puppets using the immortal-ranked medicinal pills he concocted.

A truly powerful puppet was an enhanced divine weapon. Within the puppet, there would be several divine inscription formations engraved, and the materials used to manufacture the puppet would also be of extremely high-grade. It has very high attack and defense, the only disadvantage was that it was slightly harder to control. But in all other aspects, it was invulnerable.

The experts from the Medicine Sovereign Valley took out over thirty superstrong combat puppets at one shot. After this, they directly entered the puppets to control it from within. The sound of metal moving rang out as gleams of l.u.s.ter circulated around the combat puppets, causing a chill to bloom in the hearts of those from the Royal Sacred Sect. When these puppets inclined their heads, an aura of incomparable sharpness shot straight up towards the sky.

"What a powerful aura, these are all peak-tier Celestial Phenomenon Puppets!" The hearts of the crowd trembled. Right now, they only saw the Medicine Sovereign soaring up into the skies as he stood there in opposition, facing off against the Sacred Emperor.

"DIE!" How could the experts of the Royal Sacred Sect be frightened, the Sacred Emperor was personally here today. And the experts among them consisted of many peak-level Ascendants whose combat prowess was extremely high. So what if they were to fight against the combat puppets?

Beside Qin Wentian, an extremely powerful combat puppet appeared. It was an incomparably gigantic golden dragon the size of three thousand meters long and exuded a terrifying aura.

This immense golden dragon stomped on the ground causing the Sacred Battle Platform to shake as resplendent rune lights appeared. After which, a fearsome spatial energy gushed out as its gigantic body completely vanished from view, before re-appearing above the experts of the Royal Sacred Sect.

The sharp claws of the golden dragon lashed out at the same moment, causing a terrifying spatial storm to instantly appear, lacerating everything into nothingness within a hundred mile radius. The destructive might of that puppet’s attack tore and ripped apart numerous experts from the Royal Sacred Sect. Fresh blood splashed through the air and many were shredded so finely by the spatial storm that nothing was left of them.

If one didn’t have a cultivation base at the peak of Celestial Phenomenon, their defenses were akin to a piece of paper in front of this golden dragon, easily shredded apart.

"How powerful." The spectators from afar stared at the golden dragon as they gaped in amazement. This scene seemed to prove a certain saying. In front of absolute power, numbers were useless.

Although the attacks of the golden dragon were strong, the controller of it had no way to unleash it’s agility. After unleas.h.i.+ng an attack, an incomparably brilliant and tyrannical might slammed into the golden dragon as a terrifying ear-piercing sharpness rang out. However, only a slight dent could be seen on the golden dragon puppet, there was simply no way to destroy it. The toughness of the materials used to forge it had granted it an inconceivable level of defense.

The Sacred Emperor had an unsightly expression on his face. He glanced at the Medicine Sovereign. How could he not understand that these powerful puppets originated from the outside world. People in the Royal Sacred Region would have no way to manufacture these.


The earth started trembling as many cracks appeared on the Sacred Battle platform. The terrifying puppets shot up into the air, unleas.h.i.+ng supremely powerful attacks. There was a human-form puppet with a golden disk in its hand. This golden disk contained an overwhelming destruction energy which manifest a golden torrential storm that was capable of crus.h.i.+ng everything. Wherever the storm pa.s.sed by, those that came into contact with it were shattered into pieces.

There was also another puppet in the form of a roc. Its wings gleamed with golden light, slas.h.i.+ng through the air with unfathomable speed! Those that were struck by the wings were forcibly sliced into two. Even those that were not in the direct line felt lacerating injuries on their bodies from the residue waves of the roc’s attack.

Each and every one of the puppets had grand divine inscription formations embedded within them, they were engraved using true-intents and was so strong to the point where it was extremely terrifying.

Within a short span of time after the battle erupted, over a hundred experts from the Royal Sacred Sect had already fallen in battle. Fresh blood dyed the Sacred Battle Platform red with the blood of members from the hegemony of the Royal Sacred Region.

"This…" From afar, the spectators only felt a sense of disbelief when they saw how much the puppets abused the Royal Sacred Sect’s experts.

As for Zai Xuan and Lu Ziyan, they both had already borrowed the power of escape-type treasures to leave this battlefield. Zai Xuan had an ashened expression on his face as he watched how the battle played out.

"How can this be? Even in the outside worlds, these kind of combat puppets are extremely rare. Unless one used sixth-ranked medical pills to exchange for them, there was no way anyone would agree to the trade. Could it be that the Medicine Sovereign could already produce immortal-ranked pills?" Zai Xuan’s expression turned incredibly ugly. There was still a palm imprint on his face, this was caused then when the Medicine Sovereign flung him through the air.

If the Medicine Sovereign truly had the ability to concoct immortal-ranked pills, even if it was in the outside worlds, he could just roam about and would definitely have many immortals as his good friends. If that was the case, the threat he represented to them was simply too great. Even the Sacred Emperor wouldn’t be able to suppress him.

"If one wanted to manufacture such puppets, not only must they have extremely strong forging abilities, they still had to be proficient in different fusions of true intent. With so many puppets present, it’s obvious that they were created from different grandmasters. The Medicine Sovereign ama.s.sed so many of them, could it be that he long had the intention to rebel and proclaim himself as the king of this world?" Lu Ziyan stared at Zai Xuan. She could only think of this possibility.

The position of being the hegemon truly was extremely tempting. However, if this old fellow was like what Zai Xuan said and was really able to concoct immortal-ranked pills, there should be no need for him to contest for the hegemony of this world. For alchemists that were capable of concocting immortal pills, they wouldn’t lack resources. They themselves were treasure and if they choose to join a major power, that power would undoubtedly provide a wealth of the best resources for them, nurturing them so that they would be able to walk further on the pathway of medicine.

"KILL QIN WENTIAN!" The experts of the Royal Sacred Sect were all now fl.u.s.tered and in a panic. A bone-chilling voice rang out as a dazzling beam of light suddenly shot towards Qin Wentian.

Behind Qin Wentian, there were already two puppets there from the start to protect him. At this moment, an immense Xuanwu (giant turtle) puppet directly placed Qin Wentian’s body beneath it, as the other devil ape puppet howled in rage. An almighty wave of sound shattered apart s.p.a.ce, tearing the beam of light apart. The devil ape then launched an attack of his own, slamming out with his fist towards the earlier attacker.

"KILL!" That person’s countenance turned solemn. Astral light illuminated the skies, he borrowed the power of his constellation as he transformed himself into a gigantic constellation palm that shot downwards.

Terrifying rumbling sounds echoed out, at this moment, the golden dragon appeared in the clouds, unleas.h.i.+ng a ferocious claw towards the attacker while a golden-winged roc also rushed over, smas.h.i.+ng forth with its wings. The poor attacker’s countenance instantly paled when he realized that he was besieged from attacks in three directions.

Gritting his teeth, the gigantic constellation palm spun in all directions, trying to defend against everything. Yet, the attacking strength of those puppets were beyond his imagination, they directly smashed his body apart, wiping out his life completely.


The body of the expert disintegrated. Qin Wentian stood under the gigantic Xuanwu as he stared at the battle up in the air. Their auras were so powerful, the strength of one at the peak-level of Celestial Phenomenon was not just somewhat stronger compared to third-level Ascendants. They would undoubtedly be able to insta-kill Qin Wentian if he wasn’t protected by the puppet.

"The Medicine Sovereign actually has so many treasures?" Qin Wentian was extremely shocked as he stared at the numerous tyrannical puppets in the air. It seems like the Medicine Sovereign was long prepared for this moment!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 704

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