The City of Terror Chapter 140 - Earning Points

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Chapter 140 - Earning Points

    “Come down!'

    Wei Xiao Bei stood in front of the escalator. He did not even turn back and swung his machete, killing a Zombie that was attempting to ambush him from behind.

    Although Huang Kun did not have enough rest, he had stayed long enough on the higher floor. Hearing Wei Xiao Bei's voice, he immediately rushed down.

    “Master, careful!”

    Another Zombie pounced from behind Wei Xiao Bei again. With a whoosh, the blade cut off the Zombie's head.

    “It's your turn!”

    If Wei Xiao Bei wanted to see more changes to Huang Kun's body, he needed Huang Kun to kill more Zombies. Moreover, because of their age difference, Huang Kun's stamina could only support him a short amount of time. As a result, Wei Xiao Bei had weakened the Zombies beforehand.

    “Abominable Zombies…..”

    Huang Kun made a pose which almost made him receive another kick in the b.u.t.t from Wei Xiao Bei. He did not dare speak anymore and charged forward with his hatchet.

    After losing some limbs, the Zombies appeared much more terrifying, but in terms of battle ability, they had probably been reduced to 70 percent of their former selves.

    For Huang Kun, those kinds of Zombies gave him the greatest opportunity to temper himself. Even if the 4-5 Zombies surrounded him, he would be able to safely deal with them.

    The only problematic thing was whether or not his stamina could continue supporting him.

    Time slowly pa.s.sed by, and Wei Xiao Bei carefully observed from the side as Huang Kun kept killing Zombies. The changes in his body became even clearer.

    After cleaning up the Zombies on the fourth floor, Huang Kun was gasping for breath, but did not limp on the floor.

    In this battle, Huang Kun had killed 37 Zombies.

    Because it was necessary to chop off or destroy the Zombie's head, a large jag appeared on the hatchet. Even if the Zombie's bones were weaker than a human's, they were still bones. As a result, his hatchet was ready to be sc.r.a.pped.

    Other than that, he needed to dodge the Zombie's attacks, which heavily consumed his stamina.

    If it was the Wei Xiao Bei that had just entered The Dust World, he probably would not have been able to even stand after killing 37 Zombies.

    Huang Kun still had the energy to remain standing. This proved that his endurance attribute had increased a lot.

    From Wei Xiao Bei's point of view, Huang Kun's benefits from killing the Zombies were mostly placed into his muscle, endurance, and health. Among them, endurance increased the most. The sub-attributes under agility should have also had slight increases.

    The entire process of this should be following the rule of increasing what was needed. Which attribute was used the most at that time was increased.

    This kind of attribute increase was different from Wei Xiao Bei's control over his status panel. Moreover, the efficiency should be around less than 70 percent of the status panel.

    Adding to the Zombies that Huang Kun previously killed, he had killed 52 Zombies.

    Every Zombie gave 8 evolution points. 52 Zombies would mean 416 evolution points.

    From Huang Kun's appearance, roughly around only 280 evolution points were allocated.

    Naturally, for a brat like Huang Kun, the changes caused by an additional 280 evolution points allocated into his three attributes was very visible.

    After all, the average junior high schooler's status value should be around 5.

    An increase in endurance would be clearly visible.

    In truth, Huang Kun himself felt changes to his body. After a short break, he had actually taken the initiative to go down and kill Zombies.

    As previously said, the distribution of the Zombies was like a pyramid. The amount of Zombies on the third floor numbered around 100. They were also densely packed together. Moreover, a slight error would be able to attract the attention of the Zombies on the second floor.

The Zombies mainly used their hearing to chase their prey and not their sight.

    For this reason, Wei Xiao Bei allowed Huang Kun to move to the middle of the escalator. The two of them each guarded the up and down escalator. Then, they threw down an old clothes rack on the floor to attract their attention.

    This way, they would just wait for the enemy to come up, preventing the enemy to surround them. Moreover, Wei Xiao Bei would be able to bring away Huang Kun if any problems happened.

    The clothes rack fell on the ground, creating a clear sound. The sound was like a magnet attracting the Zombies.

    If Wei Xiao Bei used his response search right now, he would see that there were also Zombies in the second floor that were attracted to the sound. He would see how the Zombies would look up at the ceiling with their open mouths filled with rotting teeth.

    This appearance looked as if they were about to bite a hole onto the ceiling.

    After throwing the clothes rack, a group of more than 50 Zombies crowded the escalator, striving to be first to go up the escalator. They extended their hand and pulled down the ones in front with a slow speed.

    The hatchet in Huang Kun's hand was his second one. The previous one had been  worn out to the point that it could even fall off the handle and chop off his own foot.

    Luckily, the fire prevention measures of the department store was not bad. Although the fire hose was tattered, the hatchets still maintained their original appearance.

    Seeing that a Zombie had climbed up a few steps, Huang Kun went down a few steps and chopped down.

    Facing the hatchet, the Zombie did not even have the awareness to dodge. It only extended its hands towards Huang Kun, and in the end, its head was chopped in half, but this time, the hatchet got stuck. Huang Kun had already previously experienced this a few times. He grabbed the handrail with his left hand and kicked with his right foot. The hatchet dislodged from the Zombie, while it fell flat on the escalator.

    With the escalator acting almost as a funnel, Huang Kun was able to kill the Zombies much more comfortably.

    The only problem was that after killing Zombies one after the other, the corpses acc.u.mulating on the escalator was continually increasing. As a result, when the Zombies climbed up, they were in a higher position than Huang Kun.

    Under this situation, Huang Kun had no choice but to retreat. After distancing himself, he was able to get rid of the Zombies' advantage.

    However, the escalator was too short. After killing more than 20 Zombies, Huang Kun had no choice but to retreat back to the fourth floor.

    By contrast, Wei Xiao Bei was still standing in his original position. Those Zombies that had died were kicked back to the third floor by him.

    Seeing this scene, Huang Kun was in admiration. However, this had caused a huge desire to arise from him.

    When? Until when can I become able to kill Zombies as easily as master?

    He had become distracted at that moment. If Wei Xiao Bei did not make his move, Huang Kun would have probably been given a 'kiss' by an incoming Zombie.

    Huang Kun, who was saved by Wei Xiao Bei did not show a terrified expression at all. On the contrary, he once again charged towards the Zombies after picking up his hatchet.

    At this time, a few Zombies had already climbed up the fourth floor.

    Wei Xiao Bei immediately pulled Huang Kun back and dragged him towards the fifth floor.

    This was the benefit of being in a building. The ground was flat, so retreating and advancing was easy. They could easily retreat back up to the ninth floor.

    In reality, the total amount of Zombies on the third floor was around 100. After the two of them killed Zombies on the escalator, they had killed more than 50 Zombies. The Zombies that were able to catch up to them were about 20, while the remaining Zombies were still slowly climbing up the escalator.

    Seeing that Huang Kun had used up a lot of stamina, Wei Xiao Bei did not hold back. He quickly waved his machete like he was dancing.

    Before they went up to the fifth floor, the Zombies that were chasing them were all killed.

    Soon, the two of them once again returned to the third to fourth floor escalator and killed the Zombies that were climbing up.

    After killing all the Zombies on the third floor, Wei Xiao Bei felt slightly tired.

    As for Huang Kun, he had already sat down on the floor without being able to budge anymore.

    On 100 over Zombies, Wei Xiao Bei had killed 60 percent while the rest were from Huang Kun's hatchet.

    Although Huang Kun's status would increase after killing the Zombies, his mental weariness did not have any time to recover.

    In other words, the battle that lasted for half an hour had completely spent Huang Kun. Even his potential had been spent.

    Seeing Huang Kun on the floor, Wei Xiao Bei frowned. There were still 600 Zombies downstairs. At this time, Wei Xiao Bei also considered his own stamina.

    If a person had completely spent their stamina, they would not be able to face against an encirclement of Zombies no matter how strong they were.

    Let alone the mysterious Dust World, if a person did not have enough stamina, they could only sit in the face of death when danger came.

    “Rest for a bit.”

    Wei Xiao Bei sat close to the escalator while ignoring the disgusting smell coming from the corpses. He took out a bottle of water and hardtack and gave them to Huang Kun.

    Huang Kun waved his hand, indicating that he did not feel like eating.

    Wei Xiao Bei knew that this was not because Huang Kun did not need the energy, but because spending his stamina had suppressed the feeling of hunger.

    “You must eat.”

    Wei Xiao Bei did not say much. He patted Huang Kun's head. Patting it harder and harder until Huang Kun took the water and food and began eating slowly.

    Wei Xiao Bei counted the food and water in his backpack. There were still a lot of high nutrition energy bars and convenient water bags. But the hardtack had been decreased to two and the bottled water to one.

    After drinking water, he took out a high nutrition energy bar and ate it.

    In truth, he did not care about what he ate, but eating the same thing all the time would eventually destroy how the food tasted.

    After eating the high nutrition energy bar, Wei Xiao Bei suddenly stood up. He took big strides towards the window and looked outside.

    Seeing Wei Xiao Bei's appearance, Huang Kun did not know what happened, but he did not dare delay and stood up as well. He immediately stuffed the hardtack in his mouth and accidentally choked on it. He immediately drank all the water to clear his throat.

The City of Terror Chapter 140 - Earning Points

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