The City of Terror Chapter 143 - Zombie! Really Appeared! Terrifying!

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Chapter 143 - Zombie! Really Appeared! Terrifying!

    Wei Xiao Bei did not know whether to laugh or cry. Although Huang Kun appeared as if his dreams had come true, he still showed the cuteness of a junior high schooler.

    “Enough. Tell me about the situation when you returned.”

    Wei Xiao Bei used his finger to tap the table and asked.

    Huang Kun looked at his master and became serious. He did not randomly speak anymore and placed down his burger. Then he sneakily looked left and right as if he was an undercover secret agent and spoke in a low voice.

    In reality, when Huang Kun left The Dust World, nothing special happened. The only troublesome thing was that he had missed his meal time and got scolded by his mother.

    Afterwards, he fell asleep again until Wei Xiao Bei had called him.

    “What do you plan to do in the future?” Wei Xiao Bei hesitated and pointed it out.

    After all, compared to him, Huang Kun was but a child. Although he had potential and a good temperament, Wei Xiao Bei did not have the heart to ask him whether he wanted to go for a stroll in a place like The Dust World.

    It was too dangerous.

    “I will follow master! I will not study anymore in the future and follow master and kill our way into The Dust World.”

    When he said this, Huang Kun was very excited. His eyes longed for the future ahead as if he had already gained the power to shake The Dust World.

    Wei Xiao Bei was speechless. He truly did not understand a junior high schooler's thoughts. If it were other people, majority would have chosen safety rather than danger.

    This was the most normal and simple choice.

    However, a junior high schooler was different. They were pa.s.sionate, impulsive, and never thought over anything properly.

    After a bit of persuasion, threat, and intimidation, Huang Kun returned to normal and promised Wei Xiao Bei that he would go to school. Moreover, Wei Xiao Bei could only bring him to The Dust World once a week.

    In reality, Wei Xiao Bei did not know if they could replicate Huang Kun's way of entering The Dust World through playing games. If Huang Kun could not enter The Dust World again, then that was also a good thing for Wei Xiao Bei.

    “You should go back home and do your homework.”

    Wei Xiao Bei did not stay anymore. He threw down these words and left.

    Huang Kun had no choice but to behavingly return home.

    As for any thoughts of entering The Dust World, although he had the guts, pa.s.sion, and impulse, he did not dare put it into action. After all, he had previously been chased by the Zombies while running away in terror, so it had created a small fear within him.

    If he just waited another week, Wei Xiao Bei would bring him in so he could safely kill monsters. If he secretly entered, he might just die.

    Huang Kun understood the benefits and harms of this.

    After hailing a cab, Wei Xiao Bei hurried into the apartment building.

    He wanted to see the situation in the apartment building.

    It was not that he did not have anything to do nor because he was worried about the demolition work that was happening.

    But it was because the pressure from the co-renting situation was too heavy for him. The strange footsteps would appear in his mind from time to time. Although Wei Xiao Bei knew that that this was just a delusion from heavy stress, it had acc.u.mulated for long enough that he was suffering from it.

    Additionally, if it was possible, Wei Xiao Bei prepared to enter The Dust World from the apartment building before the demolition began. This way, he would feel a bit more secure and alleviate the stress that had piled up. He also wanted to find the relations.h.i.+p between the place he was currently renting and the apartment building.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei did not know what the apartment building currently looked like, so he needed to check the current situation.

    When he arrived, he observed the surroundings and saw groups of people moving out. The perimeter walls were covered in red 'demolition' words.

    A few courtyards that had been completely vacated were already sealed with red tape, and iron chains had stopped the gates from opening.

    “Bro, give me a cigarette.”

    After walking a few steps, his eyes s.h.i.+ned when he saw a few Da Hao Real Estate employees that were chaining the courtyard doors.

    Wei Xiao Bei immediately bought a pack of cigarettes and pulled the person.

    Being suddenly pulled, the person was not able to resist at all and screamed. However, his mouth was immediately sealed by the cigarette.

    “You, what are you doing?” The man was around 30 years old, thin and average height. From a single glance, it was easy to tell that he had just arrived at Cui Hu City. When he saw the tall and st.u.r.dy Wei Xiao Bei, he became slightly nervous.

    “I used to live here, and I just want to ask a question. When are you going to begin the demolition work? I still haven't received my money yet.”

    Wei Xiao Bei spoke ambiguously, making the person think that Wei Xiao Bei was afraid that he would not receive the demolition money.

    “No problem. At most we would begin the demolition in a week. The remaining money would be directly placed on your account.

    It seems that the employees had been properly trained. Even a new employee could say things clear and logically.

    After thanking the employee, Wei Xiao Bie left and arrived at a noodle stand. He asked for a bowl of noodles and two salted eggs.

    After waiting for the noodles to be cooked, Wei Xiao Bei's brain was moving.

    At most a week was left. This meant that he needed to seize the moment since he could only enter The Dust World up to six times. However, the negative state of mind that acc.u.mulated from ma.s.sacring enemies in The Dust World could not just disappear in a day.

    This was also why Wei Xiao Bei did not just enter The Dust World everyday.

    After all, Wei Xiao Bei was not a robot.

    If the place began the demolition, he would have no way of entering The Dust World from the same place anymore.

    Thinking about this, Wei Xiao Bei was slightly depressed.

    What other methods could I use?

    With Wei XIao Bei's intelligence, he thought up of a lot of methods, but most of them were either unreasonable or unreliable.

    For example, with his strength, he could just threaten the boss of the Da Hao group to stop his demolition plans. Another would be to cause trouble when the demolition was beginning to make the other party give up their plans.

    If Wei Xiao Bei followed these plans, there was a chance of success, but the success would not last long.

    Wei Xiao Bei had been someone who previously worked for the Da Hao group before. Wei Xiao bei had also seen Wan Da Hao before when he was inspecting the company.

    Wan Da Hao could be described as having a resolute disposition. Every decision of his was swift and decisive to the point that it did not allow anyone else to interfere.

    If a person like this was placed during wartime in the past, this person would have been a formidable character.

    Usually, a person like Wan Da Hao would not change his mind even at knife point.

    The most annoying thing was that the financial capacity of the Da Hao group was immense. Even though the Da Hao group did not stir up trouble in Cui Hu City, they were still in high demand whether it was the light side of society or the dark side. According to rumors, Wan Da Hao was born in the dark side and then climbed ash.o.r.e the white side, but at present, he was still hiding his power underground without anyone knowing.

    In reality, the Lou Lan Club that Wei Xiao Bei visited had proved it.

    There was an underground fighting arena, and the security guards were holding stun batons. A few crucial places were even protected by guards with stun guns. As for real fire arms, Wei Xiao Bei was still unsure of its use.

    In short, if Wei Xiao Bei implemented his plan, then he needed to lay bear his objective. Even if the apartment building was preserved, the next events would be much more troublesome.

    For a person like Wan Da Hao, being humiliated like that would require blood to be spilled.

    Although Wei Xiao Bei was not afraid of Wan Da Hao's revenge, he still had his principles. Moreover, no matter how strong his martial arts were, they were no match against guns.

    Thinking about his situation, Wei Xiao Bei shook his head and ate his noodles.


    Wei Xiao Bei did not want to cause trouble, but trouble wanted to find him.

    “Help! Someone died! There's a lunatic!”

    When Wei Xiao Bei had just swallowed a salted egg and ate half the noodles when he suddenly heard a terrified cry for help from afar. Soon after, a few people ran over from the nearby courtyard.

    Their expression were filled with alarm and extreme panic.

    Among the people running were tenants, landlords, and even Da Hao Employees. However, their only action was to run.

    Everything behind them was chaos.

    A person with tattered clothes was pulling another person down and then bit on the other person's neck, trying to tear it apart. On the side, there was a person with a wooden stick who was confronting a few people. Naturally, the person was only defending himself one-sidedly. After a few seconds, the other people pounced onto his body and sent the wooden stick away.

    The entire place was filled with chaos and blood.


    Wei Xiao Bei's back was drenched in cold swear as his hairs stood on ends.

    What is going on!

    The Zombies from The Dust World appeared in reality!

    In an instant, Wei Xiao Bei's brain quickly worked.

    Should I go save people? Or quietly leave?

    Since he did not know if there were any hidden monitors, Wei Xiao Bei was hesitant. After all, even a Guo Shu expert would not be willing to expose one of the country's greatest killing power to their surroundings.

    It was not because he was afraid of getting caught in camera after doing bad things, but because of a natural sense of unease that haunted him.


    The sound of a woman and a child came from within the courtyard. However, after spitting out a single word, they stopped. It was clear that normal people could not harm these Zombies that were not afraid of getting injured. Moreover, the sudden situation had probably terrified them to the point that they lost all strength in their body.

    Wei Xiao Bei tightly grasped the chopstick in his hand and broke it to pieces.

    He could not look on anymore.

    Although Wei Xiao Bei was not a saint, he still had his principles.

    He grabbed the stool he was sitting on and placed 50 yuan on the table. Then he spoke to the owner of the stall, “Let me borrow this stool.”

    Before he finished speaking, Wei Xiao Bei moved like a monkey through the sea of people. He quickly ran towards the constant sound of 'help' in front of him.

    Because the machete was a bit long, it was not convenient to bring. As a result, Wei Xiao Bei had left it inside his new home. Moreover, the great spear on his waist was too eye-grabbing, so he did not want to use it. On the contrary, the stool was around 1.8 meters long. The wood was thick so it was useable.

The City of Terror Chapter 143 - Zombie! Really Appeared! Terrifying!

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