The City of Terror Chapter 149 - What Kind Of Martial Arts Uses Chopsticks?

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Chapter 149 - What Kind of Martial Arts Uses Chopsticks?

    A wild dog appeared in Wei Xiao Bei's line of sight.

    Its entire body was rotting, and its skin had mostly peeled off. There were even maggots squirming on top of its body, which appeared to be very disgusting.

    This should be the zombie dogs that appeared in Resident Evil!

    After all, if it was a normal dog, an injury like that would probably be enough to kill it and never allow it to run toward him.

    Courting death!

    The zombie dog was one of the most troublesome enemies in the game.

    It was not that they had a high vitality or powerful attacks, but it was because of their short stature. Additionally, they were very agile and adept at hiding themselves. This made it hard for the protagonist in the game to accurately hit them with firearms.

    For Wei Xiao Bei, these dogs were also slightly troublesome.

    Because it was the first time Wei Xiao Bei encountered them, he had almost missed when he swung the machete. When the machete that was aimed toward its head chopped down, it jumped forward, and the machete sliced off most of its rear.

    If it was a normal creature, then this cut would have already been able to inflict an injury devastating enough to make the enemy flee.

    However, against zombie-type creatures, this kind of injury would not make them flee at all.

    The zombie dog that rushed under Wei Xiao Bei's foot, opened its mouth and bit toward his leg.

    If Wei Xiao Bei was bitten, then he would not only be injured, but he would also be infected with the zombie virus.

    He quickly raised his left foot and kicked toward the dog's throat, sending it flying.

    Wei Xiao Bei strode after it and swung his blade before the dog landed on the ground. In an instant, the dog had been bisected from head to tail.

    The black blood splattered all over Wei Xiao Bei's body. He did not frown at all as he gazed at the shadows coming from the front.

    There were more than ten shadows running towards his direction.

    They were all zombie dogs!

    Wei Xiao Bei never imagined that there were so many zombie dogs in this small district!

    In reality, although the dogs were not big, they were a lot stronger than normal Zombies.

    If the zombie dogs surrounded Wei Xiao Bei, then it would be a bad situation.

    I cannot get into a fight against these dogs!

    Wei Xiao Bei did not retreat, but he instead moved forward. He brandished his machete and instantly cut down the zombie dogs that pounced at him, sending them backwards.

    Although this attack was not fatal against the dogs, he had opened up a path for himself.

    The dogs kept pouncing toward him, but they were either sent flying by a kick or were killed by a chop of the blade.

    When three zombie dogs had been killed, Wei Xiao Bei already ran past them with a speed that even the dogs could not catch up to.

    Very quickly, ten Lickers crossed over the walls and entered the small district.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei had already activated his response search ability earlier and sensed the Lickers' arrival. He decided to hide inside a zombieless villa.

    When they lost their guidance of sound, these Lickers immediately lost their targets and spread out around the district, aimlessly roaming around.

    If these Lickers lost their targets, then they were no better than the Zombies that were moving around.

    They did not show enough intelligence to search for their prey at all.

    Wei Xiao Bei quickly went up to the second floor and put down the girl on the balcony.

    The view of the balcony was extensive, making it easy to attack and defend from there. Even if a Licker wanted to launch a sneak attack, it would be hard for Wei Xiao Bei to not notice it.

    “Don't speak first.”

    Wei Xiao Bei placed a finger in front of his mouth.

    The girl calmed down and stared at Wei Xiao Bei. Her face was slightly pale which might have been due to her being carried around while Wei Xiao Bei was running. She was so startled that she did not speak at all.

    Wei Xiao Bei entered the room again, and the girl followed behind him. Wei Xiao Bei circled the entire place once and grabbed as many unused chopsticks that he could find. Then he returned to the balcony as the girl trailed behind him.

    It was easy to see that the girl had already considered Wei Xiao Bei to be her benefactor.

    “Don't be nervous. We can chat but not too loud. Right, what is your name? Where are you from? What were you doing before you entered this place?”

    Wei Xiao Bei spoke in a light tone and wore a gentle smile. His hands did not stop sharpening the chopsticks. If he felt that the center of balance of the chopsticks was wrong, he would carve it more.

    “My name is Zhu Xin Yi. I am a student from Hangzhou University. I was studying in the dormitory before I came here.”

    The girl blushed after she finished speaking. It seemed that this was the first time where she had taken the initiative to introduce herself to a stranger, so she had become embarra.s.sed.

    “How about you?”

    Perhaps feeling that things were too monotonous, she returned back the question at hand.

    “Me? My name is Wei Xiao Bei. A martial arts pract.i.tioner.”

    Wei Xiao Bei placed the sharpened chopsticks to the side and spoke with a smile. However, his words did not reveal where he came from.

    Refrain from harming others, yet guard against those trying to hurt you.

    Wei Xiao Bei would never place his own safety in the hands of others.

    This was not called selfishness but was rather a kind of self-defense.

    “So you are a martial arts pract.i.tioner. No wonder your skills are so good. So many Zombies had been turned into a sorry state by you.”

    Hearing this, Zhu Xin Yi's mood immediately cleared up. She was like a child that had obtained a toy gun. The fear in her heart had also decreased.

    Naturally, the kind of love at first sight directed at the protagonists of novels would not happen to him.

    In reality, girls would admire handsome men and would even scream their names when they saw them. However, when it comes to the relations.h.i.+p between them, this was not a simple question to answer.

    After all, not everyone would entrust their happiness to someone based on a person's face.

    Moreover, Wei Xiao Bei's current appearance was only at the level of being acceptable among normal people. If he wanted his appearance to reach the level of making girls scream in joy, then he would need to increase his appearance and character to at least 12 points.

    Wei Xiao Bei continued to chat with Zhu Xin Yi to soothe her. He also did not stop moving his hands and continued to sharpen the shopsticks. After a while, there was already a pile of them on the ground.

    Wei Xiao Bei looked at the battlelog in his status panel.


You encountered 1-Star Elite Creature, Zombie Dog.

You killed a Zombie Dog.

You encountered a group of 1-Star Elite Creature, Zombie Dog.

You killed a Zombie Dog

You escaped the battle.

    Zombie Dog: 1-Star Elite Creature. Dogs infected by the zombie virus. They are agile, and their bites contain the zombie virus.

    This was the information Wei Xiao Bei gained from his status panel.

    From Wei Xiao Bei's point of view, this Zombie Dog was much stronger than the Giant Black Scorpions. However, the amount of evolution points that he earned was still the same 50 points.

    From this, it could be seen that the evolution points provided were not equal to strength in the Dust World.

    Naturally, if you looked at it from another point of view, the strength of the Giant Black Scorpions was not that far from the Zombie Dog.

    The Zombie Dogs were very fast and could even transmit the zombie virus. They were a huge threat to humans. As long as people were injured by them, then they were already at death's door.

    However, if they were defended against properly, then dealing with them was not that difficult.

    In short, Wei Xiao Bei felt that there was a fixed reasoning behind the evolution points, but he was not able to see through its secrets.

    For Wei Xiao Bei, dealing with five Zombie Dogs was much easier than dealing with a Licker even if the number of the evolution points received from eliminating them was the same.

    However, if it was an expert sniper, then killing a Licker from afar would be quite easy.

    The exposed brain of the Licker was its fatal weakness.

    This was the main reason why Wei Xiao Bei was sharpening the chopsticks: to deal with the Lickers.

    Those monsters were too difficult to deal with even if they had dispersed around the small district.

    However, if Wei Xiao Bei were to fight against a Licker right now, he would probably be met with a flock of them soon after and be surrounded from all sides.

    Before this happened, Wei Xiao Bei needed to allocate all of his evolution points and put them to good use.

    Increasing his fighting power!

    This time, he had gained 645 evolution points.

    150 points had come from the Zombie Dogs, while the rest were from humans or Zombies.

    Seeing Zhu Xin Yi's depressed expression, he knew that she had been extremely frightened. Afraid that she might not be able to handle it anymore, he let her enter the room to rest first.

    Who knew that Zhu Xin Yi was unwilling to do so. As if once she entered the room, Wei Xiao Bei would run away.

    Without any choice, Wei Xiao Bei could only go find a worn-out comforter and wrapped her in it so that she could sleep on the spot.

    When she finally fell asleep, Wei Xiao Bei contemplated a bit.

    Soon, he entered the room.

    Although the villa was in such a shabby state, the furnis.h.i.+ngs inside were complete, but some items were already too old to be usable.

    Wei Xiao Bei walked down to the living room and found a dartboard behind the sofa.

    Wei Xiao Bei hung the dartboard and placed a cloth behind it to dampen the sound.

    Afterwards, Wei Xiao Bei grabbed a sharpened chopstick, backed away from the wall, and focused on the dartboard.

    After a second, his hand suddenly moved and threw the chopstick. With his strength, the chopstick flew like an arrow.


    With a light sound, the chopstick had struck the wall.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not go up to check the result even though it was dark inside the villa, but he was able to clearly see the result.

The City of Terror Chapter 149 - What Kind Of Martial Arts Uses Chopsticks?

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