The City of Terror Chapter 153 - Returning To The Large Footprint

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Chapter 153 - Returning To The Large Footprint

    The worst part was that Wei Xiao Bei's sweat had not yet completely dried off, so he was letting off a thick scent of sweat which entered Zhu Xin Yi's nose like an aphrodisiac.

    Other than her father, Zhu Xin Yi had never came this close to a man before, making this situation very difficult for her.

    Moreover, when Zhu Xin Yi moved around too much, Wei Xiao Bei would berate her, “Don't flail about!”

    For Wei Xiao Bei, it was also difficult to have her stuck so close to his body. This was not related to his favorable impression of her but from a normal physiological male reaction.

    A soft body was making contact with his body and tied tightly together by a rope, causing their bodies to rub against each other.

    However, he would immediately s.h.i.+ft his attention elsewhere once this occured.

    The small road behind the wall of the small district was surrounded by ruined buildings on both sides of it.

    Wei Xiao Bei charged through the small road. His line of sight soon widened.

    A green gra.s.s field appeared in front of him.

    He felt familiar with the scene.

    He did not think too deeply about it and continued walking. However, as he approached the gra.s.s field, a large, deep hole appeared, and there were Green Dwarfs wandering around in the vicinity looking for food. Wei Xiao Bei finally understood what kind of place it was.

    This place was the former territory of the 3-Star Terror Creature, Big Tree Spirit!

    The deep hole was the one created by the Citizen of Long Bo when it stepped on the Big Tree Spirit.

    Wei Xiao Bei was a bit worried that the Mist Draconic Horse was still inside the hole, but after seeing that the Green Dwarfs were building thatched huts around the hole, he a.s.sumed that the Mist Draconic Horse had left the place.

    Otherwise, the Green Dwarfs would not dare set up camp in a place like this.

    Seeing Wei Xiao Bei appear, the Green Dwarfs cried out. The nearest Green Dwarfs would charge towards his direction.

    Just like before, they wielded old and worn-out weapons. They even let out strange sounds, trying to scare off Wei Xiao Bei.

    Wei Xiao Bei was not in the mood to tangle with them right now. He moved toward the hole and looked down once he reached the edge. He could not help but suck in his breath at what he saw.

    The deep hole was originally more than 20 meters deep. However, when he looked at it, it was pitch black to the point that he could not tell its depth. The dull light ray from the sky could only shed light outwards for a hundred meters, but everything below that was pitch black.

    What's going on?

    Could it be that the Mist Draconic Horse had continuously corroded the ground to create this?

    Contemplating about this, Wei Xiao Bei did not waste time thinking anymore and used his response search skill.

    However, this was a fruitless effort. Even when he perceived until 200 meters, he still could not feel the lowest level of the hole.

    Whoos.h.!.+ Wei Xiao Bei swung his machete, instantly killing two Green Dwarfs that had pounced at him. He picked up a worn-out kitchen knife and threw it down the hole.

    The knife instantly fell down and disappeared in the darkness. Wei Xiao Bei listened attentively, but in the end, he did not hear any sound at all.

    Could it be that this hole is a thousand meters deep!?

    In reality, Wei Xiao Bei was not willing to stand on the edge of the hole. When he threw down the knife, he immediately felt an uncomfortable sense of danger.

    Naturally, this sense of danger was a hidden threat. He knew that as long as he did not go crazy and jumped down, the dangerous threat that he perceived would not be able to harm him.

    After a few swings of the machete, he had scared the Green Dwarfs into running away from him. Wei Xiao Bei extended his hand and undid the binding, letting Zhu Xin Yi down.

    Zhu Xin Yi's face was blus.h.i.+ng hard but who knew why she did not get down.

    Wei Xiao Bei awkwardly said, “Girl, are you planning on latching onto me forever?”

    Zhu Xin Yi's face became redder, and she softly said, “My hands and feet feel numb. I can't get down.”

    Zhu Xin Yi did not need to walk when she was bound to Wei Xiao Bei, but because of the rubbing between their bodies, her entire body went stiff. Now, let alone getting down, her hands and feet could not even budge from the hugging posture.

    Wei Xiao Bei was stunned. He moved his hands to rub her hands and feet. Only then was he able to put her down.

    At this time, the number of Green Dwarfs that were surrounding them had increased to the hundreds, each waving a weapon and letting out strange threatening sounds.

    Compared to the Zombies, the Green Dwarfs were a lot weaker, but they were more intelligent compared to the Zombies. Seeing Wei Xiao Bei kill a few Green Dwarfs, they did not dare act blindly without thinking and waited for more reinforcements.

    After Zhu Xin Yi got down, she sat on the gra.s.s field and gently rubbed the numb parts of her body. Only after a while were the numb parts alleviated.

    Perhaps because the Green Dwarfs were shorter than her knees, Zhu Xin Yi was not that afraid. However, she was slightly worried due to their numbers, “Brother Wei, what should we do? Should we leave first?”

    Wei Xiao Bei smiled. Since the Mist Draconic Horse was not here, then the place could be called the best place to farm evolution points. There was no reason to leave at all.

    “Watch how I swing my blade.”

    Wei Xiao Bei instructed her. He waved his left hand, shooting out a chopstick. In an instant, it had penetrated a Green Dwarf's brain. The Green Dwarf swayed twice before falling down.

    Following Wei Xiao Bei's action, more of Green Dwarfs became furious.

    The nature of the Green Dwarfs was strange.

    They were similar to piranhas living in the Amazon River.

    However, when their numbers were few, they became cowards. When encountering a strong enemy, their first reaction was to run away.

    However, once their numbers increased to a certain limit, then their boldness increased as well. They would even dare fight stronger opponents.

    The angered Green Dwarfs shouted and charged forth. Their demeanor  seemed to suggest that they were planning to push Wei Xiao Bei into the hole.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei would never give them the chance. He strode forward, charging into the group of Green Dwarfs. He crouched his body and swept at the Green Dwarfs, slicing toward their waists.

    Every Green Dwarf that was cut only felt their waists go cold, and then the upper half of their bodies fell down as fresh blood immediately spurted out, dyeing the gra.s.s red.


    The blade was swung again, cutting down another group of Green Dwarfs.

    After these two times, the Green Dwarfs immediately pulled back and withdrew away by about 30-40 meters, forming a big circle. No matter how much the powerful Green Dwarfs at the back shouted, the Green Dwarfs near the front were not willing to go forward.

    They were not brainless creatures like the Zombies. Bullying the weak and fearing the strong was their motto.

    They saw Wei Xiao Bei's violent display of killing nine of their comrades in two swings.

    They witnessed the gruesome appearance of the Green Dwarfs that were killed by being cut through their waists. No matter how bold they were, they would not continue moving forward.

    “Do you understand it?”

    Wei Xiao Bei retreated and gently asked.

    “Ah, yes. A little bit.”

    Zhu Xin Yi fearfully responded.

    This was different from killing Zombies. These Green Dwarfs also had a life. Zhu Xin Yi roughly understood what Wei Xiao Bei wanted her to do. As a result, she answered a bit weakly.

    Naturally, demanding a girl to quickly learn blade techniques was not an easy task to accomplish even for the simplest chopping motion.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei did not have that much protective feelings toward her. Hearing her response, he handed her the machete and instructed her, “Grab this and try it out.”

    As he said this, he pointed toward the Green Dwarfs 30 meters away.

    Zhu Xin Yi was stunned as if she could not believe that he wanted her to go alone.

    However, she knew that if she could not take this step, then living in this world would incredibly difficult.

    Perhaps, this might even become the reason for Wei Xiao Bei to abandon her.

    When she thought about this, she steadied her panicked emotions. She grabbed the machete and swung it a few times.

    The machete was not small, but because it was made out of the Sacred Beetle's jaw, it was not that heavy at all. Its weight was about a kilogram.

    For a girl like Zhu Xin Yi, the machete was not burdensome to carry.

    “Go. I will help you control the crowd on the side.”

    Wei Xiao Bei held onto a couple of chopsticks on each of his hands. He laughed and followed behind her.

    Zhu Xin Yi took a few deep breaths. After controlling her frantic mood, she raised the machete and moved forward.

    Seeing a girl come out, the Green Dwarfs were stunned, but they soon cheered.

    Without a doubt, the Green Dwarfs were able to tell the difference between human genders. Moreover, they knew that women were weaker than men!

    The man is standing 20 meters behind the woman!


    Kill the woman! Let us all eat meat!

    This should roughly be what the Green Dwarfs were shouting.

    As a result, the most impulsive Green Dwarfs threw themselves forward while raising their weapons. There were about 30 of them.

    However, many Green Dwarfs were afraid that the man would make his move. Moreover, their positions were bad. Even if they moved forward, they might not gain any benefits.

    Hazing at the Green Dwarfs, Zhu Xin Yi did not have any fear at all, but after seeing more than 30 knee-tall Green Dwarfs charge forth, she became slightly anxious. She could only encourage herself, “Zhu Xin Yi! You can do it! These small monsters are weak! Even if you fail, brother Wei is standing behind you.”

    People should not demand too much from a girl. After all, being able to raise a machete and not retreat from the charging Green Dwarfs was already not that bad.

    When the Green Dwarfs were about 10 meters from her, she crouched down.

The City of Terror Chapter 153 - Returning To The Large Footprint

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