The City of Terror Chapter 156 - Break Up And Recombine

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Chapter 156 - Break Up and Recombine

    At the very least, Zhu Xin Yi at this moment was no longer afraid to the point that she had even been eager to try and fight again like what happened a while ago.

    “Don't move too far away, or else it would be harder for me to protect you.”

    Wei Xiao Bei looked at Zhu Xin Yi's appearance and roughly knew her thoughts.

    In reality, humans had always kept their bloodthirst in their hearts. Due to the restrictions of human society, they had suppressed this thirst so that they could stay humans and not be beasts.

    Naturally, this did not mean that Zhu Xin Yi had become a beast, but rather, the changes in her heart would make her stronger than the majority of men.

    While watching Zhu Xin Yi's back as she moved towards a Green Dwarf, Wei Xiao Bei knew that Zhu Xin Yi could be considered an experienced soldier and not a weak, naive girl.

    Wei Xiao Bei lightly sighed as he did not know if this change was for the better or for the worse.

    In reality, a majority of the Green Dwarfs had already escaped and only a few of them were still fighting.

    The habits of the Green Dwarfs were strange. They had just experienced a bloodbath, but now, after spreading out a little, they had quickly returned back to normal, picking up random bits of gra.s.s, mushroom, rhizomes, fruits, and other type of food.

    However, this did not mean they were harmless.

    When a Green Dwarf that had been digging the ground with a rusted knife, heard Zhu Xin Yi's approaching footsteps, it raised its head, and when it saw a human girl approaching, raised its knife and pounced forwarward.

    This might be due to the Green Dwarfs having a short memory, or because they thought that human women were weak.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not continue paying attention anymore, since there were only a few Green Dwarfs left there. Additionally, the smell of blood coming from the piles of corpses of Green Dwarfs made majority of the Green Dwarfs unconsciously avoid the place.

    As long as Zhu Xin Yi did not go stupid, there should be no problem.

    After all, humans were stronger than the Green Dwarfs. Moreover, Zhu Xin Yi with a machete was not to be trifled with.

    Wei Xiao Bei placed only a bit of attention on Zhu Xin Yi. He sat down on the gra.s.s and then lied down, feeling certain comfort after fighting such a huge battle. He took a look at his status panel...

    2145 evolution points!

    Wei Xiao Bei remembered the 1600 points he had earned rhe last time, and then looked at the evolution points that had now exceeded 2000 points.

    With this many evolution points, Wei Xiao Bei naturally did not let them grow mold in his status panel.

    It was just that previously, he  did not have the chance to allocate them due to the ferocity of the previous battle.

    Now that the battle ended and Zhu Xin Yi was patrolling and killing Green Dwarfs, it was much more safer now. At the very least, it was much more safer than running back to the food street.

    After all, Wei Xiao Bei could not judge if the Mist Draconic Horse was still there or not.

    Wei Xiao Bei unhesitantly placed his evolution points into st.u.r.diness.

    Wei Xiao Bei knew that increasing his st.u.r.diness would cause changes to his body. These changes would without a doubt amaze those who knew him well.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei would not just disregard st.u.r.diness because of this.

    Every attribute in the status panel had their uses.

    The purpose of st.u.r.diness was to carry the burden the muscle attribute gave him, and it had even increased his strength.

    This was like an elephant fighting an ape. The ape was admittedly stronger than an elephant, but in a true confrontation, the elephant could rely on its weight to crush an ape.

    The higher his st.u.r.diness, the more robust his body would become. This would allow him to resist stronger attacks whether it was from himself or from his enemy.

    14.96, 14.97, 14.98, 14.99, 15!

    What Wei Xiao Bei never imagined was that when he increased his st.u.r.diness to 15 points, a large surge of something warm flowed throughout his body. He felt as if lava was spreading all over his body, and then he felt pain as if his body was being torn apart.

    Most of his muscles and bones instantly split apart and then recombined. This repeated continuously as his body was seemed to be slowly pulled longer.

    From the very beginning, Wei Xiao Bei felt the endless pa.s.sage of time.

    The surging pain rushed to his brain over and over again, preventing him from fainting.

    The pain was much more violent and fierce than that time at Cui Hu University.

    Wei Xiao Bei even believed that if he did not divert his attention from the pain, he would eventually go crazy at the end of it.

    Breathing technique!

    Wei Xiao Bei began to practise some breathing techniques.

    The greatest advantage of breathing techniques was that it can be done in any posture. It could even be trained while sleeping.

    Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei had not tried it when sleeping before, since his had not yet reached that level of expertise.

    When he began his breathing techniques, the pain coming from all over his body seemed to have been separated by a layer of film. He could still faintly feel the pain, but it was a lot lesser than what he had just experienced.

    While training, his mind calmed down, and he even began training his Qi.

    Wei Xiao Bei would usually train his Qi with a standing static stance.

    In reality, the static stance of Guo Shu relies on a fixed posture to strengthen the Qi and recuperate the body.

    Wei Xiao Bei's attempt of training Qi while lying down was a first in Bajiquan.

    However, doing this kind of attempt would always end tragically.

    This was also something that could not be helped. All the static stances in Guo Shu had been finely tuned by countless Guo Shu experts and masters, resulting in the greatest efficiency that was visible today.

    There was no need even comparing one person's senses to a group of people's.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei had a hidden trump card in his hands. Since his entire body was spliting apart and recombining, any setbacks in training Qi would not be much. Moreover, with his vitality, even if something bad truly happened, his recovery speed would still be a lot faster than normal people.

    His consciousness sunk as he looked at his Dantian.

    As he did this, the influence from the pain of his body splitting apart and recombing had disappeared, making him relax.

    In reality, the Dantian's location was within the range of where Wei Xiao Bei's parts had been splitting and recombining, but Wei Xiao Bei was amazed the Dantain appeared to be in a separate states, as if it was in a separate s.p.a.ce. As the body continued to split  and recombine, more uncontrollable Qi was created.

    As long as his Inner Sight was not interrupted, there should be no problem in gathering Qi and opening his meridians.

    The amount of Qi created by his body was more than 10 times the normal amount. It was like a tide as it surged into his Dantian.

    Wei Xiao Bei easily controlled his Qi and sent it flowing through his meridians. In less than half a second, it entered his Yin Jiao Acupuncture Point.

    Wei Xiao Bei was amazed at this. Normally, moving the Qi into the meridian was not be as stable and he would normally lose 30 percent of it.

    However, this time, the Qi that flowed into the Yin Jiao Acupuncture Point seemed to not have decreased at all. On the contrary, it even absorbed more uncontrollable Qi inside the acupuncture point, becoming bigger.

    Before the Qi entered the acupuncture point, it was already big. After it left, it had absorbed the Qi inside and increased in size.

    As a result of this, when the Qi reached the Ju Jue Acupuncture Points, it had already reached twice its size compared to when it was in the Dantian.

    However, even though the Qi was this big, Wei Xiao Bei did not feel any swelling in his blood channels, meridians, and acupuncture points at all. On the contrary, he even felt comfortable.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not waste anymore time since there were no anomalies and urged his Qi forward.

    After the Qi left the Ju Jue Acupuncture Point, the blood channel was still blocked.

    However, with his experience and the size of the Qi, the pain had decreased by a lot.

    The blood channel was different from before. It felt more like a quagmire instead of a steal blockade. The speed his Qi moved was a lot faster than before. Moreover, the consumption of the Qi was about 50 percent less compared to before.

    What surprised Wei Xiao Bei the most was that when the Qi moved to the Ju Wei Acupuncture Point, the Qi had knocked against the impurities and immediately scattered them into nothing.

    Isn't this too easy?

    Wei XIao Bei was puzzled. After all, he previously needed three strikes before he was able to get rid of the impurities. The further meridians should have required more than that.

    However, he was now able to do things so easily, and the pain was even less than before.

    Naturally, the pain might have been suppressed by the pain from his body splitting up.

    When the Qi entered the Jiu Wei Acupuncture Point and absorbed more Qi, it had fully replenished and grown a bit more bigger.

    Wei Xiao Bei suspected that these changes should have something to do with his st.u.r.diness at 15 points.

    However, he did not dare become distracted right now. He took advantage of this heaven-granted opportunity to continue opening his meridians.

    Zhong Ting Acupuncture Point! Open!

    Shan Zhong Acupuncture Point! Open!

    Yu Tang Acupuncture Point! Open!

    He continued opening more meridians and reached the Chang Jiang Acupuncture Point.

    This acupuncture point was located at the sunken cavity below the lips. It is also the final acupuncture point.

    After this, the Qi would have nowhere to go anymore.

    However, these 8 meridians were originally linked to the 12 blood channels.

    Wei Xiao Bei naturally understood what this meant. In the Chang Jiang Acupuncture Point, there were many fine blood channels that were connected to various acupuncture points.

The City of Terror Chapter 156 - Break Up And Recombine

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