The City of Terror Chapter 157 - Charm Increase!

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Chapter 157 - Charm Increase!

    As Qi continued to flow through the tiny blood channels, it reached the Di Cang Acupuncture Point.

    The blood channel for the Di Cang Acupuncture Point was originally narrow, but when the Qi flowed through it, it was as if the blood channel tore apart.

    The pain was currently nothing for Wei Xiao Bei.

    The blood channel underwent a strong tension caused by his body's splitting and recombining. After a bit of pain, the blood channel opened up as Qi entered his Di Cang Acupuncture Point.

    In reality, every acupuncture point had impurities in them.

    They were only cleared when Wei Xiao Bei had previously circulated his uncontrollable Qi.

    The uncontrollable Qi appeared to be the same as the Qi that he could control, but they were actually worlds apart.

    Uncontrollable Qi was thin and capable of entering blood channels, acupuncture points, organs, etc. It could even push out the impurities.

    Real Qi was different. It could only circulate within the blood channels and was unable to separate from them. However, its density and effects were 10 times more powerful compared to uncontrollable Qi.

    If uncontrollable Qi was like a feather in midair, then real Qi was like a thick fog.

    Naturally, compared to opening his eight meridians, opening the blood channel toward the Di Cang Acupuncture Point was a lot easier.

    When the Qi reached the Di Cang Acupuncture Point, it moved downward and expanded the various blood channels along the way.

    As the Qi flowed through various blood channels and acupuncture points, it reached the Qi Chong Acupuncture Point.

    After that, he circulated it toward the Hui Yin Acupuncture Point.

    The Hui Yin (Perineum) Acupuncture Point was one of the most important acupuncture points in the body.

    Countless online users even praised it and made poems about it.

    For example, there was a famous saying in a poem: “The superior man is satisfied and composed; the wicked man is always full of distress.”

    A chinese expression was also given for it: The chicken has flown out of the coop, and the eggs are broken.

    There was also a famous martial arts move for it: Immortal plucking peaches.


    In short, this acupuncture point was important.

    The acupuncture point was located between the s.c.r.o.t.u.m/v.u.l.v.a and the a.n.u.s.

    As Qi entered the Hui Yin Acupuncture Point, Wei Xiao Bei felt something strange. He felt that the pain coming from his body had dispersed this strange feeling into pieces.

    In reality, Wei Xiao Bei did not realize that entering this acupuncture point when the body was in a normal condition would give an erection for more than half an hour.

    If he truly had an erection at the moment, he would lose all face in front of Zhu Xin Yi.

    After the Qi moved out of the Hui Yin Acupuncture Point, it moved upwards,then pa.s.sed through more blood channels, and finally returned back to his Dantian.

    Until now, the effects of finally opening his blood channels and circulating his Qi during this short time was the same as urging Qi to move through the blood channels for a week.

    When the Qi returned back to his Dantian, Wei Xiao Bei immediate felt that the pain coming from his body had decreased by more than 30 percent.

    The uncontrollable Qi inside his body once again became vigorous.

    Wei Xiao Bei continuously circulated his Qi a few more times until the pain in his body completely dissipated.

    This was not the effect of circulating his Qi, but rather it was because his body had finished splitting and recombining.

    Wei Xiao Bei quickly opened his eyes and looked at his surroundings.

    When his body was splitting and recombining, Wei Xiao Bei was cut off from the outer world. As a result, he would not know if anything happened even if the apocalypse started.

    Now that he had taken a good look around, he deemed that it was safe everywhere. The only issue was that Zhu Xin Yi had ran farther than before, and a Green Dwarf stood beside her.

    This was the strangest part. The Green Dwarf was actually following behind Zhu Xin Yi without attacking her at all.

    On the contrary, whenever Zhu Xin Yi would point at another Green Dwarf, it would raise its kitchen knife and attack the other Green Dwarf without caring about its fellow brethren at all.

    Disregarding how powerful the Green Dwarf was, as long as it attracted the attention of the opposing Green Dwarf, Zhu Xin Yi would be able to kill the opposing Green Dwarf easier.

    “Girl, come here.”

    Wei Xiao Bei walked slowly toward them. A cold wind blew over, causing him to tremble.

    His clothes were already drenched in sweat, and  his recently reconstructed body was very weak, resulting in him being unable to endure the wind when it blew past him.

    “Brother Wei! Brother Wei! Take a look, this is my captured monster! I named him Xiao Chou.”

    Seeing Wei Xiao Bei stand up, Zhu Xin Yi excitedly ran over. The Green Dwarf also eagerly followed behind.

    Even if it saw Wei Xiao Bei, the Green Dwarf was not afraid at all. It raised its kitchen knife and looked at Wei Xiao Bei as if he was prey.

    Seeing this, Zhu Xin Yi patted the Green Dwarf's head and spoke in a tone of a kindergarten teacher, “Xiao Chou, this is brother Wei. You must be polite.”

    A Green Dwarf had intelligence that was not that high. However, it seemed to be able to understand simple human words. After being informed by Zhu Xin Yi, the vigor in the Green Dwarf's body disappeared as it obediently stood beside Zhu Xin Yi. It did not even look at Wei Xiao Bei and played with the knife in its hand, just like a kindergartener who could not accept the teacher's words.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not care if the Green Dwarf was polite to him or not. What he was interested in was Zhu Xin Yi's condition.

    “What's this all about?” Wei Xiao Bei pointed at the Green Dwarf and doubtfully asked.

    Seeing Wei Xiao Bei inquire about the Green Dwarf, Zhu Xin Yi had a proud expression on her face, “Brother Wei, you did not know? When I thought I was about to be killed by this monster, I screamed. In the end, this monster seemed to obey me.”

    Wei Xiao Bei pondered for a bit and continued asking, “Do you feel anything strange about your body? For example, have you gotten stronger ,or can you run faster?”

    “About this, I don't think so.”

    Zhu Xin Yi wrinkled her brows and pouted. Two small dimples appeared on her face as she thought for a bit before answering.

    “No changes?”

    Wei Xiao Bei was slightly puzzled.  

    Zhu Xin Yi should have already killed around 17-18 Green Dwarfs including the new corpses of Green Dwarfs around the place.

    If it was converted to evolution points, it should be more than 150 points.

    This should have been enough to cause changes to her status.

    “Ah, right. I felt that my skin had become glossier. Does that count?”

    Zhu Xin Yi suddenly muttered.

    Wei Xiao Bei's ears were sharp. Let alone her muttering, he would even be able to hear a mutter from 50 meters away.

    Skin became glossier?

    Hearing this, Wei Xiao Bei acted without thinking. He reached out and clasped Zhu Xin Yi's hand. Sure enough, it was a bit glossier and whiter.

    “Let me see your face.”

    When Wei Xiao Bei had caught her hand, Zhu Xin Yi bashfully lowered her head. On the contrary, when the Green Dwarf witnessed this scene, it thought that Wei Xiao Bei was about to attack its master. It raised its kitchen knife and cut toward Wei Xiao Bei's knee.

    Wei Xiao Bei slightly raised his right leg and kicked the Green Dwarf away.

    That said, Wei Xiao Bei felt that the Green Dwarf subdued by Zhu Xin Yi was stronger than normal Green Dwarfs. Its demeanor was also tougher, which could have been attributed to it killing a few of its brethren.

    Seeing the Green Dwarf raise its knife at Wei Xiao Bei, Zhu Xin Yi was startled as she tried to quickly block it, but she was too late as Wei Xiao Bei had already kicked it away.

    In this moment, Wei Xiao Bei was able to clearly see Zhu Xin Yi's face.

    It's just as I suspected.

    Not only did Zhu Xin Yi's skin become glossier, her face also became prettier.

    Most of the evolution points she gained from killing the Green Dwarfs had been placed into her charm attribute!

    There is no doubt about it!

    After all, the Dust World was not a beauty salon. It was impossible for Zhu Xin Yi to become this beautiful without a good cause.

    Since there were no other changes to her body, then this was the only answer.

    After withdrawing his hand, Wei Xiao Bei became aware that what he had done was slightly overboard.

    Although the custom of 'men and women should not touch hands when they give or receive things' had become obsolete, it was still inappropriate to touch other peoples' ' hands and faces for no reason especially after maturity. Moreover, their relations.h.i.+p was only at most friends.

    After giving out a hollow laugh, Wei Xiao Bei took out the remaining hardtacks and two packs of water bags. He placed them on the ground and made a gesture. Wei Xiao Bei then picked up the hardtack and water as he began eating.

    After the previous large fight and his body reconstruction, he felt that his body was incredibly weakened, and it was time to replenish himself.

    At this time, Zhu Xin Yi also felt hungry. She picked up a hardtack and took a small bite, which caused her to become more famished. As a result, her reservations had disappeared as she quickly nibbled on the hardtack and drank big gulps of water.

    Who knew if Zhu Xin Yi's Green Dwarf was the most intelligent among the Green Dwarfs, but it at the very least was not an idiot. Seeing its master begin to eat and drink with the man, it looked side to side. Discerning that its master and the man did not pay attention to it, it carefully tiptoed up to them and grabbed a pack of hardtack as it stuffed the hardtack into its mouth.

    The Green Dwarf did not notice that there was a layer of plastic around the hardtack. When it bit down once, not only did it not bite onto a piece of hardtack,  but also two of its teeth had fallen out.

    Seeing its pained expression, Zhu Xin Yi smiled but immediately, shyly looked back at Wei Xiao Bei.

    Zhu Xin Yi roughly knew from looking at the situation in the Dust World that food and water was very difficult to find.

    Moreover, Xiao Chou had already taken a pack of hardtack and stuffed it into its mouth. She was afraid that her brother Wei would be unhappy.

The City of Terror Chapter 157 - Charm Increase!

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