The City of Terror Chapter 158 - Status Appraisal: Charm Control?

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Chapter 158 - Status Appraisal: Charm Control?

    If it was like before, Wei Xiao Bei would not be happy about depleting his food sources, but now that he already found a way back to the apartment building, he could easily replenish his food and water. For this reason, he did not care about a single pack of hardtack.

    What he cared about right now was Zhu Xin Yi's worth. If an ability or a skill was the reason why Zhu Xin Yi was able to subdue a Green Dwarf, then her worth would increase a lot.  

    Ignoring the Citizen of Long Bo for now, if she could just subdue a Mist Draconic Horse or a Big Tree Spirit, then there was no problem for her in preserving her life.

    In reality, Wei Xiao Bei did not even dare to fight with these two monsters at the moment. That was why Zhu Xin Yi's value was high.

    “Let it eat.”

    Wei Xiao Bei smiled and lied down on the gra.s.s.

    Seeing that Wei Xiao Bei did not get mad, Zhu Xin Yi sighed in relief as she quickly grabbed the hardtack from the Green Dwarf's mouth. Then she lectured it while helping it open the hardtack.

    However, Zhu Xin Yi would cast glances at Wei Xiao Bei's body from time to time. She felt baffled at how his body seemed to have become slightly more robust, and his height seemed to have increased a bit.

    However, she did not dare ask about it and only kept this puzzlement in her heart.

    When facing Wei Xiao Bei, the Green Dwarf did not show any fear, but when it was being lectured by Zhu Xin Yi, it would become well behaved as if it was a kindergartner that had been caught pilfering food.

    Wei Xiao Bei looked at his status panel as he lied down on the gra.s.s. He did not forget that his body had become more robust after increasing his st.u.r.diness to 15 points. He knew that his body size and height increased, but this was not enough!

    However, when he examined his st.u.r.diness attribute, he could not help but frown.

    His st.u.r.diness attribute had become red. This meant that there was no way for him to increase it further to 20 points.

    When he inspected the reddened st.u.r.diness attribute, he had a rough understanding.

    Everytime his st.u.r.diness increased by a certain critical point, his body would begin large-scale strengthening. In order to maintain his safety, he could not increase it anymore for a duration of time.

    Wei Xiao Bei was disappointed by this because he wanted to know that kind of ability he would obtain once his st.u.r.diness increased to 20 points.

    He had looked forward to it.

    Now that he could not increase his st.u.r.diness, he could not help but look at his other attributes instead.

    Wei Xiao Bei's eyes hovered over willpower and judgement as he hesitated between which one to pick.

    In terms of importance, his willpower was more important than his judgement.

    He knew that the Dust World had many unknown creatures inside of it, and some could even disturb the heart. For example, the Fiendish Man Fish or the Thousand Eye Devil were some of these types of creatures. If his willpower was too low, it would be easy for the opponent to overwhelm him, decreasing his battle power and killing him.

    Judgement, on the other hand, allowed him to understand everything around him.

    The higher this ability was, the easier it was to have a deeper understanding of things.

    In simpler terms, it was easier to recognize things in front of him.

    This attribute was not that useful.

    At least from his point of view, it was on the same level as the sub-attribute under charm.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei had a slight intuition that he must increase his judgement attribute, and it would be better than willpower.

    Should I put it in judgement? Or willpower?

    Wei Xiao Bei hesitated and finally decided to trust his intuition.

    His intuition was at 20 points and saved him a few times already.

    This was a special property of intuition: to strike at the heart of the problem and solve it!

    Since he still had 1640 evolution points left, there should be no problem if he increased his judgement, so he decided to gamble on it!

    Wei Xiao Bei did not hesitate as he placed evolution points into his judgement attribute.

    11.01, 11.02, 11.03…….

    Following the continuous increase in judgement, Wei Xiao Bei faintly felt that the things he perceived in his vision of the outside world had changed.

    For example, when he stepped on the gra.s.s, he was somehow able to tell that he had decreased its vitality by 20%. It would stay withered for two more days before regaining its vitality on the third day. However, in this process, other roots around it would absorb the nutrients in the soil and decrease its height by around 10%.

    When he looked at the Green Dwarf sitting beside Zhu Xin Yi, he was able to tell that its muscle ma.s.s was more than twice that of normal Green Dwarfs. He was then able to calculate that it had killed more than 20 of its brethren.

    If it was like before, Wei Xiao Bei would not carefully inspect these types of things. Now that he looked at them carefully, he was able to tell what was different.

    Naturally, the numbers that appeared from this a.n.a.lysis were vague, but it was a lot more detailed than his previous observation.

    As his judgment increased to 20 points, a new ability appeared in his status panel.

    Judgement: 20 [Status Appraisal]

    Status Appraisal: Able to inspect a creature's status. This ability's effectiveness is related to one's intelligence and awareness. Creatures inspected by this ability may sense that they are being looked at.


    Wei Xiao Bei's eyebrows raised up.

    This ability is not bad at all!

    Thinking about this, Wei Xiao Bei used this ability on Zhu Xin Yi.

    Zhu Xin Yi, who was playing with Xiao Chou, immediately sensed something gazing at her. When she looked up, she saw Wei Xiao Bei looking at her with slightly glowing blue eyes. This made her somewhat restless.

    “Brother Wei, are you alright?”

    Zhu Xin Yi suspiciously asked.

    “I'm fine. I'm fine.”

    Wei Xiao Bei awkwardly moved his gaze away and looked at a piece of gra.s.s as if the gra.s.s was the most exotic, most magnificent, and most beautiful gra.s.s in the entire field.

    In reality, Wei Xiao Bei's attention was on his mind.

Name: Zhu Xin Yi

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Creature Rank: 1 Star

Status: (The average adult female's status value is 8)

Strength: 5.5 (Muscle: 6 , St.u.r.diness: 5)

Agility: 5.5 (Hand-eye Coordination: 5, Flexibility: 6, Reflex: 6, Balance: 5)

Vitality: 5 (Health: 4, Endurance: 6)

Intelligence: 10 (Learning: 12, Reasoning: 8)

Awareness: 9.5 (Willpower: 9, Judgement: 8, Perception: 8, Intuition: 13)

Charm: 11.2 (Courage: 12, Persuasiveness: 9, Character: 13, Leaders.h.i.+p: 9, Appearance: 13)

Special Skills:

Charm Control (This skill allows the user to control creatures with similar and lower creature rank than the user through means of ma.s.sacre, threats, kindness, etc. The success rate of this skill is related to the user's charm and intelligence attributes. This ability is a innate ability of the user. For every 1-Star increase in the user's rank, this ability would upgrade. This ability can also be obtained when charm and intelligence attributes reach 20 points.)

Evolution Points: X (Unable to acc.u.mulate evolution points)

Items on hand: None

    Wei Xiao Bei already knew Zhu Xin Yi's status, but when he examined it again, he wanted to swear at the heavens.

    Although Zhu Xin Yi's status was considerably less than Wei Xiao Bei's status when he just entered the Dust World, she was just a girl!

    There was even an indication in her status panel.

    The average adult female's status value is 8.

    Her first three attributes (strength: 5.5, agility: 5.5, vitality: 5) were a lot weaker compared to Wei Xiao Bei's first three attributes.

    However, her last three attributes were heaven defying.

    Intelligence: 11, Awareness: 9.5, Charm: 11.2!

    This had completely turned Wei Xiao Bei's world view upside down.

    Moreover, Zhu Xin Yi's intuition, character, and appearance were all at 13 points. Compared to Wei Xiao Bei, his character and appearance were only at 7.99 points. This made him want to dig a hole and bury himself in it.

    Finally, the most unfair thing was the innate ability that she had gained when she had just entered the Dust World, charm control!

    It could allow her to control creatures of the same rank and below it!

    It was no wonder that the Green Dwarf was obeying her words.

    Wei Xiao Bei finally came to an understanding.

    This was why the thought of comparing himself to her made him furious.

    If Zhu Xin Yi could control more Green Dwarfs, or even Fishmen, Fishmen Guards, Mutated White Mice, or other creatures of the same rank, she could become unparalleled.

    Moreover, this ability would increase based on her creature rank!

    In other words, even if he increased his intelligence and charm to 20 points to obtain this ability, it would be a lot weaker than Zhu Xin Yi's ability.

    It must be known that increasing the charm and intelligence attribute to 20 points would allow any being to become a 2-Star Elite Creature.

    If it was Zhu Xin Yi, then her charm control ability would already have increased by a level, while Wei Xiao Bei would have just gained the ability at its initial state.

    Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei would not regret not placing his evolution points into intelligence and charm.

    If he did this in the beginning, he would probably have perished to a point of not even being left with bones.

    Choosing the right attributes was the only way to survive in the Dust World.

The City of Terror Chapter 158 - Status Appraisal: Charm Control?

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