The City of Terror Chapter 159 - Benefits Of Electrical Work Skill

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Chapter 159 - Benefits of Electrical Work Skill

    For example, if he did not save Zhu Xin Yi, then she might have died from the Zombie's mouth or the Licker's tongue.

    As for Zhu Xin Yi's evolution points, it was something worth investigating.

    Evolution Points: X (Unable to acc.u.mulate evolution points)

    She had obtained an innate skill in exchange for not being able to acc.u.mulate evolution points.

    Any evolution points that she acc.u.mulated would be placed into random attributes in her status.

    Wei Xiao Bei was puzzled. When he entered The Dust World, he did not obtain any innate skill, but it could be that his innate skill might be the status panel that appeared in his mind.

    From this, Wei Xiao Bei felt that he did not suffer that much of a loss.

    The mysterious status panel would allow him to obtain evolution points based on the monsters he killed. Then he could place the points into the attributes that he needed. Moreover, the advantages of being able to do this might be a lot better than how Zhu Xin Yi and Huang Kun would be automatically allocated points.

    Thanks to this, he allocated points into where he needed them and quickly become stronger.

    However, he was still more or less envious of Zhu Xin Yi's innate skill.

    If he had this skill, he would never even think of subduing monsters like the Green Dwarfs.

    Charming Zombie Dogs and Giant Black Scorpions were a lot better than Green Dwarfs.

    After deluding himself for a bit, he placed this thought at the back of his mind and once again checked his status panel.

    He still had 740 evolution points remaining.

    This was enough to increase his willpower to 20 points, or increase his release electricity voltage to 1000 volts.

    These two were important so it was hard to choose between them.

    Increasing his willpower would not only allow his will to strengthen but would also give him a new ability related to willpower.

    On the other hand, if he increase his voltage output, his intuition told him that other than the incredible short range, he would be able to obtain a few more benefits.

    Because of this, Wei Xiao Bei was stumped on how to choose.

    In the end, he decided to rely on vague luck. He grabbed a bundle of gra.s.s from the ground.

    If it the amount of gra.s.s he obtained was an odd number, then he would put it in willpower, otherwise he would put it in electrical voltage.

    Wei Xiao Bei quickly counted 22 pieces of gra.s.s.

    Even number!

    After confirming this, he focused on his status panel and placed evolution points into release electricity.

    In an instant, his electric voltage increased from 723 to 1000 volts.

    Special Skill: Release Electricity (Maximum strength 1000 volts, requires 3 evolution points to increase 1 volt. Maximum Current 62 milliamperes, requires 2 evolution points to increase 1 milliampere. Allows the user to alter the voltage and current proportion through the electrical work skill.)

    After his release electricity's voltage increased to 1000, new information appeared.

    When he had reached 1000 volts, the requirements to increase it had turned to 3 evolution points for 1 volt.

    What is this 'Allows the user to alter the voltage and current proportion through the electrical work skill'?

    Could it be an ability similar to transformers? (not the robot one)

    Wei Xiao Bei always had a headache because of this release electricity skill of his.

    The skill was very strong but he could never control the voltage and current at all.

    Everytime he released electricity, excluding electrical resistance, he would always release it at its maximum capacity.

    Without a doubt, this gave Wei Xiao Bei a lot of restrictions in using the skill.

    For example, he did not dare release electricity in the recent battle, because Zhu Xin Yi was on his shoulder.

    Once he released electricity, the girl might just directly die.

    Wei Xiao Bei's brows wrinkled a bit as his right hand approached a stalk of gra.s.s.


    Following the sound of electric current flowing, an electrical arc appeared at between his finger and the gra.s.s.

    In an instant, the gra.s.s turned yellow then black. In the end, it burned up and the electrical arc disappeared.

    Wei Xiao Bei nodded his head and entered into deep thought. In a slightly humid place like the gra.s.sfield, creating an electrical arc that was two centimeters long with a gra.s.s. He felt that there was definitely a discrepancy between the physics of The Dust World and reality.

    However, he was currently not able to explore this further. After thinking a bit more, he threw the thought to the back of his mind, and once again focused on his status panel.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not ignore the new changes to his special ability.

    It was impossible for the remaining 463 evolution points to make his willpower into 20 points. His new option was to place it into his electrical work skill to see if it would bring him a few benefits.

    Thinking about this, Wei Xiao Bei did not hesitate anymore and decided to put them into his electrical work skill.

    In reality, Wei Xiao Bei's electrical work skill was considered to be at the base level.

    Anyone who read an electrical textbook once and applied it a bit would be able to reach this level.

    Did this mean that Wei Xiao Bei's mind was innately dumber than other people?

    Regardless, after placing 50 evolution points, his electrical work changed from beginner to intermediate.

    No other changes appeared.

    The only thing that changed was that he seemed to have gained more information and knowledge. Wei Xiao Bei was not able to touch upon this experience and knowledge at all.

    Continue increasing it!

    100 evolution points!

    Electrical Work (Advanced).

    Still no changes.

    200 evolution points!

    Electrical Work (Master)

    There are still no changes.

    When he looked at his evolution points, only 113 points remained.

    Wei Xiao Bei was puzzled.

    Could it be that changes would only happen once I upgrade electrical work to perfection?

    But, 113 evolution points is not enough to do it.

    After thinking a bit more, Wei Xiao Bei placed 110 evolution points into learning, increasing it to 11.1 points.

    Wei Xiao Bei intuitively felt that increasing learning would help his electrical work skill.

    Wei Xiao Bei's evolution points had been used up and only 3 points remained.

    “Are you full?”

    Wei Xiao Bei looked at Zhu Xin Yi and Zhu Xin Yi immediately stood up. She blushed and said, “I'm full.”

    This was the first time Zhu Xin Yi ate something like a hardtack.

    Although she was very hungry, women innately had small appet.i.tes. After single hardtack and a bit of water, she was already full.

    “Okay. Bring Xiao Chou to train with you a bit. I will take a look at the other side.”

    Wei Xiao Bei looked around the surroundings and noticed that the Green Dwarfs had already relaxed. Some of them slept on the gra.s.s, some were gathering food, some were shamelessly doing their business on the gra.s.sfield.

    In short, there should be no problem for Zhu Xin Yi as she had the machete and the Green Dwarf, Xiao Chou.


    Zhu Xin Yi was now treating Wei Xiao Bei's words as an imperial edict. As long as Wei XIao Bei said it, she would not think about it and do what was told.

    This was not because of affection forming, but because of the initial elementary intimidation she experienced. This had created a bit of reverence in her heart toward Wei Xiao Bei. As a result, she ignored her safety, picked up a stick, and tried to kill the Zombies.

    In reality, the amount of people that would have this feeling of reverence were extremely few. The majority of people would only feel fear and fright.

    Afterwards, because she had experienced a series of events where Wei Xiao Bei saved her, the feeling of reverence became even deeper. However, Wei Xiao Bei never understood this.

    Seeing Zhu Xin Yi move in the other direction with Xiao Chou, he reminded her, “Girl, remember this. Don't approach the large hole. Stay 200 meters away from it.”


    Zhu Xin Yi nodded her head and and turned her eyes towards a Green Dwarf that was lying down on the gra.s.s. She instructed the Green Dwarf, Xiao Chou, and moved to surround it.

    Wei Xiao Bei nodded his head as he saw the scene.

    Real battles are truly the best teachers.

    Although Zhu Xin Yi's strength, agility, and vitality were low, she had followed Wei Xiao Bei and was now about the same as Huang Kun's level.

    This was probably because of her high intelligence.

    Seeing that there was no danger in the gra.s.sfield, Wei Xiao Bei did not stay there anymore and ran towards the food street.

    He did not plan to bring Zhu Xin Yi for an adventure back to the apartment building.

    Although she could control the Green Dwarfs, she was still too weak. If she followed him, it would just be courting death.

    Moreover, Wei Xiao Bei was not willing to bring a burden back with him.

    These words might sound unpleasant, but this was the reality of the situation.

    Wei Xiao Bei had perceived that the gra.s.s field that was originally the size of the forest had now expanded more than ten times its original size.

    In short, the distance Wei Xiao Bei had travelled from the food street to Cui Hu University was around 1000 meters. The place where the Citizen of Long Bo stepped on the Big Tree Spirit was in the middle of these two places. In other words, there was a distance of 500 meters from the hole to the food street.

The City of Terror Chapter 159 - Benefits Of Electrical Work Skill

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