The City of Terror Chapter 161 - Mirror Of Confusion

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Chapter 161 - Mirror of Confusion

    As for his entire body being covered in dust, Wei Xiao Bei decided to ignore it.

    After tidying up, Wei Xiao Bei pa.s.sed through the dense dust and walked toward the food street.

    He returned to the place he left the Shangfu at and pulled it out. Then he suddenly heard a buzzing noise.

    He felt that the sound was very familiar.

    He tried to remember what it was.

    In a few breaths' time, Wei Xiao Bei remembered the source of the sound.

    It was like a black tide that surged out from Lake Cui and slowly moved toward the outer perimeter of the apartment street.

    It was the black beetles from Lake Cui!

    Without a doubt, this was the cause of the sound.

    In reality, if he had not increased his intelligence, he might not have been able to recall them.

    Could the reason they came out be due to the collapse of the buildings?

    What did this mean?

    Wei Xiao Bei felt that some things faintly started to reveal themselves in his mind, but when he was about to grasp them, they disappeared.

    Could it be because the powerful monsters lurking in the apartment street had left? Or could it be because the deterrent brought by the apartment street against the black beetles disappeared?

    Wei Xiao Bei pondered for a bit and came to a conclusion.

    No matter what the cause was, the black beetles were moving toward him so he could not waste anymore time.

    It must be known that the black beetles were not inferior to the Sacred Beetle Descendants.

    Although the number of Sacred Beetle Descendants was comparable to that of the black beetles and  were stronger than them, the black beetles had the Thousand Eyed Devil behind them!

    That thing was horrific. Wei Xiao Bei had once seen it directly in the eyes in the past and was almost killed by it.

    Wei Xiao Bei was not afraid of enemies that were stronger than him, but he did not want to provoke strange and mysterious existences like the Thousand Eyed Devil.

    What am I doing, I should be running away!

    Although the black beetles were monsters that could give him a large sum of evolution points, they were still far fewer compared to the points received from the Green Dwarfs.

    Wei Xiao Bei carried a backpack, hung three more backpacks on his left shoulder, and vigorously threw the Shangfu's corpse on his right shoulder as he charged through the food street.

    In reality, Wei Xiao Bei's height was now 6'2''. All of his muscles were now bulging to the point that the Adidas s.h.i.+rt he was wearing had been stretched to its limit.

    With such a body, looking at him carrying three backpacks on his left shoulder and a Shangfu on his right shoulder appeared to be rather strange.

    In reality, if Wei Xiao Bei's balance was not high enough, it would be difficult for him to run at the moment.

    Because he had found out that the black beetles had appeared, he could only run away to safety through the dust-covered food street.

    When he stepped on the gra.s.s field, Wei Xiao Bei shook his entire body as if he got sick with epilepsy.

    He had no other choice but to do this since his entire body and clothes were covered in dust. As he shook his body, the dust had turned the gra.s.s gray.

    The stifling smell and taste of the dust was truly unbearable.

    If he did not take the Thousand Eyed Devil and the black beetles into consideration, Wei Xiao Bei would have wanted to take a comfortable bath in Lake Cui.

    After shaking his body, he jumped up and down a few times and then fixed his s.h.i.+rt. Although there was still some dust, it was a lot better than before.

    He carried the backpacks and the Shangfu corpse again and continued walking.

    The return trip was a lot more difficult.

    The backpack that he was carrying totaled to about 50 kilograms, while the Shangfu's corpse was about 30 kilograms. The total weight had already exceeded 80 kilograms.

    Because of this, his center of gravity was off, making him waste more strength when running.

    This was something that would not disappear even with his balance.

    As for the Green Dwarfs that blocked his path, every one of them were kicked by him to death.

    However, maybe because they smelled the scent of the Shangfu, they began to gather and increased their numbers to a certain amount.

    When Wei Xiao Bei finally reached Zhu Xin Yi, he had already killed more than 30 Green Dwarfs and earned 327 evolution points.

    However, at this time, Wei Xiao Bei did not consider the problem of where to allocate his evolution points and instead looked at Zhu Xin Yi.

    The dust on his eyelashes would not affect his vision.

    After just a short period of time, the girl in front of him appeared to have become prettier. Even the freckles on her face would not influence her beauty at all.

    Wei Xiao Bei inspected her status.

Name: Zhu Xin Yi

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Creature Rank: 1 Star

Status: (The average adult female's status value is 8)

Strength: 5.58 (Muscle: 6.08 , St.u.r.diness: 5.08)

Agility: 5.64 (Hand-eye Coordination: 5.15, Flexibility: 6.18, Reflex: 6.13, Balance: 5.09)

Vitality: 5 (Health: 4.16, Endurance: 6.2)

Intelligence: 10.5 (Learning: 12.5, Reasoning: 8.5)

Awareness: 9.59 (Willpower: 9.11, Judgement: 8.05, Perception: 8.09, Intuition: 13.12)

Charm: 12.28 (Courage: 12.56, Persuasiveness: 9.11, Character: 14.65, Leaders.h.i.+p: 9.99, Appearance: 15.1)

Special Skills:

Charm Control (This skill allows the user to control creatures with similar and lower creature rank than the user through means of ma.s.sacre, threats, kindness, etc. The success rate of this skill is related to the user's charm and intelligence attributes. This ability is a innate ability of the user. For every 1-Star increase in the user's rank, this ability would upgrade. This ability can also be obtained when charm and intelligence attributes reach 20 points.)

Evolution Points: X (Unable to acc.u.mulate evolution points)

Items on hand: Sacred Beetle Machete (substandard sharpness), Mirror of Confusion


    Wei Xiao Bei stared blankly at Zhu Xin Yi's status.

    Isn't the increase in status too fast?

    The growth of the sub-attributes under strength, agility, vitality, and awareness were not that clear, but the sub-attributes under charm seemed to have increased a lot.

    Wei XIao Bei calculated the increase in her status and determined that she had obtained around 700 evolution points.

    In Zhu Xin Yi's case, she did not have a status panel, so the benefits that she gained from the evolution points was less than his. This meant that she should have gained more than 800 evolution points.

    What is this Mirror of Confusion?

    “Brother Wei?”

    Zhu Xin Yi slightly hesitated when she saw Wei Xiao Bei and tried to call out to him. Wei Xiao Bei nodded his head before continuing forward.

    “What? Can't recognize me anymore?”

    Wei Xiao Bei knew that his entire body was covered in dust, but it should not be to the point that she would not be able to recognize him.

    Zhu Xin Yi rummaged for something on her body, pulled out a small metal mirror, and then gave it to Wei Xiao Bei.

    Wei Xiao Bei grasped a hold of it, looked into it, and frowned.

    Although he had washed his face before, his face was still covered in dust. As it mixed with his sweat, black marks appeared on his face.

    His appearance would truly make people who were not familiar with him not able to recognize him.

    Wei Xiao Bei was slightly embarra.s.sed as he put down the things he was carrying on the ground. He took out a bottle of water to wash his face.

    He then vaguely felt a faint power come from the mirror. He felt that this mirror was familiar. He couldn't help but look into his status panel.

    Mirror of Confusion: This item was brought into the Dust World by Zhu Xin Yi and mutated as a result of the Dust World. This item can cause slight confusion and increase the effects of Charm Control. Everytime the host succeeds in charming a monsters, this item's effect will increase.

    So it was like that.

    Wei Xiao Bei roughly understood that the mirror was something on Zhu Xin Yi's body when she initially arrived in The Dust World. Soon afterwards, it was mutated by The Dust World becoming the Mirror of Confusion.

    Perhaps something had happened when he was not here that had caused this item to mutate.

    Wei Xiao Bei thought for a bit. His own White Mist Knife was something that began to mutate when he killed the Thunder Worm.

    Wei Xiao Bie returned back the mirror to Zhu Xin Yi and asked, “How did you get this mirror?

    His eyes examined Zhu Xin Yi's face.

    At this time, Wei Xiao Bei did not count on Zhu Xin Yi telling him these things, but this would decide how he would treat Zhu Xin Yi in the future.

    Would she be a normal friend or a true friend?

    If there was someone there who could read Wei Xiao Bei's thoughts, they would probably ask Wei Xiao Bei, “Why don't you tell your secrets to other people instead of asking for theirs?”

    This was the unfairness of the world.

    For example, when a couple had many children, there would always be an inclination that would appear.

    Or how a criminal would get off scot-free if the evidence was not enough.

    Or perhaps, when a great flood occurred, people who were still sleeping would be swept away, while people who woke up early would be safe.

    Wei Xiao Bei who had the power of status appraisal had the advantage over Zhu Xin Yi, so he was in a higher position. He could secretly check Zhu Xin Yi's status.

    “This mirror? Ah, I was truly lucky at that time.”

    Hearing Wei Xiao Bei's question, Zhu Xin Yi had suddenly become talkative as she recounted her story.

    It seemed that when Wei Xiao Bei left, she had encountered a life or death battle.

The City of Terror Chapter 161 - Mirror Of Confusion

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