The City of Terror Chapter 163 - Evil Possession Appears Again

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Chapter 163 - Evil Possession Appears Again

    “Let's go up.”

    Wei Xiao Bei chose to use this laboratory building to hide the food and water.

    Compared to the apartment building, the laboratory building seemed much more st.u.r.dier. He believed that what happened to the apartment building would not happen again for at least a period of time.


    Wei Xiao Bei kicked open a random office. There was an old bookshelf with a tattered old book on it.

    With a slight push, he cleared the bookshelf. Then, he placed most of the food and water inside, leaving only one bag with him.

    This was only a temporary storage area, and could change as the situation changes.

    Wei Xiao Bei lifted up a few lockers and blocked them in front of the bookshelf. Only then did he sigh in relief.

    They continued upstairs and Wei Xiao Bei subdued the Mutated White Mice to let Zhu Xin Yi control them. This way, the Green Dwarfs' lack of speed could be compensated.

    “Rest a bit.”

    Wei Xiao Bei smiled as he sat on the edge of the roof while his eyes scanned his surroundings.

    Soon, Wei Xiao Bei thought of a certain matter and called Zhu Xin Yi to his side. He took out a bottle from his backpack that was filled with red liquid.

    Zhu Xin Yi looked at the bottle with hesitation, “Is this blood?”

    Wei Xiao Bei smiled, “That's right. It is blood. It is the blood of a Shangfu. If you drink it, it is beneficial for your body.”

    After saying this, he immediately pa.s.sed the bottle to Zhu Xin Yi, indicating for her to drink it.

    Zhu Xin Yi wrinkled her delicate eyebrows. Wei Xiao Bei even thought that she would refuse, but she actually clenched her teeth, opened the bottle, and took two big gulps.

    Without a doubt, the first thing that came to Zhu Xin Yi's mind was disgust at the pungent scent of blood. She covered her mouth and did not move from the spot.

    Wei Xiao Bei reminded her, “Don't spit it out. There will be no effect if you spit it out.”

    If it was a different girl, they would have most likely not taken Wei Xiao Bei's warning and just spit out the disgusting blood.

    However, Zhu Xin Yi listened to Wei Xiao Bei's words and forcefully swallowed the blood. Then she drank a few gulps of water to get rid of the b.l.o.o.d.y taste.

    “I feel something warm flowing through my body. What is happening?”

    Zhu Xin Yi's words made Wei Xiao Bei nod.  He felt that collecting the Shangfu blood in a bottle and bringing it back had not been a waste.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei looked at the blood in the bottle that was still more than half full and shook his head.

    When Zhu Xin Yi took two gulps of the blood, the remaining blood had already lost the effects of increased health and endurance. It had become normal blood that would only sate a bit of thirst or hunger.

    It seems that doing it by this way is going to be difficult.

    The reason why Wei Xiao Bei did not drink the Shangfu blood on the spot and brought it back, was to see if he could divide the Shangfu blood into different bottles to let others drink.

    If the effects were maintained, then the benefits would be bigger.

    Unfortunately, Wei Xiao Bei had miscalculated.

    Even if he used a bottle, as long as a single mouthful had been drunk, the remaining blood would lose its effects. This was one of the many mysteries of the Dust World.

    Zhu Xin Yi stood silently on the spot as she enjoyed the warmth and increase in status brought by the Shangfu's blood.

    The place was very peaceful. Let alone humans, there weren't even any Zombies. As for the Green Dwarfs and the white mice, they were patrolling in the lower floors.

    Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei thought that their patrol was useless.

    If a Licker appeared, then the Green Dwarfs and the white mice would all die in a short amount of time.

    Their numbers had not yet reached the point of being able to surpa.s.s the difference in ability.

    “Brother Wei.”

    Zhu Xin Yi sat beside Wei Xiao Bei and looked at him with wide eyes. It seemed that the effects of the Shangfu blood had subsided. However, Wei Xiao Bei did not plan to check her status.

    Checking other people's status would incite the other person's awareness. Wei Xiao Bei was not willing to use it on his own people.

    After all, Wei Xiao Bei did not want Zhu Xin Yi to treat him like a pervert, Even if he was a pervert, Zhu Xin Yi would probably not change her att.i.tude towards him, but it would leave a bad taste in his mouth.

    “What's wrong?”

    Wei Xiao Bei could feel Zhu Xin Yi's heartbeat quicken, but it was not the type of being in love.

    “Could you give me your number? I'm worried that I would not be able to contact you once I return to reality.”

    Zhu Xin Yi blushed as she muttered.

    If it was a different narcissistic person, they might have thought that she had fallen for them.

    “189******, have you remembered it?”

    Wei Xiao Bei knew that the next time Zhu Xin Yi entered the Dust World, she may not necessarily be on the same place. As a result, he did not refuse it and immediately gave her his number.

    “Mine is 187*******.”

    Zhu Xin Yi immediately said her number and then gazed down the building.

    After entering the Dust World, everything that would happen would leave a strong impact, especially for a girls.

    Even if she could already grab a machete and kill the Green Dwarfs, she felt at a loss when she remembered the things that had happened.

    She questioned if she could still live peacefully after she returned to reality.

    Wei Xiao Bei's gaze landed on her. He was able to tell from her struggling expression that her heart was wavering.

    However, this was something that she needed to think of for herself. Wei Xiao Bei would not do anything to steer her thoughts.

    After a long time, Zhu Xin Yi hesitantly looked at Wei Xiao Bei and spoke, “Brother Wei, I want to return first.”

    Return for her, did not mean going back to the gra.s.s field or any other place, but return to reality.

    It seemed that Zhu Xin Yi had not yet arrived at an answer after thinking for a long time.

    Wei Xiao Bei nodded and told her how to leave the Dust World.

    Although Wei Xiao Bei had always returned to reality, there were times when his mind could not support himself anymore and he just left on his own.

    According to his instructions, Zhu Xin Yi lied down on the ground and closed her eyes. In her mind she thought, 'Leave, leave, leave!”

    Following the thought that she kept repeating in her mind, her mind gradually felt muddled.


    Seeing Zhu Xin Yi's body gradually become transparent, Wei XIao Bei knew that she was about to leave and return to reality.

    He turned his head and looked out. He was amazed to notice that the Green Dwarf and white mice were also becoming transparent. The only thing different was that they could still more around while they were disappearing.

    Finally, Zhu Xin Yi's body and the monsters completely disappeared from the Dust World.

    Seeing this scene, Wei Xiao Bei felt relieved.

    In this situation, the next time Zhu Xin Yi entered the Dust World, even if he was not close to her, the Green Dwarfs and white mice would protect her.

    Following her departure, Wei Xiao Bei suddenly felt tired.

    It was not his body or mind that was tired but his heart.

    Wei Xiao Bei felt that there was no more goal to look forward to in the Dust World, that nothing mattered anymore.

    Perhaps sitting there until he died would be better.

    Wei Xiao Bei muttered as his eyes became lifeless, but a sign of struggle appeared on his face.

    A red clothed woman appeared behind Wei Xiao Bei. Her face was pure white and only the scarlet dress could be seen.

    Suddenly, a withered leaf flew past Wei Xiao Bei's eyes as it was blown by the wind.

    Crackle, crackle!

    A blue electric arc suddenly appeared all over Wei Xiao Bei's body and wrapped him in an electrical net. Then, it spread in all directions.

    In an instant, the illusionary red clothed woman screamed and her body disappeared in midair.

    Wei Xiao Bei pulled back the electric net as if it was never there to begin with.

    Only then did Wei Xiao Bei snap out from his lifeless state.

    What just happened?

    Wei Xiao Bei was puzzled as he looked at his clothes that were burnt by the electric net. He stood up and tore his clothes, letting them fly with the wind.

    Why did I feel like I had just released electricity?

    Wei Xiao Bei felt an unbearable hunger so he immediately knew what he just did.

    He suppressed his hunger and looked at the battlelog.


Strange evil possession appeared.

Willpower failed to resist.

Evil possession entered the body

Quick reaction activated release electricity.

Evil possession was cleared away.

    Seeing this Wei Xiao Bei sucked in cold air.

    Wei Xiao Bei suddenly remembered everything that happened while he was in the lifeless state.

    I had actually thought of commiting suicide!

    Holy c.r.a.p!

    Fortunately I had increased my reaction to 20 points. This quick reaction ability is truly great.

    At the time that he was unable to control his thoughts, he had actually released electricity and drove away the evil possession.

    He knew that he might have died then and there.

    Committing suicide in the Dust World was very easy.

    Thinking about it, this is the second time the evil possession appeared.

The City of Terror Chapter 163 - Evil Possession Appears Again

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