The City of Terror Chapter 165 - Three Judge Court!

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Chapter 165 - Three Judge Court!

    The old woman came to her senses again and thought about the money being fake. She immediately checked it under ultraviolet light and saw that it was actually real.

    She immediately replenished the eggs because it was almost time for people to come for mid-night snacks. She could always sell more then ten during that time.

    Just like that, the old woman had immediately forgotten about Wei Xiao Bei.

    Compared to the nervous old woman, Wei Xiao Bei received a supercilious look from driver as he got on.

    After Wei Xiao Bei got on, he told the driver where to go and repeatedly did two actions: peel the egg and stuff it into his mouth.

    The smell of the stewed egg drifted inside the cab, making the driver who had not yet eaten salivate. He cursed in his heart, 'Are you trying to tempt me?'

    However, the driver became worried in the end.

    The boy had already eaten more then ten eggs, so he was worried that he might just burst from filling up his stomach.

    The place Wei Xiao Bei told the driver to go to was the park he had previously did a little parkour. This means that they would go past the apartment street.

    While pa.s.sing the apartment street, Wei Xiao Bei was still peeling eggs, but he had slightly slowed down. Naturally, the driver did not notice this at all.

    Just as he had guessed. The Da Hao Real Estate seemed to have pulled some strings. The case of the Zombie attack had not yet been concluded but they had already began to tear down the buildings.

    In reality, the Zombie attack was the Da Hao Real Estate's good fortune. Otherwise, it would not have been that easy to tear the place down.

    Luckily, the company was not deranged. Wei Xiao Bei saw that the section of apartments where the Zombie attack happened were still preserved properly. A few police officers were standing nearby to guard the place.

    “Go to XX street.”

    After pa.s.sing by the apartment street, Wei Xiao Bei immediately told the driver to change direction. When he had reached his 29th egg, the cab made it to XX street.

    Wei Xiao Bei took out a bill and said, “Keep the change,” as he carried the bag down.

    When the driver saw sauce on the bill, he could not help but feel disgusted. However, he could not throw the money away. It was a 50 yuan bill after all, while the meter was only 12 yuan.

    He had made a big profit.

    Since there was money, the driver suppressed his disgust. He placed it in his gearbox and stepped on the gas, leaving the place.

Wei Xiao Bei quickened his peeling, and by the time he reached the dojo doors, the eggs had all been finished. He threw the bag and eggs into the nearby trash can, and entered the dojo.

    As he entered, he spotted a dark figure behind the door.

    “Ah. Third senior apprentice brother?”

    Wei Xiao Bei had good eyes. Even if it was dark, the small amount of light was enough to see the other party.

    “You have returned. Master told me to wait for you.”

    Yao Wu did not talk much. After saying these two sentences, he closed his mouth and checked outside before closing the door.

    Wei Xiao Bei felt that his third senior apprentice brother was too cautious. With his awareness, how could he have let an uninvited guest follow him?

    Naturally, this was pardonable.

    Afterall, they were in a sensitive time.

    When he reached the inner practice ground, Wei Xiao Bei was slightly surprised. The people inside were all sitting together and pa.s.sionately playing chess.

    “Second senior apprentice brother, you have returned?”

    Wie Xiao Bei was amazed to see Zhang Zhi Long who had not returned for a long time.

    Among the apprentice brothers, Wei Xiao Bei was closest with Zhang Zhi Long. After greeting the master and big senior apprentice brother, Wei Xiao Bei pulled Zhang Zhi Long aside to talk.

    Wei Xiao Bei's heavy mood had somewhat lightened up.

    “Xiao Bei, come here,” His master's voice cut through their conversation. Wei Xiao Bei turned his head and saw that the game had finished. He saw the pieces and guessed that his master had won.

    “Master is too strong. Older people are truly wiser.”

    Hearing the master's summons, Wei Xiao Bei was slightly fearful and began to start his flatter.

    “Are saying that your big senior apprentice brother's chess skills are bad?”

    Chang Bi Wu asked with a smile.

    “No, never. Big senior apprentice brother is also strong. Just a bit lacking compared to master.”

    Wei Xiao Bei made a gesture as he sighed inwardly. He had not been with Huang Kun for a long time yet he had already picked up his skills.

    Being secretly influenced is scary.

    “Pu! We had just seen each other yesterday yet you have learned to become like Huang Kun? This is truly not like you.”

    Zhang Zhi Long on the side smiled as he berated.

    Being berated by Zhang Zhi Long had decreased the fear he had. He cupped his hand and said to Zhang Zhi Long, “Second senior apprentice brother's eyes are truly perceptive! I had actually been seen through by you. In the past few days, I had accompanied Huang Kun somewhere……”

    Relying on this opening, Wei Xiao Bei began to tell them things about The Dust World.

    At the start, everyone thought that Wei Xiao Bei was just joking, but combining it with Wei Xiao Bei's increased height and body size, they at least half believed it.

    Wei Xiao Bei took out the Citizen of Long Bo's Leg Hair. He explained what it was, making them believe 30% more.

    Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei did not take everything out. His status panel for one was his hidden trump card.

    Wei Xiao Bei's information on The Dust World came out all in one monologue. It took almost two hours for him to finish. The tea had been refilled multiple times during  the course of him talking, and it was also the first time Wei Xiao Bei had experienced the care of having his apprentice brother fill up tea for him.

    Naturally, the main reason he drank so much water was because the old woman's stewed eggs were too salty. If he were not hungry to the point of being able to swallow an entire cow, he would only be willing to pay 1.5 yuan for a single egg.

    When Wei Xiao Bei finally finished, everyone even his master had their mouths wide open with lifeless eyes.

    Without a doubt, the matter that came out of Wei Xiao Bei's mouth had a lot of material evidence, so they had not choice but to completely believe in him. However, everything was just too unimaginable.

    They felt like someone just told them anyone who stepped outside would step on dog s.h.i.+t and then ascend to become G.o.ds!

    However, it was, without a doubt, real!

    “Is there really such a place? It doesn't sound bad at all.”

    Silence dominated the inner practice grounds. Zhang Zhi Long was the first to open his mouth. From his expression, it was easy to tell that he would be the first to sign up if there was a chance to enter The Dust World.

    In contrast to his big senior apprentice brother and third senior apprentice brother, his second senior apprentice brother's innate skill in martial arts was bad.

    He was born in a rich family. Although he could eat well and sleep well, he was born weak and to illness. Now, although he appeared to be more robust than normal people, he was still weaker than the other two apprentice brothers in terms of speed and strength.

    Martial arts did not only rely on pure skills but also on strength and speed.

    For example, Tachi that was very popular at the moment spoke of a huge return for a very small investment. However, if there was nothing to begin with, how could there be a return?

    Moreover, for Guo Shu experts with the same skill level, strength and speed would determine who had the advantage.

    Another example would be training Qi.

    Guo Shu experts that had better bodies would be able to grow faster and further than those who had weaker bodies.

    Other than strength and speed, there was also understanding, perseverance, and other natural factors.

    However, one thing could be said, people who were born strong would have a bigger advantage.

    Zhang Zhi Long's current thoughts were more on stealing the family head position. This was something that could not be helped. If his innate talent could reach his big senior apprentice brother, he could eventually throw his family to the side and focus on training.

    Wei Xiao Bei's words appeared as if a gigantic opportunity in front of him, so he could not help but be excited.

    “The Dust World really isn't bad.”

    His big senior apprentice brother and third senior apprentice brother also agreed. Their innate talent was not bad, but the thought of being able to become stronger in The Dust World and become a Guo Shu expert made them unable to resist.

    However, Cheng Bi Wu's words made everyone come back to their senses.

    “According to your words, the lunatics that appeared in the apartment street were the Zombies that you encountered in The Dust World, right? Then, would this situation happen in the future?”

    Master is truly worthy of being called master.

    His words had grasped the main point of the issue.

    Since the Zombies appeared in reality, then wouldn't the other monsters that he had mentioned also have a chance of appearing in reality?

    “I also don't know this, but logically, it should be possible.”

    Wei Xiao Bei slightly hesitated. In truth, he had already deduced this countless times.

    From his understanding and comprehension, Wei Xiao Bei roughly determined that The Dust World had a close relations.h.i.+p with reality, and reality would reflect the changes in The Dust World.

    For example, the apartment street's collapse in The Dust World due to the construction in the real world.

    Since the Zombies entered the real world,  this meant that some kind of dimensional path had opened up between reality and The Dust World. Naturally, this also had something to do with the situation where  people were dragged into The Dust World.

    In short, when this dimensional path appears, it could create more paths for monsters to enter reality and vice versa.


The City of Terror Chapter 165 - Three Judge Court!

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