The City of Terror Chapter 47

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Chapter 47 - Underground Fighting Arena?

        From whatever angle you looked at it, underground fighting was no different from real fighting. The only difference was that  one was a compet.i.tion. The opponents there would not be weak, so it was a great way to train in real fighting.

        In short, Cheng Bi Wu cared more about underground fighting's real combat training. Money was a different matter altogether.

        After explaining and teaching Wei Xiao Bei the things he needed to know, Cheng Bi Wu told him to go find Liu Jian Cheng.

        After walking out the room, Wei Xiao Bei felt an indescribable excitement.

        After he ate dinner, Liu Jian Cheng called Wei Xiao Bei.

        The both of them walked towards the entrance of the alley and noticed Yao Wu sitting inside the van.

        "Third senior apprentice bother? What brings you here?"

        Wei Xiao Bei was slightly confused, but Yao Wu muttered, "Go together."

        Liu Jian Cheng did not seem to find Yao Wu's appearance strange and took the lead to sit inside.

        Wei Xiao Bei a.s.sumed that he already knew Yao Wu was also coming.

        He did not say anything more and got in the car.

        Yao Wu's driving skills were great. Even if it was an old van, he was still able to drive it with stability. If the road was better, people would probably not even feel the car shaking.

        The van got out of the main street and moved towards the outskirts.

        When they were in the van, Liu Jian Cheng became very quiet, Adding the originally taciturn Yao Wu, the car was in complete silence.

        Wei Xiao Bei looked out of the car. Although he had been living in Cui Hu City for 5 months already, he did not know any other place other than his apartment and the Da Hao Office Building.

        Now that he had received a rare amount of free time, he relaxed a lot.

        "Is this the place where the underground fighting is held?"

        Wei Xiao Bei looked at the shanty town in front of him. He could not help but feel that it was too different from the underground fighting arena that he imagined.

        "Yes. This is the place. The level of underground fighters here is lower, so it will suit you."

        Liu Jian Cheng opened the door and added, "When we enter, do not speak so as to avoid any trouble."

        Low level underground fighters? Suit him?

        Wei Xiao Bei had roughly guessed Liu Jian Cheng's thoughts. He wanted to find him a target to practice actual fighting.

        However, this had created a huge amount of interest in him, making him have expectations.

        Underground fighting was something the majority of normal people had never seen before. However, a small amount of people would exaggerate about it because they had not seen it, increasing its mystery.

        And now, Wei Xiao Bei was on the verge of opening this veil, so he was albeit a little excited.

        The shanty town was actually one of the places that were more unruly in Cui Hu City. It was rumored that fights would break out regularly and other bad things would happen.

        However, when Wei Xiao Bei got down from the car, he did not even see anyone fighting. The surroundings were dirty, but that was it.

        Could people actually live in those houses propped up by just 2 bamboo sticks?

        The patch of mud on the floor seemed as if someone threw bath water on the ground since had not rained all day. Moreover, who knew where the pile of fecal matter on the ground came from. Was it dogs, or was it human. This made Wei Xiao Bei afraid of setting foot on the ground.

        Luckily, the so called underground fighting arena was not too far from the place they parked. He followed his two senior apprentice brothers and walked for a few meters until they stopped in front of a shabby house.

        "Knock, knock, knock."

        Liu Jian Cheng knocked on the tattered wooden door full of holes. A male voice immediately came from the inside, "Who is it? What's your business?"

        "We are the ones introduced by Zhan Wu Ye."

        After he spoke, the door immediately opened to a little gap. What filled it was a stinky man in his thirties with a bird's nest on his head. His upper body was bare while wearing boxer shorts. His appearance was normal, but his body was only skin and bones. He looked at Liu Jian Cheng and the others before fully opening the door.

        Who was Zhan Wu Ye? Could it be that he was the leader of some triad?

        When he thought about this, Wei Xiao Bei immediately closed his mouth tightly. After all, the lesser he spoke in this kind of place, the better. He would just leave everything to his two senior apprentice brothers.

        "Do not cause trouble inside. Do you already know the rules inside?"

        The bird's nest head waited for the three of them to come in before telling them this. He then brought the three of them to a steel door at the back and knocked on it.

        Creak. A small window on the door, showing only  a pair of eyes, slid open.

        It's the people Zhan Wu Ye introduced."

        The bird's nest head said this and waited for a while before the steel door opened. Two strong men holding spiked metal clubs stood behind the door. The inside was filled to the brim with noise.

        In truth, if a coward reached this place, they would turn around their tail and run.

        Wei Xiao Bei was not scared. On the contrary, he looked at the two men with interest, weighing the difference in strength between them.

        However, it only took two blinks before he had lost interest in them.

        The two men looked strong, but in Wei Xiao Bei's eyes, they could not even handle a hit from him. Just by looking at their standing posture, it was enough to know that they had no training.

        They stood with their legs apart. If Wei Xiao Bei wanted to launch a surprise attack, a straight punch would be able to knock down one of them, the other would not be any different.

        Strength without skill could only scare normal people.

        After entering the steel door, there was an elevated stage looking like the ones usually seen in television shows. The only difference was that everything looked old and tattered, as if it was all bought from some second-hand store.

        There were around 50-60 people sitting around the stage and shouting. This place only had a few benches, making it incredibly crude.

        There were currently two sleeveless men fighting awfully on the stage.

        Liu Jian Cheng and the others walked closer to the stage, watching the slow exchange of feet and fists.

        Blood was already dripping from the forehead of the thinner man on stage. The other was a plump man, that was currently trying to pin the thin man down.

        "Junior brother, who do you think will win this round?" Liu Jian Cheng asked Wei Xiao Bei.

        Yao Wu stood on the side without talking.

        Is senior apprentice brother testing me? 

        Wei Xiao Bei looked at the stage a few times. He guessed that the plump man had learned a bit of martial arts, while the thin man did not. However, the thin man had quite a bit of strength, so he was able to hold on until now.

        However, the current situation told him that the thin man would not be able to last any longer.

        "The fatty will win," Wei Xiao Bei whispered.

        After leveling up Bajiquan to master level, his ability to discern martial prowess had increased by a lot.

        Sure enough, it did not take 20 seconds before the plump man punched the thin man in the eye, and then continuously punched the thin guy's chest. The thin guy trembed a bit and then fell to the ground.

        At this time, an extremely thin youth wearing white clothes climbed up the stage. He walked in front of the thin man and shook the thin man's body, and then he raised the plump man's right hand, shouting, "Winner, Violent Bear!" 

The City of Terror Chapter 47

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