The City of Terror Chapter 167

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Chapter 167 - Asking for Trouble

    Up till the time they were cleaning the dishes Wei Xiao Bei had not seen his master, so he spoke up.

    Cheng Si Si did not hide anything and bluntly stated that her father wanted her to prepare to transfer to a different school, angrily complaining about her father.

    After all, she had already settled in her university and then she had to suddenly transfer to a different one. The main reason for this was said to be that the dojo was being prepared to be moved back to her old home.

    When Wei Xiao Bei heard this, he knew that his master had hidden information about the Dust World from her, so he naturally did not dare tell her about it.

    However, no matter what was said, Cheng Si Si was a filial child. Even if she was dissatisfied, she would still listen to her father's arrangements.

    Afterwards, Cheng Bi Wu called all his disciples over and made an announcement.

    The Cheng Clan Dojo would be moved back to Suzhou.

    Are we really moving?

    Wei Xiao Bei was slightly stunned, but he understood that his master's arrangements were appropriate.

    According to the trend, there would be many troubles appearing in Cui Hu City. Rather than staying in the middle of the chaos, it would be better to leave early and wait for another opportunity to enter the fray.

    Naturally, it was an appropriate response but also a missed opportunity.

    It was impossible for Wei Xiao Bei to be able to convince his master to stay.

    However, Zhang Zhi Long expressed his intention to stay here. His big senior apprentice brother hesitated for a bit before deciding to follow his master. His third senior apprentice brother did not hesitate at all as he expressed that he would follow his master.

    Just like that, the Cheng Clan Dojo had been split apart.

    Luckily, technology had advanced a great deal. As long as a person had a cellphone, it was easy to find other people no matter how far away they were.

    Since his master had made a decision, everyone busied themselves.

    Zhang Zhi Long went out ot contact the moving company. Wei Xiao Bei and the others stayed to help pack up stuff that would be moved, such as weapons.

    As for the wooden pillars, Cheng Bi Wu would not bring them. He left them there so that Wei Xiao Bei and Zhang Zhi Long, who stayed behind, could use them.

    In other words, the people managing the Cheng Clan Dojo afterwards would be Wei Xiao Bei and Zhang Zhi Long.

    Zhang Zhi Long's actions were fast. In just a few hours, a big truck arrived.

    In the end, Cheng Bi Wu did not choose to bring too much. Most of the things were left behind for Zhang Zhi Long and Wei Xiao Bei to use.

    For example, the storehouse's cutting tools and other items were left behind.

    For Cheng Bi Wu, these things were a bother to bring back, so it was better to leave them behind since they might return again.

    Naturally, as Cheng Bi Wu spoke, Cheng Si Si angrily stared at her father. She was probably thinking that going back home and then returning soon was a twisted prank on her.

    Martial artists move fast. In less than three hours, they had placed everything that needed to be moved in the van.

    Wei Xiao Bei and Zhang Zhi Long said their goodbyes to everyone. When it came to saying goodbye to Yao Wu, Yao Wu took out his car keys and gave them to Wei Xiao Bei. He patted his shoulder, "Junior apprentice brother, I will entrust you with the car. You must treat it well."

    Wei Xiao Bei was dazed for a moment and quickly responded. What his third senior apprentice brother was talking about was the old van.

    That said, his third senior apprentice brother treated it very preciously.

    His big senior apprentice brother also walked up to him and placed an ATM card in his hands, "Junior apprentice brother, this card's pa.s.sword is 666666. Take it for your own use and don't go fight in the underground arena for a while. Remember to pay the utility bills of the dojo."


    Wei Xiao Bei took the card, but he did not know how much was inside of it.

    However, no matter how much money was inside it, what mattered was his big senior apprentice brother's feelings for him.

    Finally, his master walked over with Cheng Si Si, "You must be careful. Don't be too rash. Hope only exist when you are alive."

    Wei Xiao Bei nodded

    "Junior apprentice brother, remember to call." Cheng Si Si made a calling gesture with a bit of anxiety on her face.

    Although Cheng Si Si did not ask what the matter was, she was smart enough to understand a few things, that something big would happen.

    Otherwise, Cheng Si Si would never obediently return.

    She knew that everyone not telling her anything was for her sake. Somethings were better left unknown.

    Although her curiosity was strong, she pushed it down from the surface of her mind.

Wei Xiao Bei waved his hands at the departing truck. He became silent as he was not used to the fact that there were now only two people in the dojo.   

    Zhang Zhi Long only moved his gaze when the truck vanished from his sight. He looked at Wei Xiao Bei and smiled, "I will go out first and check the situation."

    After saying this, Zhang Zhi Long left after hailing a cab.

    Wei Xiao Bei was stunned. He originally thought that his second senior apprentice brother would bother him with finding a way into the Dust World.

    However, he never imagined that he would leave just like that as if he did not feel anything at all.

    Wei Xiao Bei knew that his second senior apprentice brother was born from an influential family. His position in the family was not low, and he might have thought highly of himself that he did not want to lose face by bothering Wei Xiao Bei. It might even seem that he was going to find a way in himself.

    Wei Xiao Bei shook his head. In truth, he was also puzzled about the method of entering the Dust World.

    From his understanding, there were people who entered by being drunk, Zhu Xin Yi entered while she was reading, Huang Kun entered while he was gaming, and some even entered by sleeping in a hotel.

    There were many ways in, and there was nothing common between them.

    From Wei Xiao Bei's point of view, anyone could enter the Dust World, but the method of entering was different for everyone. Finding a way in would be a difficult task.

    He hoped that his second senior apprentice brother would succeed.

    After going back in the dojo, Wei Xiao Bei cleaned up the messy facility. After sitting down on a stool at the edge of the outdoor practice grounds, he stayed there for a long time, idling his time away.

    He did not even have any thoughts of training his Qi.

    As he sat there, his phone suddenly rang.

    It was Huang Kun.

    "Is something the matter?"

    Wei Xiao Bei answered the call and asked.

    "Big brother Wei, when are you going to bring me into the Dust World. I can't wait any longer!"

    Hearing Huang Kun's loud voice made Wei Xiao Bei frown.

    This brat needs more discipline. He is too careless.

    "Then come to the dojo. I will wait for you."

    After saying this, Wei Xiao Bei hung up.

    Perhaps because he took the taxi, Huang Kun arrived sneakily at the dojo doors in just a few minutes. When he saw Wei Xiao Bei as he stretched his head inside, he happily ran over.

    Wei Xiao Bei raised his head and saw that Huang Kun was carrying a laptop. It seemed that he was in a rush as he even brought the laptop needed to enter the Dust World with him.

    "Big brother Wei!"

    Huang Kun immediately stood still when he came in front of Wei Xiao Bei. The reason for this was because Wei Xiao Bei's eyes were slightly cold.

    "Remember. If you are talking with others or using a phone, never mention these things. Even if you wanted to say it, you must obscure it."

    Wei Xiao Bei felt resentful of Huang Kun for not meeting his expectation as he scolded.

    "Oh. I understand."

    Huang Kun was not an idiot. He understood where he was wrong when Wei Xiao Bei scolded him.

    Cui Hu City just had the zombie incident. The Cui Hu City's organizations were probably trying to find any clues to this occurrence. Saying things like this on the phone would easily cause problems.

    Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei did not go overboard. After all, even if these matters were spoken, the monitoring personnel might think that it was just a game.

    However, if the word 'zombie' was spoken, it might cause problems.

    Wei Xiao Bei even understood that the upper echelons of Cui Hu City must have a rough understanding of the zombies by now. After all, anyone would mentally a.s.sociate zombies with the case.

    If it was like that, then the next thing that they would do was to put all their efforts into finding Wei Xiao Bei who showed off too much on the scene.

    It was easy to imagine what kind of situation he would be in once he was caught.

    Saying that he would become a lab rat would be too exaggerated. However he would probably be placed under tight surveillance, or he might be placed under house arrest to interrogate and experiment on him.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not want that kind of life.

    In short, he could not stay too long in the dojo.

    Thinking about these points, Wei Xiao Bei was slightly hesitant.

    "Ring, ring, ring."

    At this time, his phone rang.

    Eh? Why did mother call?

    Wei Xiao Bei was slightly puzzled as he did not know what his mother was calling for.

    When he answered the phone, the first thing he heard was his mother's familiar angry shout, "Wei Xiao Bei! If you still want to call me you mother, this is the case. IMMEDIATELY! ! IMMEDIATELY! RETURN! Do you understand!"

    Return? Is this for the marriage interview?

    Wei Xiao Bei frowned. This topic had been discussed by them previously.

    Wei Xiao Bei was almost 22 years old, so he was urged by his mother to either find a girlfriend in Cui Hu City or return and have a marriage interview.

    In short, his parents were envious of other people's children. It was especially so for his mother. She even wanted to lock Wei Xiao Bei and a random girl up in a room to do the deed and wait for her future grandchild.

    Luckily, Wei Xiao Bei had not returned even once when he arrived in Cui Hu City, preventing his mother from carrying out her plans.

    It seemed that his mother had now steeled her heart to find Wei Xiao Bei a wife.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not know the reason for this, but he could only blame himself.

    The Wei family's financial situation was originally not that good, and two members of the family were still students. Although his mother had previously talked about a marriage interview, she did not intend for Wei Xiao Bei to marry immediately. She prepared to wait for Wei Xiao Peng to graduate college before holding a wedding ceremony.

    But now, when Wei Xiao Bei had sent back 50,000 yuan, the Wei family's financial situation had been dealt with. At the very least, they did not lack money for the short term.

The City of Terror Chapter 167

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