The City of Terror Chapter 170 - Mobilizing The Monsters

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Chapter 170 - Mobilizing the Monsters

    Wei Xiao Bei easily wiped his hand on Huang Kun's back.

    “Wow! Big sister Xin Yi, you are too amazing! You actually made monsters into your subordinates! Amazing! Truly amazing!”

    Huang Kun was good with his tongue. He immediately curried favor with Zhu Xin Yi, while she just became embarra.s.sed and lost her steam.

    “Enough. Now that you know about it, don't scream out next time.”

    Wei Xiao Bei slapped the back of Huang Kun's head, making him mumble, “What will you do if you slapped me stupid?”

    Wei Xiao Bei ignored Huang Kun's complaints. He immediately told them what he found outside the room. Moreover, he told them that the monsters inside the inner practice grounds were monsters that they could not face against.

    Wei Xiao Bei worried that if he did not clarify this, Huang Kun might cause an incident.

    After saying it one more time, Zhu Xin Yi's Green Dwarfs had become completely solid. Everyone of them leaned unsteadily, side to side and crawled out.

    This could not be helped since Wei Xiao Bei's room was indeed small.

    24 Green Dwarfs were stuffed inside and appeared one after the other. It was a scene of Green Dwarf above Green Dwarfs.

    Luckily, no infighting happened because of this.

    Next, Wei Xiao Bei took the lead and walked in front.

    Pa.s.sing through the inner practice ground was not the only method of leaving the place. The other way was through the kitchen and then through the outer practice ground.

    Because Huang Kun was already holding onto a fire axe, Wei Xiao Bei lent Zhu Xin Yi the machete. As for himself, his great spear was enough.

    Also, the inner practice ground had expanded, meaning that the route going through the kitchen had also lengthened.

    However, when he reached the outer practice ground, he found that the place had also become bigger. Moreover, there was not a single soul in sight.

    There were only Wooden Training Dummies that all exceeded five meters in height. There were roughly 30 of them in sight. Their bodies consisted of wooden cylinders with slash marks, with two thick legs below, and  arms with wooden fists. It appeared almost cartoonish.

    On the tall walls surrounding them, there were tiny saplings growing towards the sky.

    In short, there were many changes that had appeared in the place.

    Wei Xiao Bei hesitated before using his status appraisal on one of the wooden training dummies.

    The wooden training dummy immediately stood up from the ground like a giant and moved toward Wei Xiao Bei, startling him into preparing to attack.

    However, when the wooden training dummy walked on the limestone line, it stopped moving. Although it did not have eyes, Wei Xiao Bei could feel that it was looking at him.

    The human shaped wooden training dummy actually could not cross the limestone line?

    The limestone line was positioned 20 meters away from Wei Xiao Bei, giving him time to decide what to do. He immediately checked the status that appeared in his mind.

Name: Wooden Training Dummy #3

Race: Wooden Training Dummy

Gender: None

Age: 103

Creature Rank: 2 Star Elite

Status: (???)

Strength: 17.5 (Muscle: 15, St.u.r.diness: 20)

Agility: 5 (Hand-eye Coordination: 5, Flexibility: 5, Reflex: 5, Balance: 5)

Vitality: 13 (Health: 6, Endurance: 20)

Intelligence: 1 (Learning: 1, Resoning: 1)

Awareness: 4 (Willpower: 6, Judgement: 2, Perception: 5, Intuition: 3)

Charm: 3 (Courage: 3, Persuasiveness: 3, Character: 3, Leaders.h.i.+p: 3, Appearance: 3)

Skills: Spring Comes Upon A Withered Tree (When seriously injured, recovery speed increases by 50%)

Evolution Points: X (Unable to acc.u.mulate evolution points)

Items on hand: None


    Seeing the Human Shaped Wooden Training Dummy #3's status, Wei Xiao Bei understood that the Wooden Training Dummy was similar to a hot head. It had high strength, low agility, high endurance, while all their other attributes were negligible.

    Its skill was strong, but its health was low. If its health was high as well, coupled with his skill, it would probably be equal to a 2-star elite creature.

    No matter what was said, Wei Xiao Bei noticed that its status was different from him. It only needed a few points to be a 2-star elite creature.

    Naturally, as a monster of the Dust World, it was different from him.

    The real question was, how could a Wooden Training Dummy have muscles.


    “Brother Wei, what kind of monsters are those?”

    Just when Wei Xiao Bei was thinking about how to deal with the monsters, Zhu Xin Yi's voice came from beside him. When he raised his head, he saw that everyone had came over.

    “Wait here first, I will go take a look.”

    Wei Xiao Bei looked at the outer practice ground with unease, but he still could not tell where it was coming from. Even his intuition that often warned him of danger seemed to lose its effect.

    After telling the two of them to stay there, he made a decision and walked to the outer practice ground.

    However, the next thing that happened was out of his expectations.

    As he stepped onto the outer practice ground, a circle of red light wrapped him up. The next moment, Wei Xiao Bei was startled as he suddenly appeared within the limestone line.

    At this time, two cries of alarm sounded. Wei Xiao Bei turned his head and saw that Huang Kun, Zhu Xin Yi, and even the Green Dwarfs were all wrapped in the red light.

    The next moment, the red light had moved Huang Kun to the left wall, while Zhu Xin Yi was moved to the right wall. The two of them looked at each other.

    This was not the main problem, the problem was that when they had also entered the practice grounds, and the saplings close to the both of them began to move.

    The saplings were also monsters!

    Wei Xiao Bei knew that there was no way there could be normal plants in the Dust World!


    Wei Xiao Bei subconsciously stepped back as he heard the sound of wind breaking!   

    Eh? I can't move back! I can't go past the limestone line!

    The three of them had been separated by the strange changes happening on the practice ground!

    A big Wooden Training Dummy had approached Wei Xiao Bei, and with its two wooden fists, smashed downwards!

    Luckily, the Wooden Training Dummies were very slow. Wei Xiao Bei had enough time to dodge. With a large stride, he dodged the attack!

    At the same time he used the status appraisal on the saplings by Zhu Xin Yi's side.

Name: Treeman Sapling

Race: Treeman

Gender: None

Age: 1

Creature Rank: 1 Star

Status: (???)

Strength: 5 (Muscle: 5, St.u.r.diness: 5)

Agility: 4 (Hand-eye Coordination: 7, Flexibility: 3, Reflex: 3, Balance: 3)

Vitality: 9 (Health: 8, Endurance: 10)

Intelligence: 2 (Learning: 2, Reasoning: 2)

Awareness: 5.5 (Willpower: 3, Judgement: 3, Perception: 8, Intuition: 8)

Charm: 3 (Courage: 3, Persuasveness: 3, Character: 3, Leaders.h.i.+p: 3, Appearance: 3)

Skill: New Sprout (Grows branches at a fixed interval, increase in power)

Evolution Points: X (Unable to acc.u.mulate evolution points)

Items on hand: None


    When Wei Xiao Bei saw the Treeman Sapling's status, he relaxed. It was not strong, so Zhu Xin Yi and Huang Kun should be able to deal with them easily. As long as they did not court disaster, nothing bad should happen.

    “Take care of yourself!” Wei Xiao Bei was only able say this because another Wooden Training Dummy was running over to join the fight.

    At this point, even Wei Xiao Bei needed to focus his attention on the two enemies in front of him.

    Because the Wooden Training Dummies have limits in their strength, Wei Xiao Bei was able to respond easily, but he still did not dare become careless.

    Should I try punching them?

    Wei Xiao Bei lightly stamped his feet on the ground and dodged to the left, avoiding the attack coming from the Wooden Training Dummy on the right. At the same time, he condensed the strength from his leg and waist into his arm, striking the Wooden Training Dummy's thick leg.

    Bang! A heavy sound echoed. Wei Xiao Bei had shaved off a tiny bit of the Wooden Training Dummy's leg.

    Wei Xiao Bei took the chance to retreat and dodge the Wooden Training Dummy's counter attack.

    This Wooden Training Dummy is simply too hard!

    Wei Xiao Bei was able to confirm this in just that short exchange.

    It was worthy to be called a 2-star elite creature

    Although it was slow, it was too st.u.r.dy.

    Wei Xiao Bei strength and his inner Qi combined carried the strength of a more than 500kg. Even a wooden table would be shattered to bits from this strike.

    If he striked a human body, this strike could kill anyone in an instant.


    Another Wooden Training Dummy came over and striked with its wooden fist. Wei Xiao Bei was able to dodge it, but the wooden fist had left a human sized hole on the ground.

    At this time, Wei Xiao Bei did not use his great spear.

    In truth, using a great spear against these Wooden Training Dummies was a bad idea.

    Wei Xiao Bei did not know the weakness of these Wooden Training Dummies, so he could only try things out.


    Wei Xiao Bei moved behind a Wooden Training Dummy and jumped up. He then striked at the place that would have been the Wooden Training Dummy's neck, filling the air with wood shavings.

The City of Terror Chapter 170 - Mobilizing The Monsters

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