The City of Terror Chapter 53

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Chapter 53 - Killing Shangfu, Drinking Blood

        In the end, Wei Xiao Bei could not find the place where the enemy was hiding. As a result, he did not dare let his guard down. This prompted him to remember to put more points into perception once he gained more evolution points.

        That way, the enemy that he could not discover, would suffer next time.

        He would have more chances to attack the enemy instead of just defending against it.

        It's here!

        When Wei Xiao Bei was about to retreat back to the apartment street, when the mist from afar stirred up. A monster came out from the mist and quickly charged towards Wei Xiao Bei.

        This is? A chicken?

        When Wei Xiao Bei saw the monster's shape, he was stunned.

        The monster looked like a rooster the size of a human. It had three heads that were red, yellow, blue, respectively. This meant that it also had six eyes. It had six legs below and three wings on its back. The middle wing stood erect on its back and its entire body was covered in red-yellow feathers. Its black tail stood up with a height of least three meters long. All in all, it looked like a genetically mutated chicken monster.

        Six chicken legs?

        Wei Xiao Bei couldn't help think.

        However, in the next moment, Wei Xiao Bei had no choice but to face the monster's attack.

        This so-called Shangfu was quite fast. With a light flap of its wings, it had instantly crossed a distance of ten meters. Its three heads pecking towards Wei Xiao Bei.

        With those inch long beaks, Wei Xiao Bei knew that a b.l.o.o.d.y hole would open up on his body once he was hit!

        Seeing the three heads coming from different directions, he forced himself to remain calm and composed. He retreated to steps and waved his pitchfork to his left and then right, blocking the two heads coming from both sides. He then took one more step back and waved the pitchfork up, sending the middle head upwards. He fixed his stance, afixed his foot on the ground, readied his spear and fiercely pierced through the middle head's neck.

        Blood splashed everywhere as the spear sunk three inches deep!

        The Shangfu let out a strange cry, and the two heads once again started pecking towards Wei Xiao Bei.

        Wei Xiao Bei decided to pull back from the fight, retreating like a river as his figure swayed. While using the spear to protect his body from oncoming attacks, he moved more than 10 steps away, escaping the enemy attack.

        After receiving damage, the strong Shangfu weakened. However, it was too greedy to be willing to let its prey escape. It flapped its wings and soared to the sky, charging towards Wei Xiao Bei while in midair.

        Wei Xiao Bei did not retreat to escape, he did it to execute a better attack!

        Seeing the Shangfu charge towards him once again, he stared at the enemy. His body slightly swayed. He held the pitchfork's pole in his left hand and rotated it with his right, appearing like a dragon's attack.

        The spear pierced through the left head's eye, sending blood flying everywhere.

        Following this heavy attack, the Shangfu became scared, struggling to escape from the spear.

        However, at this moment, Wei Xiao Bei was unwilling to let this monster go. He held the pitchfork and let out electricity!

        Electrical discharge!

        After releasing electricity, the Shangfu's body trembled a few times before its body limped weakly.

        However, the Shangfu was still flapping its wings as it struggled and spasmed. The final head also pecked towards Wei Xiao Bei from time to time.

        It was easy to see that this monster's vitality was greater than normal creatures.

        If it was a normal person, they would have probably gone unconscious after a strong hit, let alone being electrocuted.


        Kill the enemy while its down!

        Wei Xiao Bei would never show mercy towards a strange-looking monster like this. He drew back the pitchfork and aimed three inches below the neck.

        He pierced the Shangfu with all his might and rotated the pitchfork, destroying the Shangfu's heart, and at the same time eliminating its last chance to live.

        The Shangfu's last head dropped down. Wei Xiao Bei finally let out a sigh of relief.

        I finally killed it!

        He relaxed his tense nerves and then used the pitchfork to pierce it a few more times, ensuring that it was truly dead.

        As of then, Wei Xiao Bei regretted how he did not have a real great spear. The pitchfork could not even compare to it.

        There were many different reasons, but the most important one was the length. The pitch fork was about 1.6 meters, which is only about half of a great spear's. Another point was that the pitchfork was not flexible enough, while the great spear's body was very flexible. If he had one, he could fully display the power of the Six Harmonies Great Spear.

        For the pitchfork, it was already enough that it could pierce and block.

        How great would it be if I could bring in a great spear from the dojo.

        Wei Xiao Bei had tried it before, but he quickly discovered that it was an impossible dream.

        Other than his clothes, he could not bring any objects inside The Dust World, unless it originated from The Dust World, like the knife.

        As for bringing things from the Dust World to the real world, it was much more easier. As long as the object was not ash gray colored, he could bring anything back. An example would be the Fishman Waterball and other rewards. Thing like the wooden club and others could not be brought back.

        Wei Xiao Bei began thinking about making a great spear by himself.

        However, it was only a thought. Wei Xiao Bei currently did not have the materials to do so. After standing in the same spot for a while, he walked in front of the dead Shangfu.

        He pulled out his dagger and cut open its chest. The Shangfu's warm blood spurt out, splas.h.i.+ng on his face.

        When he smelled the fresh blood, his suppressed hunger immediately rose up.

        The hunger from releasing electricity was extremely difficult to suppress. Wei Xiao Bei already knew this very well but he never imagined that just the smell of fresh blood was enough to stimulate his hunger.

        He could not endure and licked the fresh blood on his lips;surprisingly,  it tasted extremely delicious.

        Wei Xiao Bei gave up enduring and waited for a while to see if it was poisonous. Afterwards, he cut open a larger hole on the corpse and gulped down the blood as if he was thursday.

        Although the Shangfu's body was the size of a human's, it did not have a lot of blood. After gulping a couple of times, the Shangfu's body stopped bleeding, as if it had withered up.

        I'm full?

The City of Terror Chapter 53

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